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Subject: Re: Do Expectations Sometimes Ruin A Day/Event?

Forum: Do Expectations Sometimes Ruin A Day/Event?
Hi priddyb98,

First of all, congrats for your daughter experiencing new things and moving up in the world! I actually did not attend my junior or senior prom, so that's great that young students like to participate in that!

Before I share my thoughts on your question, I'd like to share a quote from Tyra Banks that I actually try to follow. "I’m a perfectionist. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it’s ok if there are flaws here and there".This is important to remember because, in life, we are so inundated with random crap like memory cards (hope that's ok to say) that we need to always almost relentlessly remember to move forward despite setbacks, failures, or distractions. I think life is all about cultivating virtue, learning from mistakes, and simply moving forward no matter what obstacle or expectation!

Now, to answer your forum question directly, I always have trouble dealing with my study habits and goals. Especially math and stats courses, I could plan on completing an assignment due, lets say Wednesday! It could be Monday morning when I begin the project and then Tuesday night comes along at about 12a and you're still on #2. It's a vicious cycle and I need to learn to let go of simple mistakes that can be reviewed later and at least finish the task to move on to more important courses such as Organic chem or Physics in my to do list!

Hope that helps,


Subject: Would you want to start a business?

Forum: Would you want to start a business?
Hi everyone,

I hope everybody is pumped up, caffeinated, and willing to dominate this upcoming week! For most of us, the semester is almost over! Let's go for it!

I've actually been toying with the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. Not that I have much money for investment purposes, but it could happen if Apple was started up in a garage.

My central question to you all is, if you were to start up a company, what would the company be centered around and how would you go about it, or would you even go for it?

Please reply and share your thoughts!


Subject: Re: 100 million dollars

Forum: 100 million dollars
Hey Benjamin!

First of all, I think most people on here are to honestly seek out scholarships. So, the very first thing any of us would probably do is pay off all of our bills and expenses for school! I don't know about you guys, but that's the first thing that propagated my mind when I read your post.

But the second or more interesting first action I'd take is pay off my family's debt as well and hope they can retire early! I'm gunning to become a doctor and I'd like them to live long enough to see me through comfortably.

In terms of what I'd do with the money, I'd defintely start up a business in my field of occupation. I've been cultivating ideas for a while now and I think the money would allow me to invest into it!

Of course, we all would save a little bit for selfish reasons. (High price gadgets, gym memberships, food, valentine's day, Birthdays...etc)

Have a rocking week of productivity,


Subject: Re: Never Gonna Give You Up

Forum: Never Gonna Give You Up
Happy Sunday Rivika84,

That is actually a very tough line of questioning! There's a lot of edible things out there that are way up there on my list of "have to have's".

In terms of caffeinated beverages, I've been lucky enough to not require daily shots of it! However, as a medical major, caffeine is the only way to learn organic chemistry now-a-days and I'd definitely be in the trenches if it weren't for my maybe once a week hit of start bucks double shot! Very specific product and I won't drink anything else. It's got protein and coffee. The two secret weapons to learn the ways of the force in University.

However, if that were to disappear, I'd be groggy around every Wednesday, but I can't function without black beans! This food is essential to my success. Chipotle offers it and that's when I got hooked. Now, I keep at least 5 cans at a time in my pantry at all times and even a back up bag of dry ones for emergencies.

Hope that answers your question!



Subject: Re: She's 17, He's 25 - Her Parents Gave Permission, So it's Ok?? Need Advice!

Forum: She's 17, He's 25 - Her Parents Gave Permission, So it's Ok?? Need Advice!

I think I explained my full opinion in my video, but here is what I concluded based on your questions:

If both sides of their family are ok with the relationship, then I don't see why it wouldn't be acceptable. However, I am more concerned about the 17 yr old girl. I've seen pregnant women in high school. They either drop out or they flunk really badly.

I wouldn't intervene because of my personality.

Age gap: I'd say things start to get weird when a 26-27 year old dates a 18. By the way, anybody over 18 to date a minor is against the LAW!!

Subject: Re: What do you do to memorize?

Forum: What do you do to memorize?

I simply write it down over and over and over and over. And then it just filters through my brain. It depends on what type of learner you are. You could be kinesics learner, imagery learner by seeing, auditory etc. Find your method. Sometimes if it is a lot of content to remember at once, I actually record myself with a voice recorder app on my iPhone and then I play it back over and over and over. I think the main thing to help everybody remember anything is repetition.

Subject: Re: Are You Subtle?

Forum: Are You Subtle?
Carl? I like Goober better!

Anyway, I am definitely subtle many times more than I am straightforward and blunt. If it were me in that situation with your ice cream, I would probably not accept the ice cream and leave your home soon after because I'm not the type of person to hang out that long anyways. Don't get me wrong, I love to see people and hang out, but as soon as things dry up or get quiet, I leave. I have always been like that. For events at my college, during "mingle" periods in between college events or presentations, I can't be bothered to participate in that. I've got work to do!

However, I am more on the subtle side when dealing with people. I am not direct with how I feel. I probably would've done the same thing you did with the ice cream. I think it is just my personality that has defined me over the years. Just like you are more blunt.

On a side note, come to think about it, I was never a talker. Just me!

Have a great weekend and good luck for the next CollegeNET election! I know I need it!


Subject: Re: Should we re-use organs from executed prisoners??

Forum: Should we re-use organs from executed prisoners??

As far as I'm concerned, prisoners are in jail because they commited a crime. Their organs did not! So in my logic, I'd say it doesn't matter. As long as the organs are fully functional and healthy! I was a little disappointed because i wanted to hear your take on it!

However, I'd like to say something about those who were still alive. If taking organs from those who were alive, were to harm their life moving forward, I'd say it is unethical, but as long as the organs are fully functional, again it doesn't matter. A heart is heart. Blood is blood. Period.


Subject: What motivates you to keep you going daily?

Forum: What motivates you to keep you going daily?

I have one very simple question for my forum today. As a college student or one that needs to pay back their debts, it sometimes get easy to lose track of us as a human and our mission here on this earth. Our values, our motives, and our achievements that we may have done in the past, define who we are and what we bring to the table.

What motivates you to do your best work?


Subject: Re: Self Love

Forum: Self Love

I think your post here tonight was very... eloquent. (pun intended*)

Self love! Well as a mantra, I try my best to not be selfish. I don't party and I hardly watch TV. The real reason is because I seriously don't have time! However, self-love is important. On the other hand, I think the term "love yourself" is iffy, if that is a word. I like the terms, self-respect and virtue more. So many human beings, think they love themselves by partying, drinking, smoking, having sex. The real way to love one-self is to be upright in morality and be curious to others.

I show self-love to myself is by doing good in my GPA and listening to some Sade while I study.

Do I treat myself during the holidays? Well in between FL14 and SP15 I will undoubtedly catch up on my volunteer work and watch a little TV, but the way I will actually treat myself is honestly hustling to sign up for scholarships. I am just so burdened by money issues, I will do anything LEGAL to pay off my tuition for the FL15 semester! If it means writing papers about tattoo removals (writing it now) then so be it! If it means staying up late some nights to write the perfect essay then by all means I will.

Hopefully I answered your questions!


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