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Subject: Re: What's your perfect summer date?

Forum: What's your perfect summer date?
I'm so totally jealous of this little rendezvous that you have planned. How exciting! I hope you guys have a lovely time.
My husband and I love to have little cookouts on the beach. Just he and I and a little fire, sitting by the lake, watching the sun set while we enjoy a rib eye and some tasty beverage.
If there is anything fun, like zip lining or an adventure course, I'd totally recommend doing something like that.
If you like to go fishing, go fishing for the day.
Maybe those things sound silly, but thats what my husband and I would likely be doing on our dates.
Or an amusement park, I love amusement park dates.. they are kind of expensive but so much fun!

Keep us posted and let us know what you two end up doing!

Subject: Re: But it's Scary!

Forum: But it's Scary!
Thank you all for your responses and stories. I truly appreciate each of them.
I have my own sets of fears of anxieties but nothing that is truly overwhelming. So it is really helpful to hear your stories and gain a better understanding of what Brooklyn is going through.

Scott- Thank you for your kind words. I will certainly miss your forums, they have been the most challenging for me ( in a good way). I appreciate that your questions and thoughts always encourage me to think a little deeper and question what I know and feel. I will look into the church for sure. Many blessings to you in all your endeavors.

Subject: Re: Choose Your Name

Forum: Choose Your Name
Hmm. How would that work though?
Would you go through a name change ceremony? Would you send out announcements, notifying everyone of the name change?

I'm not a fan of my name, Monique. But I have really grown to love my nick names, Mo and Momo.

My daughter's name is Autumn, her nick name is Tums.. how stinking cute is that.

So anyways. I'm not sure I'd we should necessarily change or names, because people are going to call is by a nick name regardless.

Subject: Re: Do you believe in God???

Forum: Do you believe in God???
I believe in God.
I also believe in free will and a person's right to not believe in God.

While I'm Christian, I often dont come out and say so... Not because of being embarrassed by the gospel, but because I'm embarrassed to be grouped under the same title as some of the most ignorant, self righteous, judgemental people I've ever met.
I wish there were sub categories to Christianity.. if there were, I think I might be grouped into the sub category with the lengthy title "I'm a Christian because I need all the forgiveness I can get. If I have to hear about how God hates this or that one more time, I'm seriously going to lose my shit. My bible says God gave us freedom of will, why should I force my religion on someone, if it's not even forced on me."
:) or something like that.

Subject: But it's Scary!

Forum: But it's Scary!
I'm in the process of teaching my step daughter how to swim. She'll be turning 10 at the end of the month. She's a sweet little bug but has had a tough past and has several diagnosed anxiety issues.
We've tried to teach her to swim in the past and it just hasn't worked out.. but she's almost ten years old now and statistically if you don't learn to swim by ten years old your chances of learning to swim drop drastically.. We live in an area full of lakes and rivers and I feel like this is something that's really important to learn in order for her to be safe around water as she becomes older and more independent.

Anyways, I've gotten her to the point where she can swim... She holds my hand and we jump of the dock and we swim to shore. I stay with in an arms distance of her the whole time, reminding her that she can do it, just keep swimming, breath, I'm right here, you're doing great. I put my hand under her tummy when she needs the assurance that I'm there. But she's doing awesome.
My older kids came over tonight and wanted to go for a swim. I said that would be great, and Brooklyn could show them how well she's swimming...... Brooklyn immediately gets tense. When I asked her what's going on, she said that she can't swim. I reminded her how great she's doing but she insisted that it's to scary.. We talked for a while, trying to determine what party of the swim is scaring her. But it's everything. The deep water, the rocks, the fish, the cold etc.

My question is this: do any of you have a fear or a topic that causes you anxiety? Can you place your finger on why it causes you to become anxious? Are you able to move passed the anxiety and fear? If so, do you any tricks that you could share?

Subject: Re: Whats your favorite icebreaker?

Forum: Whats your favorite icebreaker?
Personally I hate icebreakers.

The two truths and a litre game is a good one. It's kind of cool because you can even play it with purple who know you well and you still could learn something new.

I think the other game that can be effective, is when you split up into pairs and learn about each other for a few minutes and then have to introduce each other to the group.

Subject: Re: WWYD Parents Getting High?

Forum: WWYD Parents Getting High?
My ex husband and I share custody of our kids. He smokes weed and I don't, though I wish I could recreationally but my job won't allow for it... Anyways. I don't care that he smokes but we do have an understanding that the kids won't know about it until they are out of high school.
I won't care if my kids grow up and smoke pot now and then but I don't want it getting in the way of their school work and sports and I prefer they wait to make the decision until their brains have matured a bit more..
Anyways, my answer to your question is: if I found my patent smoking weed in my home (and my kids were not around), I would probably feel jealous. And then I'd remind them to put it away before the kids got home.

Subject: Re: Are You A Picky Eater?

Forum: Are You A Picky Eater?
I'm not picky at all.... As long as it tastes good ;)

I hate eating food that doesn't taste as good as it should.. but I'm really not picky. I don't have any lists of foods that I don't like. I love food, and trying new foods.

Subject: Re: Autobiography Sentence Forum

Forum: Autobiography Sentence Forum
For a person who likes to live a quiet independent life, I am in awe when I look at the faces that have surrounded me as I travelled through my incredibly loud and busy life.

Subject: Re: Sacrificing your life to save another.....

Forum: Sacrificing your life to save another.....
Damn. This is an incredibly hard question to answer.
If there was a crazy event and say my child was about to be hit by a car, I can see myself jumping in the way in order to save my child..

If right now, my child needed a new organ to live, and I would die if I donated the organ... I don't know that I could do it. I still have four other kids to look after.. that probably sounds terrible. I'm a mom, I'm supposed to do anything for my kids. But I just don't think I could.

If in 18 years one of my children needed a vital organ, I think is be more likely to agree to lay my life down. All the kids would be grown by then and I wouldn't feel like I was giving up my responsibilities.

If a my child or a friend needed a non viral organ and I was a match, then of course I would give what I could..

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