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Subject: Re: Cigarettes

Forum: Cigarettes
Hi Kojones!

I smoked for 4 years (from 18 years-22 years old). I do not smoke anymore & am thankful that I quit when I did! I do have a few friends that smoke, and they usually smoke outside so it does not really bother me. I do not spend time with any one during the day or for long periods of time that smoke. In Ohio there is an Ohio Smoke Free Workplace law that passed that does not allow smoking in public bars & restaurants which is nice!

Thanks & have a great night :)

Subject: Re: Are you a hat person?

Forum: Are you a hat person?
Hi zherzog!

I have some basic baseball hats, that I wear occasionally. I will wear them running errands occasionally or while I am taking a run. As far as a winter hat I prefer a beanie hat! They are warm and not too tight on your head lol.

I agree in the cold months of winter I usually do wear a winter hat to stay warm!

Thanks & have a great night :)

Subject: Re: Theaters: Yay or Nay

Forum: Theaters: Yay or Nay
Hi Elle O'Quent!

I like going to the movies...so Yay. I do not go all the time but I enjoy going. It is fun to get popcorn and watch a movie on a big screen lol. Although sometimes it is nice to be at home and rent a movie too!

I go to the movies about once every 3 months. I would like to go to the movies more. The new Hunger Games movie sounds good! I saw the last one at the movie theater and enjoyed it! Have fun and enjoy the movie :)

Subject: Re: Foods Your Looking Forward to for Thanksgiving Dinner??

Forum: Foods Your Looking Forward to for Thanksgiving Dinner??
Hi Nichole B90!

Turkey & mashed potatoes, yum :) If I can say a 3rd thing it would be pumpkin pie lol.

I am a nurse at a hospital and am on call for work all day (7a-11p) Thanksgiving but am hoping that I will be able to go to my families dinner at 12:30p. Time will tell... I am bringing a veggie tray to my families thanksgiving gathering.

My Mom's side of the family is fairly big & we get together every year for all the major holidays. Everyone brings something different so one person is not doing all the work, which is nice.

I am very thankful for my family and the food is always delicious. It is a nice time to see everyone, celebrate Thanksgiving & be greatful for everything we have in our lives :)

Thank you & have a good night!

Subject: Re: Early lunch?

Forum: Early lunch?
Hi Granite!

I usually eat little meals throughout the day. Honestly it depends on how my day is going and what makes sense for me. For example, if I get up at 5am and start work at 6.30am then usually our lunch breaks start at 11am so yes, I will eat lunch then. If I do not get up until 9am then most likely I would eat lunch a little later.

I try and eat healthy and balanced meals for the most part and space my meals accordingly throughout the day.

Thanks & have a great night!

Subject: Re: How long until you know you like someone?

Forum: How long until you know you like someone?
Hi Dhaldes!

I would say follow your gut, it is usually never wrong.

Subject: Re: Do You Need White Noise To Sleep?

Forum: Do You Need White Noise To Sleep?
Hi Tastam90!

Yes I currently listen to white noise when I sleep. I live on a busy street and the white noise is great to mask sounds. I listen to the rain option. I have been thinking about sleeping with a humidifier too, which is good for the winter to put moisture back in the air.

Subject: Re: What Holiday's Do You Decorate For? If Any? Make Decorations?

Forum: What Holiday's Do You Decorate For? If Any? Make Decorations?
Hi Nichole B90!

So right now I live in a one bedroom apartment and have been planning a move, so not too much holiday decorating lately, but once I move I am planning on doing more holiday decorating. I enjoy decorating for the Christmas holiday the best. I have a charlie brown christmas tree that I have put up each year. It is pretty easy, you just plug it in and it lights up lol. I also have christmas decorations my mother has gotten for me each year that I put around my place too.

Thanks & good luck to you too :)

Subject: Re: What is Love? (and other steps to peace)

Forum: What is Love? (and other steps to peace)
Hi Zherzog!

Loving others I believe means doing the right thing. Serving the world you live in by doing good and standing up for what you believe in. Respecting others differences,listening and promoting peace and being the the change you wish to see in the world through actions.

Subject: Re: Should Smoking in Bars Be Banned?

Forum: Should Smoking in Bars Be Banned?
Hi 3blackdogs!

Ohio passed the Ohio Smoke-Free Workplace Law in 2006. I do not like breathing in second-hand smoke and was happy when this bill passed. I smoked for 4 years from age 18-22 years old. I quit on my own. I started noticing that I would cough more when I would sleep and knew it was due to my smoking. So I decided it was time to quit and I did. When I was in my mid-to-late 20s I worked in restaurants and bars and I remember breathing in the second hand smoke while working and waking up with a headache the next day from the second-hand smoke. I was very happy when the bill passed. I enjoy going to bars and/or restaurants now and not having to breath in cigarette smoke. It is great :)

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