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Subject: Re: The Day/Night before he's due!

Forum: The Day/Night before he's due!
It bothers me to a certain extent but not to the point where I am worrying about it constantly. I know it is a possibility of spreading like wild fire through the US but I don't think it is going to spread. I think so far the government has taken control of the issue as best as they can at this moment in time. Sooner or later there will be a vaccine for it.

Subject: Re: "Teen Mom": Does it promote pregnancy w/ teens?

Forum: "Teen Mom": Does it promote pregnancy w/ teens?
I would say it promotes teen pregnancy but at the same time teaches that it is not the easiest thing in the world.

Some teens, quite honestly dumb ones, see the show and think "hey, if I get pregnant I can become famous like these girls" and that is what they want. That is a dumb way to go about that.

The other side is that it does show the struggle. The smart teens would see this show as a lesson and will see how hard it is to be a teen mom. It isn't easy at all.

Subject: Why not?

Forum: Why not?
I have heard many stories about kids getting in trouble at school for having straight pride and other things of that nature. My response to that is WHY? For example my high school has a Gay Pride week and during that week I was talking about to my friends having a straight pride week (we weren't really going to do it, someone just brought it up) and a girl who is very into rights for homosexuals and stuff like that started yelling at ass. Keep in mind that I don't care if you're gay or not, you're still a person to me and I won't judge you don't judge me. When she started yelling at us I said "if the gays can have a pride week why can't the straights? We're proud of being straight and I don't want to walk around seeing all this I'm gay and proud stuff. If you want to do something about it don't go around the school parading around about your sexuality." I firmly believe that there shouldn't have been a gay pride week. Not because I am anti-homosexual but because if you want equality, don't go parading around a high school. Go out into the real world where it might actually do something for the Gay community.

Subject: Re: Brains or Brawn?

Forum: Brains or Brawn?
I believe brains is the most powerful but at least a little brawn is needed.

Brawn will help you in a fight or if you need some muscle work done but the brains can also help in those categories. The brains can avoid you from having a fight or in certain situations over come problems that generally people need brawn for. I have both brains and brawn but I value my brain way more and that will never change.

My brain and thinking have gotten me out of trouble more then my strength has.

Subject: Re: Family Drama-what would you do?

Forum: Family Drama-what would you do?
First of all I believe your aunt should keep her nose in her own business.

Secondly I would not believe that your Aunts appraisal is real. The only reason for her not to show you it is because it isn't real or it is around the same price as your parents or maybe even less. I would handle the situation in an up front manner.

I would tell your aunt that either "we see the appraisal or you keep to your own business." There is no reason why your aunt should get into this if she doesn't want to own the land.

Subject: Re: Drugs in Schools

Forum: Drugs in Schools
They should be exposed to a speech like that. Maybe it will be a wake up call for them and they will realize that drugs are extremely bad and will mess up your life.

Subject: Ebola

Forum: Ebola
So are you guys scared now that Ebola has been carried into the US? I personally am not and I think things will be okay but what do you guys think? Should we be worried?

Subject: Re: Birthday Presents

Forum: Birthday Presents
The dinner thing is genius! and thanks for the get well. I am feeling much better and I am ready to have a great weekend!

Subject: Re: The First Snow of Winter

Forum: The First Snow of Winter
I have seen snow once where I live and I live in North Phoenix so even seeing it once was a miracle. I don't like snow because I am used to the heat of Arizona and cold is not something I am fond of.

Subject: Re: When is the best time to go Christmas shopping?

Forum: When is the best time to go Christmas shopping?
The best time to Christmas shop is definitely during October and November. The stores are over stocking on their supplies on that time and the stores aren't getting too crowded just yet.

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