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Subject: Re: Thank you CollegeNet!

Forum: Thank you CollegeNet!
Congrats Kristin! I graduated last semester, but still pop in now and then and vote or add my "two cents". It's bittersweet, because you have accomplished so much, but now are on your own to pay for school!! Good luck with the rest of your degree!

Subject: Re: Feeling Adventurous?

Forum: Feeling Adventurous?
Hi Mike:
I usually feel adventurous when I have some money. Really. When I don't have money and am broke, I try to not THINK about travel or fun stuff. because I can't do it. BUT when I see my bank balance rising, even if I'm happy with where I am and the job and life I have going on, I think about packing my car and moving or traveling cross country or around the world. If I was independently wealthy, it's what I would do all the time. But since that doesn't seem to be happening for me, I try to content myself with occasional adventures. Also, I can't enjoy and adventure if I'm broke. I worry about every penny I'm spending and every moment that I'm not working. So financial security for me leads to adventurous thinking. Because I actually give my mind permission to think of those things, when I'm broke, i keep a tight lid on my fantasies!

Subject: Re: What makes you the most nervous? Why??

Forum: What makes you the most nervous? Why??
Hi aaba0:
The future freaks me out. In fact, I try with everything in me to NOT think about it, because it makes me have an anxiety attack. I'm just worried about money and bills all the time and getting a job in the future. I feel like homelessness is always a possibility if you lose your income. That's scary. Like if I didn't work for 2 months what would happen to my life? If I broke a bone or got really sick? even if I could get government benefits, it would take 6 months probably to get them, so in the mean time, I'd lose my home and be homeless. See? I have to stop typing now because it's making me anxious, lol!

Subject: Re: Should a teacher be blamed if a student fail class

Forum: Should a teacher be blamed if a student fail class
Hi Televiacom!
I might be prejudice when I answer this because I'm in school to be a teacher, lol.
But NO! Teachers have a responsibility to try to reach every student. They should be held accountable for their actions (or non actions). If a student doesn't seem to be "getting it" (not due to not paying attention) then it IS the teachers job to find a way to teach the information that meets the student's learning needs. The student may be a kinesthetic learner or visual or need a tactile model to really "get" a concept. I fully believe the teacher needs to try different things to see if any help the student. Then the teacher can refer the student for additional services if they are needed, maybe an IEP. BUT, if student's just "don't do the work" and no one at home is helping as backup support, it's very hard if not impossible for teachers to be effective. The worst is parents who make excuses for their child.
Now sometimes there are extenuating circumstances: a student may need to work full time to help support the family. Then be tired in class, or not get their homework done. I think that most teachers would be willing to work with the student, try to help out, give extensions, as long as that student is trying.

It's a hard question because teachers DO need to be responsible in some way, BUT there is SOOO much oversight in classrooms today that it's making teaching difficult. I'm all for testing and consequences, but parents need to take just as much responsibility.

Subject: Re: CNet Graduation and resolution!

Forum: CNet Graduation and resolution!
Thanks guys. You all have put up amazing forums lately. I can really tell that most of you are going to be in the 10,000K club very soon!
I think the thing that shocks me most is all the friends I tell about this site, who are BURIED in college debt who DON'T use it!! It's pretty unbelievable! I've had a few friends come on here and win money. But most of them haven't stayed and it's weird.
One friend was $600 and his school wouldn't take it (they said they only took money from places on their list) which is so random and I would have fought with them, but he's not a fighter.
Another friend won $300 rookie prize and "forgot" to claim it!
Which is crazy to me! She works a whole WEEK at a full time job for $300 and she didn't take it when it was, basically free?? So weird.
So I want to congratulate everyone for sticking with this and GETTING your college paid off. This is essentially a part time job and most of you are really, really good at it. Congratulations to all of you and stay with it.

Subject: Have you ever sold anything on EBay?

Forum: Have you ever sold anything on EBay?
Have you ever sold anything on EBay?

I think most of us, at one time or another have bought things, but have you sold?

I used to sell stuff a lot, I sold all my childhood dolls, and made a little money, but I haven't sold anything in a while.
But I had purchased a cheap laptop last year during finals (emergency) and it was really slow and hard to use, but it cost almost $300. I've since gotten a new, more useable laptop. So this other computer has been sitting around, unused for a year.
So, I was decided to TRY to sell it on Ebay and the worst that could happen is no one would buy it. But guess what??? Someone bought it and the auction went up to $150!!! That really made my week.
(But on a side note, I thought I'd have some extra money, and then I took my car in bc I had a flat tire and they found a $700 problem. So....You win some you loose some. If only I had 6 other computers to sell!)

Subject: Re: Describe Yourself In One Word

Forum: Describe Yourself In One Word
I would say if I had to choose one word, it would have to be:


Subject: Re: Waiting for grades

Forum: Waiting for grades
Hi Melinda!
I've realized there is nothing you can do about it. This semester I had the best instructor, She was amazing, but she didn't GRADE any of our papers!!! In may I had things from MARCH that hadn't been graded. I don't know what she did. But I got a high A in the class, so if she just decided to not grade stuff and give us all A's, whatever, but it WAS frustrating because getting a test back graded is almost like Christmas even if it's a bad grade, just getting it back is exciting!

Subject: Re: What is your favorite holiday?

Forum: What is your favorite holiday?
Hi Julie!
I love the smells, the music (even if it starts in October), I love glitter and craziness at the mall. It's all so fun. It reminds me of childhood and happiness. And even if I have a much smaller family these days, I still enjoy being around the chaos!

Subject: Re: CNet Graduation and resolution!

Forum: CNet Graduation and resolution!
And also a shout out to some of the people on here (past and present) who have made for interesting forums during my "tenure".
Goober, Cire7, LissNefertiti, Luringattraction (movie star), Granite, TenkenNoKaiten, DaBear and Genevieve are the classics that come to mind. Their forums were amazing!

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