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Subject: Re: Shave, wax, nair, other?

Forum: Shave, wax, nair, other?

I generally shave, just because it tends to be the easiest thing to do and doesn't cause a lot of pain, but I do think waxing can sometimes be beneficial and make things look better. Razor burn is not fun and tends to happen to me a lot because I literally have to shave like every single day because I have dark hair that grows insanely fast. Maybe waxing would cause the hair to grow back slower? But I'm not sure of that and would hate to go through all the pain, for not even great results.

Subject: Re: Living Together Without Being Married: Do Or Don't

Forum: Living Together Without Being Married: Do Or Don't

I personally feel like it's fine to live with someone without being married, and I say that because I have lived with my boyfriend for about 3 years and we are not married, nor is that planned right now. I think it could actually be beneficial in a way because at least you learn how to live with the person and if you truly get along and can tolerate each other before taking that huge step of marriage. I know not all people see it that way, but I do and I do think it has helped us grow stronger as a couple because we have had to realize what we can and can't tolerate from one another. It's not always easy, but that's the other part of it.. knowing if you can make it through the hard things also.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Is Ok to have sex on the first date ?

Forum: Is Ok to have sex on the first date ?
It's funny, I was actually just having this discussion with my boyfriend the other day, and him and I definitely disagree on this subject. I personally would not have sex on the first date. That is just not my personality and I don't feel comfortable enough with people for that. I am not trusting enough either. However, he thinks that it's not a big deal and not a problem. I have plenty of friends who feel that way as well, but I just can't help but feel like for me, it would be wrong. Maybe I'm more traditional in that way, but it just doesn't seem right until you at least know the person and trust them enough to not hurt you. I'm not the type of person who sex means nothing to.

Thanks for the great topic!

Subject: Re: If you could...

Forum: If you could...

Great topic! That is so much fun!

One of my all time favorites is "Friends" and I would love to be part of that gang. They seriously have such an amazing support system and I would love that. I would love being so close to everyone that we literally saw each other everyday and would do anything for one another and I would definitely go that route. However, I also really love Vikings and if I could be as awesome and bad ass a Lagertha, then I would totally live that life. Also, her hair is amazing and who doesn't want hair like that?

Thanks for the fun topic! Good luck!

Subject: Re: Dinner Time!!

Forum: Dinner Time!!

I understand where you're coming from on this, because my boyfriend hasn't always been able to pay for everything when we go out, so I ended up paying. He did use to feel very uncomfortable with this and did say it made him feel like less of a man, which I understand because traditionally men use to be the ones to pay for everything when they went on dates with women. Of course we know that times have changed, but I do think that it's OK for the woman to pay for things here and there, although I do find something to be attractive about a man who can take me on dates and pay for the experience. I do feel like it provides a sense of masculinity, and that's great, but like I said, it doesn't make them less of a man if the woman does pay here and there. Just be careful to not get them used to being able to mooch off of you and expect that from you all the time.

Subject: Re: Out of place

Forum: Out of place
Great topic!

I have felt out of place quite a few times lately. I am the youngest person at my work, and sometimes feel out of place there. Sometimes I think that I just do things differently than my co-workers and it does end up making me feel that way. I also tend to feel out of place when I'm around my boyfriend and his friends because I do feel like I act a lot older than I am, and they don't. That makes it hard because I don't exactly feel like I fit in with them and it just makes for an awkward time. I feel like this is the hardest feeling sometimes because being uncomfortable in one's own skin is very hard to get over. I just try to hold my head above water and do what I can to blend in and make it work, but it's not always easy.

Subject: Re: How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Forum: How would you describe yourself in 5 words?
Loyal, dedicated, compassionate, smart and hardworking!(:

Interesting topic!

Subject: Re: Most interesting thing you've learned this year?

Forum: Most interesting thing you've learned this year?

I actually work in Urology and I feel that I have learned many interesting things this year, so it would be hard to pick a specific one. I feel like Urology has sparked my interest in many ways and in general it's been so interesting to me. I feel that I have expanded my skills tremendously and have grown up a lot since I started working there about a year and a half ago. It's very vast and complicated and I absolutely love it.

Subject: Re: Makeup or Bare Face

Forum: Makeup or Bare Face
I love makeup!
I do generally wear it everywhere I go, because I was always taught to try and look presentable wherever I go, but even if I wasn't taught that I think that I love makeup so much I would wear it anyways. I'm just fascinated by the amazing products that there are and what they can do. I like to just play around with it and try different looks. I feel good about myself when I feel that I look nice, and I don't care what people say, but for me, when I look nice, I feel better. I think it's that way for a lot of people, and that's okay!

Subject: Re: How Important Is Having Gratitude

Forum: How Important Is Having Gratitude

I find this to be a very interesting topic because I personally feel that gratitude is something extremely lacking in the world today. I find it very important and I totally believe it can have an affect on a person's state of mind because it reflects a lot on their character. I know that I have always been taught to be grateful for everything because nothing in this world is free and it's important to appreciate the things we have or that have been done for us because things could always be worse than they are right now. I feel that I am blessed to have the things I do, the people in my life that I do and the things I've done because many don't have those things, people or opportunities. However, I have noticed a lot recently that there are many ungrateful people in this world and some that believe things should just be handed to them, and I don't agree with that mind set.

I do think it can lower stress level and make people have a better mind set because it really just causes peace of mind to know that you are blessed and really lucky to have whatever you are grateful for. I feel like that is something that needs to be taught to this generation and generations to come.

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