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Subject: Re: Sexiest Man/Woman

Forum: Sexiest Man/Woman
I am going to go with Patrick Stewart on this.

Probably mostly comes from the way his character Jean Luc Picard carries himself.

Subject: Re: I Was Drugged by My Parents

Forum: I Was Drugged by My Parents
First of all, thank you for the laugh. That was great.

First of all, I want to preface this by saying I am not a parent - so I do not have a direct point of view.

That being said, I absolutely see a lack of accountability in parenting these days. However, I don't think it is 100% the fault of the parents.

I recently heard a story from a friend who had family members with unruly kids. They were not able to control them, and any time they did the kids complained at school that the parents were abusive. Now, I have met these parents before and they would never be abusive. They were just being stern... but these days I think everyone is so ready to try to take your kids away if they don't believe with your parenting values.

Now, I don't think kids should be locked in a basement for days of course -but parents need the ability to discipline their children without fear of going to jail. Kids these days know they can just cry wolf and gain the upper hand.

Subject: Re: Human Resouce and Buisness people!

Forum: Human Resouce and Buisness people!
Hello! Glad you found something you are interested in! Always makes going to work much better if you enjoy your field.

I started off as an Engineer. I majored in Chemical and Biological Engineering and I took a Business Management minor for fun. A couple years ago I decided to do a dual masters in Engineering and Operations Management. I really enjoyed the management section a lot more than I thought I would.

I had been a process engineer at a chemical company for about 3 years when a production supervisor role came up. I didn't look at it twice until a coworker convinced me to apply.

It has been 4 months now since I changed careers from Engineering to Management. Honestly, I absolutely love it.

For me, the worst part is having to take disciplinary measures. I try to give several kind and stern warnings, but I can't play nice guy forever. I need to make sure that my team is safe first and happy next.

My favorite part is working with my team daily. I love when they tell me when something bothers them or could be done better. Then I get to problem solve and pull resources to help them. I love it when I can make a difference that lets someone in my teams work better, safer or more fun.

Subject: Re: Finals for Fall Term

Forum: Finals for Fall Term
Luckily I am between my Master's and Doctoral programs right now - so I am bored out of my mind with nothing to study for.

However, my best friend is taking her first finals in several years so she is a bit nervous.

My biggest trick was not staying up late to study the night before. No cramming. It means you get a poor night's sleep and most of the information just leaks right out.

One trick I used was gum. I picked a fruity gum that I *only* chewed while I was studying or doing homework. I would then chew that same type while I took the exam. It has been proven scientifically to help cognition and trigger your memory.

Other than that - make sure you eat a good breakfast!

Subject: Re: Today's Hero, Yesterday's Villain, Tomorrow's...

Forum: Today's Hero, Yesterday's Villain, Tomorrow's...
I definitely think that religion is a big point of contention for many different communities. Though not religious myself, I think that religion should bring you a sense of strength, community and acceptance - not of hate, fear and isolation. It makes no sense to me. Just because someone believes in something different does not mean in any way that they are a threat to the way of life of anyone else.

As a female with an engineering background - I do hope we swing to more equality in the workplace. I know that many women work twice as hard as men and get less pay. This is currently socially acceptable and needs to change. On the abortion subject - I don't think there would be as many abortions if religious groups did not have a say in sex education. Safe sex is a key to reducing unwanted pregnancies. Teaching chastity only clearly does not work. Kids WILL have sex weather you want them to or not. The least we could do is make sure that they are safe if they chose to do so.

Another front I hope that we will see a difference on is how we treat the planet that we live on. We are in a period of hot debate between scientists and corporations of how to manage our resources and unfortunately politics are wrapped up in the middle of it. I simply do not think it is OK that corporations like Exxon have a say in EPA laws or corporations like Monsanto have a say in FDA laws. Just like separation of church and state, I think there should be a separation of business and state.

Subject: Re: Thoughts on paid essay services

Forum: Thoughts on paid essay services
Morning everyone! Thanks for the feedback here, this is great conversation.

Personally, I tell my friend not to feel bad at all. If he doesn't write the paper, the student will just get someone else to do so.

My thought is that if a student is lazy and has the money to spend, they will take advantage of these services no matter what. The writer is just providing a service to fill a market need. I think it is a good way to make some extra money for student loans.

Is there anyone that thinks that a writer for these services should feel bad? I would like to hear an opposing view if there is one.

Subject: Re: Do you drink tea?

Forum: Do you drink tea?
I had a terribly coffee addiction for quite some time. In an effort to get healthier over the past year or two I made some gradual changes.

First I stopped putting creamer in my coffee, then I stopped putting sugar in it. Next I only had one cup of coffee a day followed by tea for the rest.

Now, I might drink coffee once a month. It is all tea for me. I very rarely don't have a cup next to me. I like black tea the best, but I try to drink more green tea for it's health benefits. Certainly no sugar, but I do indulge in the fruity kinds occasionally

Subject: Re: Intelligence vs. Education in an Era

Forum: Intelligence vs. Education in an Era
I agree. I think problem solving is a much more valuable skill that can't be memorized that is not being taught as much these days.

Anyone can simply look up an answer on Google - real intelligence comes from practice and ingenuity.

This generation might have more knowledge at their fingertips, but they are certainly not more intelligent.

Subject: Thoughts on paid essay services

Forum: Thoughts on paid essay services
Afternoon everyone!!! It's finally starting to feel like November over here in New England.

I was wondering how you guys felt about services that offer to complete essays, assignments, cover letters ect. for customers who pay a fee.

I have a friend who works for one of these services to make some spare cash on the side and he is kind of on the fence about them morally.

What do you guys think about students who use these services?

More important, how do you view the writers that are doing someone else's school work?

Subject: Re: What is your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal?

Forum: What is your favorite part of a Thanksgiving meal?
I LOVE thanksgiving. It is my absolute favorite holiday. I would trade 5 birthdays and Christmases for one Thanksgiving.

Luckily my fiancee is Canadian - so I get to have two thanksgivings now!

My favorite part is the cooking. I love cooking, but I rarely have time to go all out cooking like I used to in college and high school. I plan my meal out for at least a month, if not more. I always take the Wednesday before off so I have a day and a half to cook.

This year, I have a little bit of extra money and unfortunately my little cousins all moved back to Tennessee. This means I had the funds to buy some duck instead of turkey. I am so excited.

I love cooking dozens of small fall themed appetizers and serving my family sangria all morning and afternoon. I am exhausted afterwords, but it is so worth it. Then there is always the Thanksgiving Monte Cristos for breakfast the next day....

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