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Subject: Re: I'm Back!!! And Ready to Post!

Forum: I'm Back!!! And Ready to Post!
Chocolate Lover!!!!!

So glad to see you back!!!!!

I have also graduated, but still get on here daily to read the forums and vote. I bet that baby of yours is getting so big! I have missed seeing your forums and posts. You will see a lot of cool people on here. A lot of new faces. It is nice to see so much participation.

I am still doing the same ole' stuff. Working and working....hehe

Just had to say HI! Look forward to seeing your forums again!


Subject: Re: I'm back and a question!

Forum: I'm back and a question!
Hey Melinda!

Glad to see you back!

I would say I own roughly 250ish. I love books! I buy faster than I read. It may be an obsession, but I want them ALL!

You can never have too many books....Never! (*˘︶˘*)

Have a great night!


Subject: Re: Do you ever...

Forum: Do you ever...
Hey there DeeDee!

I am guilty.

I will buy the candies at the dollar store, and sneak them in. I will buy popcorn at the theater. I am addicted to theirs.

If I could replicate it, I would sneak it in as well. I have to have popcorn to watch a movie. It is part of the movie experience for me.

We buy reusable cups, so out drinks are cheap. It is like six dollars, then a dollar to refill all year, and free refills during the movie. Not too bad that way.

It is crazy what they charge for some of their items. I use to spend more for goodies than the actual movie.

Hope you enjoyed the movie. Have a wonderful evening.


Subject: Re: Fork or Hands?

Forum: Fork or Hands?

Most definitely a fork. All that goo would drive me nuts. And like Dee said...I want all my yummy goodness.

I have been know to use a fork to eat pizza too. Especially if it's too steaming hot to handle. I am not a patient person when I am hungry...hehe

Now my stomache is growling talking about food.

Have a wonderful evening!


Subject: Re: Did you have a curfew as a young person?

Forum: Did you have a curfew as a young person?
Hey Rosine.....

When I was a kid, I had to be home before the street lights came on or I was in trouble. I tested the theory a few times. Bei g grounded was not fun.

When I got older, it depended on the activity. They got more laxs as I got older.

I remember coming in hours after I was supposed to. My parents never said a word! That was worse than a butt chewing.

I have the same rules for my kids. Home before dark. And, of course, my youngest tests the light barrier. He has had a few groundings as well. Hehe

Have a wonderful evening.


Subject: Thank you for your support!

Forum: Thank you for your support!
Hello Cnet!

This is a bittersweet goodbye. I am now part of the graduates!

I could not accomplished this goal without you guys...thank you!

It has been a great adventure to be able to be a part of this wonderful group.

It has been 294 days, 1434 posts, 275 forums, countless laughs and giggles, and a memory of a lifetime.

A special shout out to Joyce580 for introducing me to this site. Thank you.

I will continue to support you guys, just as everyone did for me.


I have enjoyed the funny stuff, sniffled at the sad, rejoiced in the accomplishments of many of you, and enjoyed reading everyone's forums.

I know my boyfriend will be happy to not hear...I am doing my posts! Hehe

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making this goal a reality for me.

Thank you Collegnet for having a site that gives everyone the opportunity to express, converse, and shine! The scholarships are nice too!

My email is on my profile. I can also be found on Facebook. Please feel free to stay in touch.

We may be competitors, but I consider you all like a family.

Keep being amazing, and rock on!

Hugs! And much love, Cnetters.


Subject: Re: would you rather… Lose 20 lbs or win $1000?

Forum: would you rather… Lose 20 lbs or win $1000?

Most definitely the 20LBS. Heck, I would even donate more if I could. I need to lose, and never find again, about 80-100LBS. I would be right where I wanted to be.

Some reason my fat has seperation anxiety....IT does NOT want to go anywhere!

I could easily make up the money over time....really I could lose the 20 too....hehe

Thanks for the giggle!


Subject: Re: Family Heirlooms

Forum: Family Heirlooms
Hey Crimson!

I love antiques and heirlooms.

I have a wedding band my great....great (not sure how many greats back) grandfather had made for my great.....great grandmother.

He did not have the money to buy her a ring, so he had a fifty cent gold piece that he had melted down to make the band. It has blue jays and flowers etched into. It is worn from the various people in the family who had it and worn it. It is still a beautiful piece.

I have several other pieces of jewlery my grandmother passed down to my mother and I. My favorite is her original wedding set. They are so old fashioned. I love them.

I am very sentimental when it comes to my family's possessions. They may not be worth a dime, but I can close my eyes and remember various events through the years. I have old christmas ornaments, photos, and such.

Another favorite is my alabaster buddha. I have been fascinated with that sculpture since I was a toddler. I know have it in my room. My grandma always said I would get one day. I would much rather still have her, but when I look at this little jovial guy.....I smile.

Great forum!!!!

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Thanks CNET

Forum: Thanks CNET

I will be so glad when I reach that point.

It has been an honor and a privilege to be able to compete with you. You have brought tons of thoughtful forums and posts to the Cnet community. I am in awe of your humbleness, your love for your wife, and the passion you have for life in general.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I am sure whatever you do....YOU WILL ROCK!

I am glad I had the opportunity to converse, laugh and giggle, but most of all being you.

Take care, my friend, you will be missed.



Subject: Re: Golden Age of Film/TV

Forum: Golden Age of Film/TV
Hey Crimson...

I love watching classic films. They are wholesome and good. I like that they do not need to cuss or bare skin to be good.

I really enjoy shows like Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie, House on the Prairie, and Mash.

Mash is a little bit more current, but that show has so much warped humor. I die laughing every time I watch it.

My parents were avid fans of the show. I did not get all the underlying satire as a kid, but appreciate it now.

When I actually watch TV, the classic movie stations are a favorite.

I would love to add many to my movie collection, so I could watch them when I wanted to.

Have a wonderful evening watching the good stuff!


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