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Subject: On Hold

Forum: On Hold
How long will you stay on hold before you hang up?

For me it depends on who I am calling and how important it is for me to reach that department. The longest I have stayed on hold is for an hour and a half, calling my schools financial aid department, and sadly the phone got disconnected.

Subject: Re: What 3 words you use the most?

Forum: What 3 words you use the most?
1) Please
2) Thank You
3) Stop

lol I am a teacher and I constantly have to use those words

Subject: Re: Bedtime wear...how cute are you for the Zzzzzs?

Forum: Bedtime wear...how cute are you for the Zzzzzs?
I love wearing baggy pants and a shirt because it's the most comfortable way for me to sleep.

Subject: Re: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?

Forum: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?
I have a full time job working 40 hours a week.

Subject: Birth Mark

Forum: Birth Mark
It's good to be back.

So CNetters, do you have a birth mark? Where is it? Is it a unique birth mark?

My birth mark is in the middle of my forehead, and it looks like have of a heart lol, I always get a lot of comments on it.

Subject: Receipts

Forum: Receipts
Hey guys it's been awhile, but glad to be back. Had to take some time for school. I hope everyone's semester went well.

I'm just curious when your at a store and they ask if you want your receipt do you say yes or no??

I always say yes, I want to make sure that everything is priced correctly, but it's becoming more common for people to say no because they can see everything online.

Subject: Sleep

Forum: Sleep
So are you a hard or light sleeper?

I am a light sleeper, anything can wake me up is not so good sometimes. But the only time I am a hard sleeper is when I'm super tired and I just instantly knockout.

Subject: Re: Dream job

Forum: Dream job
My dream job is to become a elementary teacher, I have always loved students and its been my only career that i've ever wanted.

Subject: Re: Do you like long drives?

Forum: Do you like long drives?
Long drives are nice because there so scenic and beautiful to sight see. But since I get car sick I can't stand long drives I get sick very easily.

Subject: Re: Kitchen Clean up

Forum: Kitchen Clean up
I always was dishes by hand. As was taught that as a child I have never touched a dish washer.

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