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Subject: Re: Have you been to court?

Forum: Have you been to court?
I have been to court. Long story short, when I got back from Iraq and then out of the military, I was broken. So I got into some minor trouble with the law. I found court to be a bit scary but mostly a hassle. I considered it the problem at the time and not my behavior. I have a whole new outlook on life now, so I am not sure what I would percieve it to be like if I ever had to go back to court.

Subject: Religion and Homosexuality

Forum: Religion and Homosexuality
There is an article in the paper today about the LDS church and its stand on both gay rights and church protections.

Read more here:


Firstly, I must admit that this article feels a bit one sided and going in the direction against the church from the get-go, but I think it gets the point across about what is occurring.

That said, taken at face value, is it fair that an employer, even if they are affiliated by a church, be able to legally discriminate against things like sexual preference? Remember, we are not always talking about a small church office when it comes to church affiliated employment, there are plenty of distribution warehouses etc that are owned by churches. Churches do receive certain tax exemptions because they are religious institutions, so I wonder if it is fair for them to be so non inclusive.

So I ask you CollegeNET...

1) Do you think churches should have the right to maintain any position they wish about issues such as homosexuality? Even when society around them recognizes homosexuality as an acceptable way of life from both a cultural and a governmental stand point?

2) Do you think the same is true when it comes to church affiliated workplaces?

3) Do you think churches should maintain their current tax statuses if they choose to discriminate against a particular group?

4) Is it ok for any church to discriminate against the group of their choosing? Such as by race or gender? Or is this a topic that is special to homosexuality?

Subject: Hope all of you East Coasters are Safe!!!

Forum: Hope all of you East Coasters are Safe!!!
I just wanted to send a thought to all of you weathering out the storm on the East Coast!

I hope you are all safe and warm and that you haven't had any damage!

Let us know how you are doing!

Hugs to you!

Subject: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!

Forum: What do you LOVE about yourself?!?!?!
I think it is important to occasionally give myself affirmation. I think it helps me to stay grounded, be confidant and feel a sense of self worth. One of the ways I practice this (especially if I am feeling down, or life seems difficult,) is to occasionally write a short list about things that I love about myself.

I love that I am focused on my goals.
I love that I show compassion to others.
I love that I show trust and respect in my many relationships with the people that mean the most.

Do you think it is important to show self affirmation at times?

Do you ever do this?

What do you love about yourself???

Subject: Re: Opposites Attract?

Forum: Opposites Attract?
I do think that opposites attract, but I also think it is possible for relationships to work when people are similar. My girlfriend and I are a combination of both. We are opposites in some ways and we are quite similar in others.

For example, I don't really worry about time. I don't really rush. I don't have it in me, it causes stress and I just don't see the need for it. My girlfriend on the other hand is never late unless something happens that is completely unavoidable. I feel like we accent each other with these differences because she helps to keep me on time, and I help her to worry less unless being on time is super important for the task at hand.

As far as similarities, we are both weirdos. So, it works out.

I think a combo of the two probably works best.

Subject: Re: I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!

Forum: I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!
I can't believe how quickly this year seems to be flying by!

Subject: Re: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...

Forum: Ugh, Here Comes Valentines Day...
I love Valentine's day pretty much because my girlfriend does, and I love to see her happy. I think that Valentine's day is just a day to remember and celebrate love. I buy my mom something every Valentine's day too, just to remind her that she will always be my one true love! We don't really have any traditions other that we try to spend the day together if possible, depending on work and life schedules. I don't think it even needs to cost money. Just a gesture can go a long way.

Subject: Re: 9 Words!!! Let's Make a CNET Story Cnetters!!

Forum: 9 Words!!! Let's Make a CNET Story Cnetters!!
Myself as an older gentleman, looking wrinkled and aged.

Subject: Re: ADVICE PLEASE! I am going to pop the question!

Forum: ADVICE PLEASE! I am going to pop the question!
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all of the great ideas and advice. I have a lot to think about! I think I am going to go with the day after Valentine's Day, so we can have two special days! I'll write a forum to let you all know what she says!!!!

Subject: What was your Favorite Childhood T.V. Show

Forum: What was your Favorite Childhood T.V. Show
I was thinking about how different T.V. Shows are now days than they were when I was a kid. It seems like even kids shows now days are part of a whole new world.

Mine would have to be the show ALF. I loved it, I mean, can you go wrong with an alien puppet?

So, what was your favorite T.V. Show from when you were a kid???

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