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Subject: Re: How many hours do you go to school for?

Forum: How many hours do you go to school for?
My grad program is low-residency. What this means is that for a week in June and in December, I'm on campus for 8 hours a day or more taking classes. The rest of the time, I don't go to campus at all, and work at home and online. I generally put in at least 15 hours a week on schoolwork, however.

Subject: Re: Sick with a Cold ... Your Eating Habits.

Forum: Sick with a Cold ... Your Eating Habits.
I try to stay hydrated, and stay away from caffeine and alcohol because they're dehydrating, among other things. I definitely eat three meals a day, and need to, otherwise hangriness overtakes me. I usually eat oatmeal for breakfast, and the other two meals need to have some protein and some vegetables. That's my basic formula! I also take my vitamins every day.

When I get sick, I try and rest, eat/drink lots of warm liquids, and use my neti pot (nasal irrigation). I'm an aficionado.

I agree with the idea that if you're not treating your body well, you're more likely to get sick. When I get sick, it's almost always when I've been pushing myself too hard. I try and treat it as a wakeup call to listen to my body and be kinder to myself.

Subject: Re: Is the 2016 Election a Dumpster Fire or a Phoenix?

Forum: Is the 2016 Election a Dumpster Fire or a Phoenix?
I don't know. On one hand, I think this election has exposed a lot of people's dissatisfaction with corruption in politics. But it's also exposed a lot of very ugly tendencies in US citizens: racism, sexism, xenophobia, violent tendencies (in word and action). I want to think that after this election, people will organize and get more engaged in local and state politics, but I feel so discouraged. I think that for this election to be a phoenix, there will have to be a lot of community work done, and a lot of education. People can get really angry and spout off on facebook without necessarily understanding the structure of our government, or the relevant history behind what they're upset about. I think that education and community building is the key to put out this dumpster fire.

Subject: How Do You Unplug?

Forum: How Do You Unplug?
I heard a commentator on NPR yesterday saying that she thought that social media taps into humans' most aggressive and impulsive tendencies. Do you agree? Do you find that using social media puts you on edge, or not? How do you unplug -- do you have rules for yourself? do you use apps to limit your social media time? how often and for how long do you unplug?

Subject: Re: Exactly how open-minded are you??!

Forum: Exactly how open-minded are you??!
I think online discussions like those on CollegeNet are the most fun when they are lively. I definitely want to hear other opinions. As we all know, however, the internet is not always the place where people go to hear others' opinions open-mindedly, and things can get heated quickly. If people share divergent opinions, they should be willing to listen to others, and not just convince others. Luckily that heated tone is not a problem here on CollegeNet.

And when I post discussions, I would definitely want to hear a wide range of responses! True discussion would be great.

Subject: Re: Pulling all nighters?

Forum: Pulling all nighters?
I never pull all-nighters! I need my sleep, and I'll sacrifice just about anything else over sleep. I was a humanities major in undergrad, however, and I think it may be easier to avoid all-nighters in the humanities than in other areas, which require more rote memorization and the types of tests that go with it. I might be wrong on that...

Subject: Re: Jail Time????

Forum: Jail Time????
Though it's wrong to accuse someone falsely of anything, let alone rape, there are so many unreported rapes, and rapes in which the rapist has to suffer absolutely no consequence, that I think this is larger problem. Confronting and working to end rape culture should be a much higher priority than considering how to handle people who falsely accuse people of rape.

I remember a few years back, a fan accused Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes of rape. I am a fan of Bright Eyes and was crushed -- it's my personal policy to believe someone who alleges rape, because so many people aren't believed. Like in your example, he turned out to be exonerated. I believe he sued her for defamation and for what she put him through -- I think this is an option for people who experience this kind of false accusation.

Subject: Re: Where Do Your Un-needed clothes go?

Forum: Where Do Your Un-needed clothes go?
I love the idea of donating to refugees!

I donate most of my clothes to Goodwill, because it's near me and I like to shop there. I also opt for Goodwill over Salvation Army, because I have heard that the latter believes that LGBT people's orientations are immoral. So it's Goodwill for me!

Subject: Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate

Forum: Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate
American songwriter Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. This has caused some outrage among writers -- I've seen various opinions on social media: that literature is already underappreciated and awarding the Nobel Prize in Literature to a musician is an affront to writers; that this is a statement about the state of literature today; that there are so many writers of literature more deserving of this award than Bob Dylan, who is only a writer by nontraditional definitions; that there are so many women writers and writers of color that it's a shame the award had to go to a white man, that this is a mark of white male privilege in literature, that a white man who's not a writer of literature could win the Nobel Prize in literature.

On the other hand, I've heard people say how influential Bob Dylan has been, both in music and in literature. I've heard people saying that it's good for the Nobel Prize committee to recognize wider forms of literature, and that Dylan's use of language and his body of work befit the honor.

What do you think? Is there a more deserving winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature? Do you support the inclusion of other art forms besides fiction, nonfiction, and poetry in the definition of literature?

Subject: Re: Do You Wash Your Hair Everyday?

Forum: Do You Wash Your Hair Everyday?
No way. It takes so much time to wash it, and then it takes so long to dry. I wash my hair every other day at the most frequent, every 3 or 4 days at the least frequent. If my hair looks or feels dirty to me, I know it's time to wash it.

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