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Subject: Re: Best Ice Cream Flavor?

Forum: Best Ice Cream Flavor?
Cherry cordial for the win!

I love the taste but I mostly think it is a nostalgia thing.

My grandma would always have a bowl waiting for me when I got off the bus. I'd eat the ice cream, hang out with my grandparents, watch cartoons, and then walk home(I lived a half mile away).

Subject: Story Time

Forum: Story Time
When I was a child my mom used to tell me stories all the time. She would come up with them off the top of her head. I feel like that may have partially led to my creativity. I now love writing and reading short stories. Sometimes my friends and I will turn off the volume on tv and make up a story of our own to go along with what is happening. Soooo
tell me a short story. Most entertaining/ creative will get my vote :)


I played with a princess because I'm mad

What a productive way to handle my anger. I should probably lead anger management classes now and pass my wisdom onto others.

Subject: Re: Collegenet Secret Identity

Forum: Collegenet Secret Identity
I don't purposefully hide anything. Honesty is the best policy. But at the same time I'm sure there are many things that are unknown about me on cnet. This is simply because I don't generally think to post a lot about myself. However, if that makes me a super hero then I'm cool with that haha.

Subject: Re: CollegeNet Etiquette

Forum: CollegeNet Etiquette
As much as I enjoy Cnet it is truly stressful. I've had the same thing happen to me before and it just completely ruins your mood. So much time and effort is put into cnet and the payoff that we hope to win is vital to many of our educations. After having this happen to me I always try to make sure my votes are in by noon on the last day.

Good luck! I'm sure you will receive a scholarship soon!

Subject: Re: Do you like candy?

Forum: Do you like candy?
Wait, you mean some people don't like candy?! That's nonsense.

Yes, I like candy. I like most sweets. Of course, I recognize that it isn't good for me but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it every once in awhile. I don't generally go out of my way to purchase candy but if I am given some or I have it sitting in front of me then odds are that I am going to eat it.

If I do purchase candy I usually do it right after Halloween its crazy cheap and then it last me awhile for when I want something small and sweet

Subject: Euthanasia

Forum: Euthanasia
So I am taking a Death and dying class and we have recently been discussing euthanasia. There are some pretty conflicting views on the topic.
I read a book by Jodi Picoult called Mercy(I loved it by the way) that discusses euthanasia. In the book a woman is terminally ill with cancer. This woman then asks her husband to kill her and put her out of her misery. I don't want to spoil the book because it really is a good read but it asks the question, if you truly love someone and they're asking you to end their pain, would you? Is it selfish not to comply? maybe it's just selfish to ask to begin with.
Several states have legalized doctor assisted suicide. I know that it is a lengthy process that you have to go through to be eligible but in a nutshell this is where you are prescribed medication that will ultimately take your life and you are free to take it at your leisure. The story of Brittany Maynard recently made news. She moved to Oregon, where doctor assisted suicide is legal, and left the world on her own terms.
Sanctity of life vs quality of life- Which is more important? How do you feel about doctor assisted suicide? If someone you cared dearly about was suffering and desperately wanting to leave this world and their pain could you help? Should you be able to?

Most thought through answer gets my vote.

Subject: Re: Did you Vote Yesterday?

Forum: Did you Vote Yesterday?
I did not vote. This was the best option for me.

I absolutely believe that you should exercise your right to vote. But I find that it is more important to make an informed vote. This time around I didn't feel that I knew enough about the candidates to do so. If I cast a ballot without knowing what I was really supporting then I would contaminating the results. I should've done my research but I didn't feel that I had the time. So I did not vote this time but I will absolutely be voting when presidential elections role back around.

Subject: Re: What does it take to make love last?

Forum: What does it take to make love last?
LOVE this topic.

I work in a jewelry store and I ask couples this kind of thing all the time. "how do you know he/she is the one" "What's the secret to being happily married for so long" etc.

It seems it is quite the feat to not only find someone that you want to marry but to actually stay married for any length of time.

Though I am not married I feel that I have grown up in the presence of a perfect love. My parents have been married 29 years and I know that one day I want exactly what they have. I think a big part of making love last is dedication. Times are going to get tough but you have to make a conscious decision to remain dedicated tone another. I think that you can't sweat the small things. In fact my parents forgot their anniversary this year but both just laughed it off and went on enjoying their day together. Respect must be present and both parties must want the best for one another. When you truly love someone I believe that you put that person before yourself and this is okay because they do the same for you without thought.

When things get difficult people often split but the fact of the matter is that those difficult times can actually build a stronger relationship. I think too many people take the easy way out and so they leave.

I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years. He is absolutely wonderful. He can also be very dense though. This is something that has taken me awhile to learn and caused many fights. But as I mentioned above getting past these things have made us that much closer. My advice would be if you really like someone or love them then have patience and endure the hard times because the good get that much better.

Subject: Re: Week Off… Please respond only if you are AWESOME!

Forum: Week Off… Please respond only if you are AWESOME!
I like to think that I'm pretty awesome!

I took a week off last week. It was amazing. I spent it in the Bahamas. I hope that your week off is as amazing as mine was.

I can't think of a time that I feel like I have overstayed my welcome however on the flip side I can think of many times I felt like someone overstayed their welcome with me. I just grin and bear it though. I suppose the positive spin on this is that they enjoy their time with you so much that they just stay and stay and STAY.

Categories could certainly be updated. I never know what to do with them.

Enjoy your week off!

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