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Subject: Re: Attractive quality?

Forum: Attractive quality?

After the physical the most attractive quality is honesty. Both my boyfriend and I travel a lot for work and if there wasnt honesty and trust everything would go to CRAP. I have a lot to worry about in life and not having to worry about my boyfriend doing sketch things behind my back is a weight off my shoulders.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Subject: Re: Do You Loan Out Money?

Forum: Do You Loan Out Money?
Hey Kerry,

I hate loaning out money to people! I had never done so before a couple of years ago and its the most awkward situation especially with people you are close with. One of my best friends used my Paypal credit account and still hasnt payed it back, and that was a decent amount of money. I hate being the person to bring it up but needs to be done. It definitely has put a strain on our relationship and I dont trust her as much as I used to.

I think that from now on im just going to say no as hard as that might be.

I hope everything works out!

All the best,

Subject: Re: Weekend Plans

Forum: Weekend Plans
Hey kara,

I hope you have fun at the wedding! I have an old roommate that I used to live with in Arizona that is visiting me this weekend. I only see him about once a year but every time we get together its like we have never been apart. I really look up to him like an older brother. We are planning on going out tonight and then hitting the beach tomorrow but im most excited to just catch up and hear all his crazy stories!

all the best!

Subject: Tipping on bad service..

Forum: Tipping on bad service..
Happy Friday Cnet!

I just got home from a massage. It's been a really long week and I decided to spluge on a $25 hour long massage from one of those sketchy asian parlors down the street. It was the second time that I had gone and the first time was amazing! This time not so much... Even still I tipped $10 and as soon as I walked out immediately regreted it.

Do you still tip after bad service because its whats expected?

All the best,

Subject: Re: What sports did or do you play in High School?

Forum: What sports did or do you play in High School?
Hey Jenelu,

That is so cool that you had swimming at your school; it’s something I always wanted to get into! I played soccer and volleyball throughout high school and was pretty good. I played on the school teams as well as travel.

My freshman year of college I thought I would want to focus on school so I only played intermurals. I missed playing sports so much that one day my sophomore year I heard that they were putting a lacross team together. I had never played before but watched a lot of YouTube videos and practiced with my friends who played. I joined the team and actually ended up getting a small scholarship to play the following year.

Have a great night!

Subject: Re: Fill in the blank

Forum: Fill in the blank

I love my mate but hate when they fall asleep when im talking!

Last week I was telling my boyfriend at and he literally started snoring -_-

Have a wonderful night,

Subject: Re: Favorite cuisine!

Forum: Favorite cuisine!
AHHH Francine!

I got so happy reading that your favorite cuisine is indian because it’s my favorite as well. Growing up, my birthday dinners were always at indian restaurants. I love indian so much so that I’m actually going to india next month. A huge deciding factor was the food. I can’t wait to eat samosas on the side of the street.

Have a wonderful night!

Subject: Re: Do you sweat a lot?

Forum: Do you sweat a lot?
Hey Kyle,

It looks like we have a bunch of sweaters on Cnet, me included! Just last night I put deodorant on when I was walking into the room to fall asleep. My boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy and all I could say to him was “what? I sweat a lot in my sleep.”

I was really self conscious about my sweat pits growing up and for that reason I didn’t wear a lot of grey. Now iv just embraced the sweat...When I’m drenched at the gym, work, and at home. Cotton has become my best friend. Try and stay away from polyester because it doesn’t breathe as well!

All the best to my sweaty friends,

Subject: Are you a Yelp user?

Forum: Are you a Yelp user?
Hey Cnet!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I travel a lot for work and let me tell you Yelp is my best friend. I am always looking for things to do and places to eat. Even at home, I love to find hidden gems. I dont write very many reviews but will if the experience is either amazing or awful. My boyfriend doesnt use Yelp or have the app downloaded on his phone which I always give him crap for.

Do you use Yelp or a similar app? Do you write reviews or just read them?

All the best!

Subject: Fall!

Forum: Fall!
Hey Cnet!

Hope you all had a great hump day. While I was waiting for my flight, I stopped and got my first pumpkin spice latte. I love fall and think this weekend I will be getting out my decorations and buying pumpkins!

Are you excited for fall and all that comes with it? Do you buy pumpkins? Carve them? Eat the seeds?

All the best

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