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Subject: Re: ...Bill Cosby...

Forum: ...Bill Cosby...
I really want to doubt it.

The allegations against Bill Cosby are quite a shock seeing as he's such a ubiquitous figure. Images of Jell-O pudding pops and timeless humor don't quite align with images of sexual threats and rape.

That being said, people are people with their own minds and experiences, and, as such, their own feelings and thoughts. Mr. Huxtable the character's identity is not Bill Cosby the man's identity. There are, no doubt, complexities and struggles behind the icon he has become.

I, too, struggle to understand why such accusations come into the light at a time like this. There are tons of incomplete theories swirling around in my head right now. Whatever the truth may be, Bill Cosby is the Great Wall of family and comedy; he won't be going anywhere for centuries, long after his dying day. My opinion is unchanged at this point and I still look at this man with sincere fondness.

Take what you hear with a grain of sand - there are infinitely deep reasons for such truths, and also such lies.


Subject: Re: What Makes Your House A Home?

Forum: What Makes Your House A Home?
Our family moved into a new house a few months ago, but it took a while to get furniture arranged, art on the walls, etc. I was away for several weeks and when I came back, it really felt like our home because all of our "stuff" was there and "in place."

Of course, shinny is right that it's family and love that makes a house a home. But I agree with the others too - a place where we feel comfortable hosting our friends. Our home is an extension of who we are and in a very real way, we introduce and "disclose" ourselves to our guests by letting them experience our home.

Subject: Re: Are you introvert or extrovert?

Forum: Are you introvert or extrovert?
I think I'm a mix as well, although definitely more introverted.

My parents are interesting studies. No one would ever guess that either of them is an introvert. They come off as extremely extroverted. They are both talkative and friendly. Both of them enjoy public speaking. But on all the introvert/extrovert tests, they both come out as introverted - close to the line, but definitely on the "I" side.

My Mom, who loves to plan big parties and events, especially says she gains more energy from quiet time reading than she does from people. She is very aware of noises and goings-on around her and finds them distracting and overwhelming. My Dad, on the other hand, seems to be able to filter out all those things, but sometimes that means he is unaware of things he probably should be taking note of.

There was a Ted Talk broadcast today on National Public Radio about how our society leans toward or 'favors' extroverts because they come off as more confident and charismatic, although introverts often are more detail-oriented. So maybe it's good to be able to be 'mixed' and to draw benefit from both sides, depending on the setting, like many of us here have observed.

Subject: Re: I Made It To 5000 WoW

Forum: I Made It To 5000 WoW

Being goal-oriented, I'm accepting the challenge to list 5 things I hope to accomplish in the next year:

1. Graduate from high school (scheduled to occur early 2015!)
2. Start college
3. Get my first job
4. Get my driver's license (long story but that hasn't happened yet)
5. Get some practical experience in recording and music technology

Subject: How Do You Choose Titles for Your C-Net Forums?

Forum: How Do You Choose Titles for Your C-Net Forums?
The tabloids in the supermarket check-out line crack me up with their sensationalism. But, they certainly catch my eye.

It got me to thinking about the Discussion Forum Titles here on C-Net. Of course, when any of us start a forum, our goal is to encourage others to participate in discussion. The first part of any forum that we see is the title, so it seems to me there's nothing wrong with working to make it engaging. But, would it be legitimate to tend toward the 'sensational' in the title to make the forum more readily noticeable?

I'm not speaking of being inaccurate or of embellishing, but I'm sure you know what I mean when I say the same information can be conveyed in multiple ways - and some are more interesting or eye-catching than others. Some words are more compelling, for instance, and punctuation or even ALL CAPS might be tools worth considering.

What process do you go through in selecting your forum titles?

Subject: Re: Obama will take executive action on immigration

Forum: Obama will take executive action on immigration
I also agree that being President would be a pretty terrible job.

However, he should have waited. The problem is not with the substance of what he did, it's the procedure. He argued that his actions are similar to those taken by former Presidents Reagan and Bush 43; however, at least in scope, the prior actions he cites pale in comparison.

