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Subject: Re: Stimulation of The Intellectual Sort

Forum: Stimulation of The Intellectual Sort
Do you like to feel intellectually challenged?
Yes, how could people not. For me, its almost like an addiction now. A healthy one! I love that fact my mind can exceed to higher levels of knowledge that I couldn't think possible. Im still in awh that im considered a decent student. My favorite thing to challenge myself in is art. there's so much that goes into it. Who would of known that you can color something without black as a shading technique, and that there is so many different styles that you categories as art. like, having a giant ice cream cone on top of a building in Cologne, Germany by Claes Oldenbur.

How often?
Every chance i get, it is crazy to know that you can always learn something new.

Outside of academics, where do you seek this challenge or intellectual stimulation?
how to help my family and friends in ways that will make there life easier or help them with what know. To work with people and my pets. AND Cnet.

Subject: university accidentally sends 800 admittanceletter

Forum: university accidentally sends 800 admittanceletter
Okay, so here it is. This is a topic that i feel many of us could feel strongly by.

I feel bad for these students having a false feeling of hope. I understand that we make mistakes, but 800 mistakes? ok, maybe they sent the letters all at once, but I don't think i could handle the false excitement so lightly.

how would you feel?

what would you do?

how would you tell you family and friends about the news?

what are your opinions on this topic?

Subject: Re: Issues on Cnet- Why or Why not?

Forum: Issues on Cnet- Why or Why not?
Im three weeks new here.. and im trying to learn how this site works. I have noticed that there's not a lot of forums about issues that are on the news or that is a big issue within society. I was reading everyone's answers on here and i can agree with all of them. sometimes ill post something important and no one really reply's, but when i post forums on the opinions of others, mentally, personally, or what not, i get more responses.

Maybe everyone needs a break from other topics. Sometimes writhing about the same issues can be tiring if you already discussed it. i don't really have time to read the news and joining this site makes me want to because i realize its important to know what's going on in this world. also, i usually talk about those stuff in class. we are actually learning about ethical issues a little later in the semester that i hope to discuss with all of you.

Just last night was searching for a topic from the news, so its coming soon. Im trying to find something new that never comes to mind. i think we need to get creative.

Subject: Re: How do you decide when to take a break?

Forum: How do you decide when to take a break?
I usually take breaks when ever I feel my mind starts to wonder. Sometimes its a lot, sometimes its never. when I do go on break, I usually could go between 10-20 minutes, then I want to go back to studying. It helps if i go out to do my homework, or drink tea or coffee. i also do like to be up late because i don't want to get tired in class.

Subject: Re: Shopping: Store VS Online... Which is Better?

Forum: Shopping: Store VS Online... Which is Better?
Do you like shopping?
yes, I love getting something new every once in a while, but due to the fact that I don't have a car anymore, I have to save up.

but I would buy yoga pants, makeup, body spray, and lip gloss.
Have you tried online shopping?
I don't think I could ever shop online. im always afraid of getting the wrong size and then having to return them. seems complicated.

Any problems?
yes, yoga pants are too expensive. Im looking for a new place to get my clothing so if anyone has any

Subject: Re: What lifts your spirits?

Forum: What lifts your spirits?
What do you do to lift your spirits?
I like to draw or talk to a close friend or family member. I try to find something relaxing or funny to do. like a cup of coffee or a funny game like apple to apple or mad libs. Also, talking on here helps because connecting with others and discussing issues or topics that I can relate to, widens my mental perspective. I can sense some great Cnet friends. It just sucks that we can only post five times per day.

yes, my cat lifts my spirit too. His name is Abe and he follows me everywhere in the house. he purrs when ever I look at him. I rescued him when he was a kitten. so, I think he claimed me as his mom.

Subject: what motivates you?

Forum: what motivates you?
I have to type a lot of papers this semester and I am just done. but, I want to finish my associates degree and get closer to my dream. motivation is hard to find. so,

how did you find your motivation?

what motivates you to not give up?

do you have suggestions for people who have a hard time finding their motivation?

Subject: Re: How Many Jobs Have You Had in Your Life?? What Type?

Forum: How Many Jobs Have You Had in Your Life?? What Type?
How many jobs have you had in your life?
I have had six different jobs.
-McDonalds- cashier
-FiveBelow- sales associates/seasonal
-McDonalds- cashier/ different McDonalds
-Arden Courts of Geneva- caregiver for residence with memory loss
-Jimmy Johns- sandwich maker/ deliver driver
-Caregiver for an elderly at her home who had a stroke.

What would you say was your "favorite" out of any of the jobs you've worked??
My favorite would have to be between FiveBelow and Arden Courts of Geneva. FiveBelow, because it was a new business, and that meant no one was really strict. it was seasonal though so I couldn't stay. For Arden Courts of Geneva, I was helping people and I would get lots of hugs. sadly, I injured my back because we some people who were to heavy for me leading me to quit.

When looking for employment what is the most important element you look for - hours, pay, benefits, etc??
I like to look for pay. second, I would look for hours. third, I would like to be able to be in a stress free environment as possible.

Subject: Re: Brag forum!

Forum: Brag forum!
What are you pretty fantastic at? How'd you get so good?
Im pretty fantastic at realistic drawing. My dad ended up teaching me how to stay in the lines in a coloring book, and then I was hook. I was probably four years old. I would always draw on my free time. It gave me a sense of happiness. when I took classes I was happy to learn more and experiment with color and shade. Did you know warm colors make an object come outwards and cool colors do the opposite. you can also shade a nice picture without any black or grey?

Im also pretty good at helping others. Im currently working at a elderly women's home who just had a stroke. I was a caregiver at a local facility and had my CNA certificate. It wasn't until later that I realized I Wanted to do something creative though. But helping people does the same for me.

what's something you totally suck at??
I suck at keeping organized. I really just know where everything I have is. BUT the one thing I've always sucked at was spelling. The struggles. Im thankful for spell check but I just wish I knew.

Subject: Re: Today I Understand Suicide

Forum: Today I Understand Suicide
I hope things get better. It isn't right to be with someone who doesn't support you, but rather does the opposite. have you guys thought about couples therapy? My parents struggle with each other but they, along with my sister, go to therapy. I have seen a difference, yes. but if your feeling to the point of suicide? I completely understand how lost you feel. BUT DONT WORRY! Your at your lowest point and you can only go up! Do you have a hobby you love? do stuff that keep your mind away from those thought. I like to go to a coffee house when im feeling down and drink and think or drink and read. I ART. I TYPE. I help others.

When I was at my lowest points, it would sneak up to me, I immediately knew what I needed to do. I would go for walks, read, drive to a parks, see friends, homework, anything! healthy, of course.

things will get better.

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