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Subject: Travel

Forum: Travel
Where have you been in the world? Where would you like to go? I've been only to Jamaica and the Bahamas, but planning a trip to Thailand next year with a group of friends, so I can't wait.

Anyways! If you love being in new places, have someplace in particular you'd like to go, or even just have heard of someplace cool, let me know. I'm always looking for someplace new that would be amazing, the less known it is the better. Anyone been to Africa? Spain? Thailand? What's it like????

Subject: Re: How many alarms do you have on your phone?

Forum: How many alarms do you have on your phone?
Two alarms one for the weekday for work and the other for the weekend.

Subject: Re: Redvines or Twizzlers?

Forum: Redvines or Twizzlers?
Red vines the texture is way better than twizzlers.

Subject: Re: Favorite Fast Food

Forum: Favorite Fast Food
Hard to choose because i love certain items from certain places. But i guess i can go Wendys.

Subject: Textbooks

Forum: Textbooks
When you rent or buy textbooks do you write in them?

I feel weird writing in my textbooks, I just take notes the old fashioned way pen and paper.

Subject: Sprinkles Please

Forum: Sprinkles Please
Do you like sprinkles??

I honestly do not like sprinkles, it tastes so weird and gritty for me. I have given them multiple chances on cupcakes, ice cream, cake, cookies and still a no go.

Subject: Re: Biggest pet peeve

Forum: Biggest pet peeve
Smacking gum drives me crazy

Subject: Re: Textbooks: buy them, rent them, forget them?

Forum: Textbooks: buy them, rent them, forget them?
Definitely rent way cheaper. I learned the hard way freshman year to not buy books because i didnt use them

Subject: Who eat first

Forum: Who eat first
I actually saw this discussion between friends and was curious on what people would say.

Who eats first your husband or kids?

My opinion is kids hands down, but I guess another believed husband as that is how she was raised.

Subject: Re: What were your High School colors?

Forum: What were your High School colors?
Mines were green and gold it was such a horrible look

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