His political timing is awful. For one thing, he purposefully waited until after the election to do this so as not to interfere with the re-election campaigns of targeted Democrats - most of whom lost anyway and most of whom apparently now wish he had acted sooner. However, he didn't, and he compounded this arguable political mistake with another one - acting before the new Congress had a chance to tackle the issue. Here's what he should've done instead: He could've legitimately imposed a moratorium on deportations of these individuals, and could've given the new Republican-controlled Congress 60 days to pass a bill. I'd be willing to bet it would've been accomplished and perhaps provided a basis for more consensus between the White House and Congress for the next two years.

Sen. Landrieu in Louisiana is facing a runoff with her Republican challenger in the next few weeks. I'll bet she wishes he would've waited.

Subject: Re: Would you buy Hitler's art?

Forum: Would you buy Hitler's art?
I don't think I would want it, but I also don't think it should be destroyed. Art is art, and regardless of the quality of this work, it has historical significance.

For anyone who might be in favor of destroying Hitler's artwork, I'd ask, would you also be in favor of destroying anything written by Hitler? It's perhaps easier to grasp why his writings would be historically valuable, especially to increase understanding about the man, why he did what he did, what his plans were, and so forth. Actually, since writing is no less a creative outlet than art, I'd say Hitler's artwork might provide clues to his madness.

Subject: Re: Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?

Forum: Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?
To me, it's really all in the attitude behind the choice.

I think "Happy Holidays" is fine - for one thing, it incorporates a wish for a Happy New Year. And, I do not consider it to be a "war on Christmas," although in some circumstances it can be. There is a fine line between being sensitive to avoiding offense and ignoring a season and holiday all of us, regardless of our faith tradition or other circumstances, are familiar with. Christmas decorations are all around. School and work schedules are affected by the Christmas season. Still, if one insists on "pushing" a "Merry Christmas" greeting in a coercive and repetitive manner on those he knows, or should know, might be uncomfortable, such hardly is in keeping with the Christmas spirit.

There are many who celebrate Christmas who do not include faith as a reason. However, for them and for those who do, the fact is that Christmas is the commemoration of Jesus's birth. Whether in a public or private setting, whether one is Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist or whatever, in my opinion anyone who is offended by receiving a sincere wish of "Merry Christmas" is the one who tends toward intolerance, as opposed to the one who delivered the greeting.

Subject: Re: Sober and My Life is Good!

Forum: Sober and My Life is Good!
Eric, This is really great!

My Dad's parents were both addicts and it took their lives early; both of them passed away before I was born. It's made my Dad a tee-totaler - he doesn't even like to take an aspirin and refrains from even a sip of wine. He's not as paranoid as that makes him sound, and he has no problem with responsible use of medicines and alcohol. He recognizes his own addictive tendencies and chooses not to take the chance.

I think it's terrific that you give credit to C-Netters for being part of your support system. Though I didn't know about your situation before today, I hope you can continue to draw encouragement from C-Net and maybe I'll have the privilege of being a small part of that. I've really enjoyed your posts in general.

It's also an encouragement to me to learn from you, and others, how supportive the C-Net community can be. I may need to lean a little sometimes myself!

Take care of yourself and again, congrats!

Subject: Re: Ultimate Empathy; Experiencing Childbirth

Forum: Ultimate Empathy; Experiencing Childbirth
I'm going to say crazy.

When my niece was born a couple of years ago, my parents and I, along with my sister-in-law's parents and her brother, were standing outside her hospital room while she was in a long, hard labor. It was a Saturday evening and the hospital was relatively quiet, and I guess for that reason the staff gave us more leeway just to loiter in the hallway. I wasn't quite sure why we continued to stand there other than it seemed - and sounded like - the baby would be born any minute. Three or four hours later, we were all exhausted when we finally heard through the door, "It's a girl!" Let me say quickly I in no way mean to compare our "exhaustion" to that of my sister-in-law, or for that matter my brother who was by her side the entire time.

While I do believe that, as humans, we always learn best by experience, I do think there are things we can understand well enough vicariously. However, if a man really thought the mother of his child was exaggerating the pain and discomfort of birth and just needed to "suck it up," he might be a good candidate for this simulation. Perhaps for men with that attitude it should be a requirement! If "it's not really that bad," what do they have to fear? :-)

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