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Subject: What's in a name?

Forum: What's in a name?
I've always found word origins to be quite fascinating. Every word that we use has some root or origin, which gives the word meaning. With that being said, do you happen to know the origin of your name? Not necessarily the specific reason why you were given your name, but rather that true meaning behind your name. This is something that I had looked up in the past, but I've forgotten over the years. I'm interested to see the variation in origins between names. Feel free to use an alias if you're not comfortable with sharing your real name on here.

Here's mine:

Jared = from the Hebrew name יָרֶד (Yared) or יֶרֶד (Yered) meaning "descent". This is the name of a close descendant of Adam in the Old Testament. (Source: Behind the Name)

Subject: Re: Regular Checkups?

Forum: Regular Checkups?
Hi Morgan:

I find myself often forgetting to do regularly yearly check-ups with my general practitioner, although I do make sure to schedule regular check-ups with my ophthalmologist and dentist. I have pretty good dental health, so I like to try to maintain it with regular cleanings and checkups. Plus, I love the feel of my teeth after a good cleaning by the hygienist. I do wear contacts and glasses, so my eye health is also very important to me. I like to make sure I'm up to date with the right fittings and lenses for my eyes. Overall, I'm a reasonably healthy and active individual, so I only find myself venturing to my family doctor when necessary.

Subject: Re: Favorite band

Forum: Favorite band
Hi Max:

I listen to an extensive range of music, but one of my favorite musical eras would have to be the 90s through the early 2000s. I listened (and still listen to) to Nirvana, Sublime, Blink 182, Smashing Pumpkins, and Shinedown...just to name a few. I also like bands like A Day to Remember, but some of their songs are hit and miss for me. I like more of their "acoustic" songs, but I'm not too much into the hardcore screamo songs. I spent a lot of my younger days at Vans Warped Tour, which came to the end of its run this year. I do find myself listening to pop now and then, too.

Subject: Re: Favorite Activity to do in spare time

Forum: Favorite Activity to do in spare time
Hi Jon:

I don't get much "free" time these days, but I always try to find at least some time to relax. I like to do simple things like spending time in the backyard with my parents. I'm a big family man, so I try to visit my family as much as possible. With graduate school and working, it often results in a lot of time away from family. I'm also an avid traveler, so when I can budget time and money (which isn't very often), I'll sometimes go on a random adventure...sometimes that might just be a nice walk through the woods near my house. I also enjoy swimming in the summer months.

Subject: Re: DNA testing- have you done it?

Forum: DNA testing- have you done it?

I've completed the 23&Me DNA testing with the "health" add-on. My kit ended up being free due to a promo 23&Me was running on Twitter. I was quite surprised by my genetic make-up! I had much more range in my DNA than I had initially thought. I want my parents to complete a test so that I can learn more about where each part of my DNA originates. I've also learned a bit more about my "health" as far as DNA goes. Plus, I've also discovered some of my DNA relatives through the site.

Subject: Re: Do you use the handicap stall in public restrooms?

Forum: Do you use the handicap stall in public restrooms?
Hi Beth,

This is a great topic. I'm taking an accessibility and accommodation course online this summer, and this is one of the issues that came up in the discussion forum. I try my absolute best to avoid using the accessibility stalls in the restroom. I treat it in the same way that I would a parking space. I would feel terrible if someone would need it, and I was taking it up. In most cases, I'll try to find another restroom on campus if all stalls are taken up in the current restroom. The only time I did use a stall like this is when it was after hours on campus, and I was working a late night in the building. The other stall was out-of-order, and no one else was in the building at the time. Even then, I had a sense of "guilt" using the stall.

Subject: Re: Do Kids Still Play/Roam Outside Anymore?

Forum: Do Kids Still Play/Roam Outside Anymore?
HI Auntiec:

I would have to agree with you. When I was younger and growing up, I spent almost every summer day at my grandparents' house splashing around in the pool. Now, the pool usually sits empty most days, and I rarely see kids over at the neighborhood park. I think technology and lifestyle changes have had a large impact on outdoor play. I know my younger cousin loves to come home from sport's practice to play video games with his friends. On the contrary, one of my best friends tries to encourage her kids to get outdoors as much as possible. She's always going on camping trips, taking the kids for walks, and getting them involved in playing outside. It's great to see their interaction with the outdoors. I'm not entirely sure why there's been such a drastic change, but I think people's lives have become more hectic and technology has taken hold of everyday living.

Subject: Re: Are You A Good Test Taker?

Forum: Are You A Good Test Taker?
Hi Unique,

This is a great topic! I tend to struggle when it comes to "standardized" testing methods, such as the SAT or GRE. In many cases, I let my nerves get the best of me due to the material and time crunch that is placed on the exams. In the end, I don't think that they're very accurate representations of a student's abilities or knowledge. I would have to agree with you that testing methods depend on the student's learning methods. For me, science-based tests like biology always came fairly easily to me, but I always struggled with advanced maths like statistics and physics. I think testing comes with learning styles and comfort levels with the material at hand. I don't agree with the nature of standardized testing strategies, but they're pretty widely used for college admission.

Subject: Re: What are you allergic to?

Forum: What are you allergic to?
Hi Madison:

I consider myself fortunate in that I have very few allergies. At most, I'm allergic to dust, but otherwise, nothing irritates me. However, I do have quite a few food intolerances and sensitivities. I love a nice cold glass of milk or ice cream now and then, but I can't enjoy either of them due to my lactose intolerance.

Subject: Online courses

Forum: Online courses
Good morning, everyone!

I hope you all are having a great Thursday. I was curious how many of you have taken or plan to take online courses? What are your thoughts on them in comparison to "traditional" courses? Do you like them more, less, or the same?

I teach an anatomy course online, and sometimes a bit challenging since it tends to be hands-on. However, I have found many useful technologies resources that help me out when it comes to discussing body organs (i.e., 3D models).

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