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Subject: Re: Something you quit that you wish you stuck with?

Forum: Something you quit that you wish you stuck with?
As a kid I loved soccer. I watched every game and spent most of my time outside playing. About junior year in high school I shifted my view completely towards my academics and stopped playing soccer. I really regret it since it was a sport I loved and grew up with. Now I have lost the passion to pick up the soccer ball and go running. I have stopped watching soccer games and dont know most of the new players. I just hope I dont fully forget how to play soccer in the future.

Subject: Re: 911 texting service

Forum: 911 texting service
I think the major problem in having a texting feature for 911 is that people would troll to much. They would easily make untraceable text message accounts using some texting app and constantly text 911. I like the call feature, even though it might fail you in places where you have to not talk loud. But I know many homes that have a button where if you press the red button it calls the police and they call your phone. If you dont pick up they immediately dispatch the police. Many companies like ADT have this feature. So thats the only alternative I see outside of texting.

Subject: Re: Have you ever been in the hospital?

Forum: Have you ever been in the hospital?
I understand your pain. I came from a country where it wasn't as advanced as America and the Hospital experience terrifies me. I haven't been to the hospital in America yet and I hope I dont have to. I get nauseous and get really sick when I enter a hospital.

Subject: Re: Jewelry, how much is too much?

Forum: Jewelry, how much is too much?
I only wear one jewelry and thats the old watch my dad gave me. I dont feel comfortable with a lot of things hanging around me so I keep it simple with just a watch. I also personally think jewelry is too expensive and there are many other important things to waste my money on.

Subject: Re: Team iPhone or Team Android?

Forum: Team iPhone or Team Android?
I have an iphone....sadly. My whole experience with apple products has been terrible but its their customer service that infuriates me. I will probably get an android or a samsung galaxy in the next few months.

Subject: Re: First day of school

Forum: First day of school
Hey Aliciaotto, I felt like this was the best break ive had in a long time. I did everything i wanted to do. Time did go by really fast because i actually enjoyed it. But i am not too sad about starting school again. This new semester coming up will be great i think.

Its sad that break is over but I am ready to go back to school to be honest.

Subject: Re: Let me Google that for you.

Forum: Let me Google that for you.
I really dont know how people survived without google to be honest. Every part of my life surrounds me being confused about something but then googling it.

It doesnt even have to be anything important, I just google it. Its really great.

Subject: Work while in school

Forum: Work while in school
Did you or do you work while attending college or graduate school? If you did was it difficult to balance time? Simple question today.

Subject: Re: People Losing Their Food Stamps?? is this "Right"???

Forum: People Losing Their Food Stamps?? is this "Right"???
Hey Nichole, this makes me extremely mad. People like to pretend that people on welfare are just lazy. But they are the hardest working people out there who are at the end of a bad economy. They usually work 2-3 jobs but still qualify for stamps because their jobs are extremely low paying.

We spend almost 600 million a year on defense. We spend millions to aid other countries. We spend millions on NASA. But we can't even feed our own people. It's easy to dismiss these people as lazy to make ourself feel better about our economy. But we have to realize that our economy can't support everybody.

Funny thing to me is we give huge corporations a safety net in case they fail. We provide them tax cuts on the basis that they create jobs(which was disproven by the bush administration). However, when we speak of giving poor people a safety net everyone screams socialism.

Subject: Re: How Do You Want to Retire?

Forum: How Do You Want to Retire?
I actually think about retirement a lot even thought im only 19 because I think it's the only time when it will do what I've always wanted to do: Travel

With college expenses, debt, school work and so on its impossible to travel as a youngster. But I think when I get old I will save up enough money to travel. My plan is to never live more than two years in one city. Let's see how it goes

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