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Subject: Re: Describe yourself in one word!

Forum: Describe yourself in one word!

Subject: Re: ..."I'll do it later"... do you procrastinate????

Forum: ..."I'll do it later"... do you procrastinate????
I'm a senior in high school, so the whole "senioritis" effect is starting to kick in. All I want to focus on right now is getting everything done for college, finding scholarships, and enjoying my last year in high school. I've been procrastinating on my homework a lot lately and trying to do it during classes at school so I don't have to bring it home. Studying has decreased a lot and I just don't feel like doing anything at this point. Thankfully I did well the first quarter, so hopefully I can find the motivation to keep pushing through the homework and studying for another 3 quarters!

Subject: Re: Things that annoy you the most

Forum: Things that annoy you the most
I hate people who drive slow in the left lane. The left lane is for people who want to speed or are in a rush to get somewhere so they need to drive fast. If someone isn't going to drive at least 5 over the speed limit, don't drive in the left lane.

I hate when people ask the same questions in class. Most of the time this happens because they were talking while the teacher was answering questions, so they did not hear their question asked. It wastes time when people ask repetitive questions.

It annoys me when people stand in the middle of the hallway or walk really slow in groups at school or at the mall. They obviously don't realize or don't care that there are other people trying to get to classes/stores and they are blocking the whole walkway.

Subject: Everyone loves a good crime show

Forum: Everyone loves a good crime show
Today at school the yearbook committee passed around surveys at lunch about our favorite crime shows. Some of the options were Bones, NCIS, CSI, Law and Order, Criminal Minds, and a few others. I chose my favorite as NCIS, but I also enjoy watching Castle and Bones.

I love NCIS and Castle because there is a lot of humor incorporated into the show even though it is a crime show. The characters get along very well and it is always so intense and exciting. The episodes get very personal sometimes, which makes it even more entertaining.

What is your favorite crime show? Why do you like it?

Subject: Re: When did you learn how to drive?

Forum: When did you learn how to drive?
I am the opposite of you haha I started drivers training as soon as I turned 14 years and 9 months or whatever the age requirement is for segment one in Michigan. I also made my mom take me to the Secretary of State on my 16th birthday because I wanted my license so bad. I got it early because it is a lot easier for my parents and I to have me driving myself when I want to go out since we are all always so busy.

Driving isn't scary if you practice a lot. I have friends who don't want their license because they like being driven and that's totally fine. My teacher even told me a couple weeks ago that she didn't get her license or a car until she was well into college, and she thinks it's weird that so many teenagers already have their own cars!

If you are uncomfortable with it then don't get your license until you feel comfortable. There are plenty of people who don't know how to drive in high school and it's not that big of a deal because you have your parents and other friends who can drive! A good time to learn would be in a few years when you are on your own in college and need a car to go places!

Subject: Re: What country would you move to?

Forum: What country would you move to?
If I could move anywhere I would definitely move to Italy. It's an absolutely gorgeous country and the weather doesn't get too cold (which is nice because I love warm weather). I have a lot of family over there and we have an apartment, so I would have somewhere nice to stay. It is right on the beach so I could spend a lot of time there with friends. The food is delicious and there is always something to do!

Subject: Re: Weekend Plans

Forum: Weekend Plans
Yesterday I had the day off school so my friend and I drove up to MSU for midnight madness. It was so much fun! I got a few autographs and some awesome selfies, especially my selfie with Izzo. :) Go Green!

Today I'm watching football all day and cheering on the Spartans as they play their rivals from Ann Arbor. Tonight I am going to a haunted house and sleepover with a bunch of friends!

Tomorrow I am volunteering to clean up my school's athletic fields and then I have to work on homework.

I hope everyone has a great weekend :)

Subject: Concerts!!!

Forum: Concerts!!!
My favorite band just released their American tour setlist for 2015 and I couldn't be more excited!! :) Even though I just saw them this past August, I can hardly wait to hopefully see them again next August! They are amazing live and interact with the crowd so much it really makes you feel like they appreciate you and all the support you have given them. If you saw them live you could tell they really do enjoy performing rather than just doing it for the money.

I'm kind of a concert fanatic. I love concerts because they are just so much fun and it is amazing to see the artists you listen to every day in person. My dad yells at me because he says I go to too many concerts and it is a waste of money. He told me I went to more concerts this past summer than he has his entire life (oops!).

Do you think concerts are a waste of money, or do you enjoy going to them?

What are some of your all time favorite concerts?

Subject: Re: Do You Save Your Passwords?

Forum: Do You Save Your Passwords?
I'm pretty good at remembering my passwords because I try to stick with a couple of the same passwords for every site. If one password doesn't work I try the other one and 9 times out of 10 it works, unless the website makes me use a bunch of symbols that I don't normally need to put in a password.

I never allow my browser to save my password because I don't like the idea that anyone can open my computer and log on to my accounts.

Another good strategy for remembering passwords is one my mom uses. She made a huge list of all the websites she uses and all of the usernames and passwords for each one because there are so many and they are all different!

Subject: Re: Cereal for lunch, anyone?

Forum: Cereal for lunch, anyone?
There is never a bad time to have cereal! I feel like cereal is a great snack food while you are just relaxing at home and can be eaten any time during the day.

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