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Subject: Re: Your Favorite Course

Forum: Your Favorite Course
Hi! I think that sexual assault class would be really cool to have attended! I think that my favorite course so far has been Animal behavior! I have learned so much about animals and why they do what they do. I dont just look at animals and think oh that is cute but I know that they may be doing it for survival or mating. Call me crazy but I am just passionate about things like this. My least favorite is usually chemistry. I feel like it was always way more difficult than it should have been or else I would have enjoyed it more. I always made average grades and I wish I could have been more involved in learning about the discipline than being more concerned about my grade.

Subject: Re: Something You Wish You Had More Time For

Forum: Something You Wish You Had More Time For
Hi Abby!,

I am struggling with that right now. I am on winter break from vet school and I can think of a million things I would like to do right now since I feel like I finally have time but it's all an illusion lol. I actually need to finish my thesis for my Masters over break which is my big goal and it would be really nice to make money but I only have so much time. I also have to juggle that with visiting friends and family. On of my main goals while on break is to focus on my personal well being with personal development books and to make sure I am working out and incorporating yoga.
I am like you in that I would love to put my creativity to work. I love to paint, sew and just make things. Hopefully I can do it all =) Happy Holidays

Subject: Re: Christmaaaaaaas!

Forum: Christmaaaaaaas!
Funny thing is that I actually only sort of like Christmas. I like the actual day and the reason for the season but honestly I am ready for the Christmas season to speed up to the day and be done. There is something about the rush of shopping for everyone and the traffic that makes me cringe.

With that being said, I my favorite celebrated day is Halloween. I really enjoy that first crisp wind in the Fall and seeing all the Halloween decorations. There is something about Halloween that just gives me the goosebumps, in a good way =) I love dressing up because it gives me a chance to be creative. I also love that there is no high expectations or rushing around

Subject: Re: I DO or Don't!!

Forum: I DO or Don't!!
Hello Peavelover,

I think marriage is very important. I feel that once I get married I want to stay that way, therefore I am not in any rush until I feel fairly confident that I can live with this person for the rest of my life. I am dating with the intent to one day possibly marry that person but again, no rush. I am also in veterinary school and my career comes first! I often think about how marriage is going to change my doctor name or will someone want to marry a woman doctor if they themself are not a doctor. I also worry about having so many student loans that someone may not want me. Ive been in a two year relationship, long distance now and it is hard but so far still stands. I could just go on about this post because I am living an age where all my friends are getting married and here I am in veterinary school. Haha

Well g2g, studying for neuro finaly tomorrow!

Subject: Re: When do you post?

Forum: When do you post?
I havent posted for almost two years now and Im getting back into the game. I used to only really post at night. Now that I am in vet school, I may start posting in the day, probably during class, oops! Or maybe at lunch but I used to not have that luxury while in grad school.

Subject: Re: Do you have any siblings?

Forum: Do you have any siblings?
Im a little weird, I have a half brother that I didnt meet til I was 16 so I grew up an only child. Then I gained a step brother who is now 18 and a step sister that is my age, 25. It was weird having to worry about others being in teh picture but I really enjoy have siblings now =)

Subject: Ash Wednesday

Forum: Ash Wednesday
Hey fellow CNer's! Its been awhile since Ive been on here but since then I have started veterinary school! And to be honest I need to be studying for my neuro final tomorrow but I will make this quick ;)

So I resonate the most with the Methodist religion and today was the first time in my life that I got ashes on my forehead. I never did before because growing up I didnt go to church as often and I thought only Catholics got ashes. I also thought to myself "Oh I dont want to be one of THOSE people, flaunting my religion around in people's face". Now I have a different view in that I would want express my religion to others but they can choose to see it for as it is and do what they want with that. I guess my problem was that the people wearing ashes seemed to be those who maybe just went to church on Easter to say they did because they felt they HAD to and I didnt want to be associated with that either. Now that I am older and wiser, I know there is way more to it than that.

So has anyone ever felt like that? I got a lot of stares and questions today. It was interesting. How do you all feel about the ashes?

I will post another post about lent =)
Hope all had a great Mardi Gras!

Subject: Re: Talking or Texting?

Forum: Talking or Texting?
I definitely prefer texting but there are times when I am driving or need a response quickly that I may prefer to talk on the phone. Typically though it will be text preferred. Its funny bc today I preferred texting someone to respond at their convenience but it was also great for me because I could nap while I waited for the response.

Subject: Re: Do You Study/Research Anything Outside of School Subjects/Assignments??

Forum: Do You Study/Research Anything Outside of School Subjects/Assignments??
I think it is very important to research things. I am glad that I have a degree that allows me to understand research.

I think I really get to looking things up when I am sick. I use google and find out that I almost have cancer but I realize thats not very likely.

I do a lot of research though for school too. Especially being a graduate student, my whole life/work revolves around research.

Subject: New Years Resolution

Forum: New Years Resolution
Whats your new years resolution?

Will you stick to it? Have you gone through with other ones?

Do you eat Cabbage and black eyed peas?

I want to:save money and lose weight by eating healthier and trying to exercise! I also want to be more self-aware and nicer to people.
Previously I do not usually go through with my resolutions but I wish I could.

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