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Subject: Re: I'm Back!!! And Ready to Post!

Forum: I'm Back!!! And Ready to Post!
Thanks for the responses guys :)

Priddy - Thanks and nice to "meet" you! I have also been a Midwestern transplant to the South (Chicago to New Orleans, although I am back in Chicago now) - so good luck with the transition! Things are different down there, haha..

Christy - Motherhood is AWESOME and so hard!! Obviously everybody always talks about how much your life changes once you become a parent, but I really could not fully understand what that meant until now. My son is the best thing in my life, though, words can't explain how amazing he is and he makes everything worth it a million times over!! And yes, I have noticed the absences of a few people, and when I came back and searched for them (including you) realized they graduated...Glad to see that you are still around though! Thanks for the warm welcome back.

Rosine - Thank you! We are dong well, things are hectic but I can't complain..And yes, things are certainly different here but I was happy to see that you are still around! I'm looking forward to being back, I'm already excited after only one day to be back in the community..Thanks again ;)

Subject: Re: Do you think limitation nurtures creativity?

Forum: Do you think limitation nurtures creativity?
Hi Yamona, nice to "meet" you! :)

Great topic, I COMPLETELY agree that limitation nurtures creativity, and your example of food is a great one!

While I was in college, I was often in the same boat as you, limited by funds, resources, and whatever was available. And I came up with some pretty ingenious meals and dishes, just like the ones you mentioned. I remember one time two of my friends and I were up late studying and realized that we were really hungry. We threw together what (cheap) ingredients we had, and made one of the most delicious (and cheesy!!!) pasta dishes I have ever had in my life!!! I can't remember exactly what we put in it, so I have never been able to recreate it, but I definitely remember it!

I think whenever you do not have the exact materials, money, or resources to do or accomplish something, if you are truly committed to doing it, you can surprise yourself at how resourceful and creative you really are in order to accomplish the goal...And today, the internet just makes it so much easier!

Subject: Re: Shredding the U.S. Constitution

Forum: Shredding the U.S. Constitution
Interesting topic, Crimson!

While shredding the Constitution seems at first like a very rash and extreme action, similar to burning the flag, I agree with Cannon that it is not necessarily symbolic of the person's refusal of the rights and protections that the document affords.

I do think it is a little strange that this administrator's response was to shred the Constitution, and I don't agree with those actions, but simply the act of shredding paper is not an action that automatically makes a statement, regardless of what is written on the paper. Sure, some people could use the action for dramatic effect, but others could simply be trying to go "green" or to cut down on the clutter in their office/desk/locker/etc.

It does not seem that in this case the person intended their action to be a refusal of their rights.

Subject: Re: Behavioral Traveling

Forum: Behavioral Traveling
Hey Stacia! Welcome to Cnet, although I am returning from bit of a hiatus myself :)

I am a mixture of these. I alternate between going to new places and returning to places that I really my travel plans at least (I don't get to travel as much as I would like, as most people). I daydream of places that I have gone in the past, and long to return to the really awesome places! But I also know that if I never went anywhere new, I wouldn't discover any interesting places to return to.

I like to explore on my own, but if the group is doing something that interests me, I join.

The places I would love to travel to next are Venice and Hawaii..Where do you want to go?

Subject: Re: 9-5 job or own your own business?

Forum: 9-5 job or own your own business?
Hey Rosine! Great to be speaking with you again :)

I do have a 9-5 but I daydream about owning my own business. They both have their benefits and drawbacks - a 9-5 can be very stable and provide benefits such as health insurance, but it can also be considered a "boring desk job," while owning your own business can be very fulfilling and freeing since you are your own boss, but it can be stressful because all the responsibility is on you and often you end up working way longer hours than just 9 to 5.

I enjoy the good sides of my job and the stability (especially now that I have a child!), but I do think owning my own business would be more "exciting." My dad owned his own business when I was a kid, a small restaurant, so I know how much work it can be, which is also why my view is not all rosy on this subject, I tend to also think about how hard and time-consuming it would be. I envision myself having a design company or something of the sort - something creative but with a small team of core people. I would also love to open a business with one of my siblings...I know they say you should not mix business and family, but hey, I would go for it just to spend more time with them!!

I think owning either a daycare or a real estate company would both be awesome! And very doable!!

Hope all is well with you, and good luck this week!

Subject: I'm Back!!! And Ready to Post!

Forum: I'm Back!!! And Ready to Post!
Hellllooooo everybody!!!

Most of you probably don't know me or remember me, but I was on here for a while until I had my baby about 6 months ago. Anyways, it has been an amazing and wonderful but also crazy and sleep deprived summer/fall for me, but I have really missed being on here, and all of you! Now that my baby sleeps for more than 4 hours at night (usually) and doesn't need me to carry/hold him constantly, I can actually go on the computer again!

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you new people and hearing what has been going on with you old ones! It feels great to be back and I hope that there are some great thought provoking questions this week - I could use them!

So good luck to everybody in the election this week and for my question today I will just ask everybody to share something new about themselves.

Subject: Re: How often do you...

Forum: How often do you...
How often do you... groceries? Every couple lie days

...wash your towels? Every 3 days or so

...get on the internet? About once a day not counting work

...put gas in your car? About once a week coffee from a stand? Once a month maybe

...wash dishes? Maybe every other day, esp less that I am living at home and my siblings are home

...go out to eat? Once a month ish TV? Once a day usually

...check your e-mail? Personal email, once every few weeks haha

...log into CNet? At least once a day, multiple on weekends!

Subject: Re: What Super Power Would You Want?

Forum: What Super Power Would You Want?
I would pick invisibility. That would really come in handy in so many situations! Plus you could fight the super villains without hem seeing you, which would really be handy!

Sorry for he lame response, I am on my moms phone at the hospital

Subject: Re: Thank you for your interest in this job but...

Forum: Thank you for your interest in this job but...
Oh nooo :( that sucks to hear, I'm sorry!! But yes, do not be defeated, you have to knock w that this only means that there is something better waiting in your future!! It seems that you have the right attitude about it, but just don't let it get you down. They clearly don't know how awesome you are!

Subject: Re: Favorite Disney Movie

Forum: Favorite Disney Movie
Hey nick! I love the lion king too,!! And it's funny because today my family came to visit at stud hospital and my brother was joking about doing the scene with the song when rafik I presents sim a to the world after he's. know which one I'm talking about! Ahhhhh sevwenya.....etc etc haha

Sorry for the format, I'm on my moms phone still :(

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