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Subject: Re: Tips to stay awake

Forum: Tips to stay awake

I absolutely hate it when I have to stay up to pull what I call an "all nighter." I try to get up and move around every 15 minutes or so. If I don't, I just can't focus.

Then I fill up on coffee, more coffee, and more coffee. Eventually it gets to the point where the coffee just don't do anything anymore.

I will then make my day and then the next day will sleep when I get home. It's not the most convenient thing, but it works. As for just having to stay up later, I will forgo the coffee as I'm expecting to go to sleep and then just try to move from room to room (get a different point of view) every so often until I'm done. Then I crash.

If I can't do any of that, then I will never stay awake and will asleep in the spot that I am in. Been there and done that!


Subject: What streaming device do you use?

Forum: What streaming device do you use?
There are so many streaming devices out there that it is hard for one to make a good decision. They have Roku's, Googlecast, Amazon Fire TV, Tivo's, and just using your ipad.

I am looking into getting something other than a roku, but am very confused on the googlecast. Amazon fire tv looks good, but it's so hard to decipher between them.

What streaming device do you use and why? What do you like most about it? How is the video quality when you play it? If there was another device out there that you could have, would you change it?


Subject: Re: Should We Invite High-Achieving Workers to US?

Forum: Should We Invite High-Achieving Workers to US?
I remember reading about this when it all happened with Disney. I have to admit, I was very upset with this.

First, quite a few of our jobs are being shipped overseas and now people who were already employed at a company for years were being laid off and replaced for cheaper labor. In this particular case, I feel that Disney was wrong in their motives. But I don't know the whole story from both sides

Please note, I am all for people wanting a better life. If you are smart and diligent, and want to stay within the U.S., then by all means work for it. The visa gives that opportunity for those that want to work hard for that. We started this county as a "melting pot" so why shouldn't others have the opportunity as well?

However, I do feel that there needs to be strict rules with companies in regards to the H-1B Visas. If companies do something as such as Disney did, there should be a very hefty fine for it. Also, if the U.S. wants to compete with other countries, then they should try to find a way to make the education that way.

The other downside to this, over the years I have seen American workers ask for more, but give less in return. I work in customer service and see people very greedy. They expect so much for so little. Unfortunately, this falls a lot into our job market as well. I think you should get your worth for what you are (based upon education, experience and length of employment) but I also see the other side, people thinking they are better than they really are. I have to say that I think this comes into play for a lot of these reasons. Sometimes people coming over here are so happy just to be able to have a job and take less, compared to us who expect so much for so little. There needs to be a happy medium.


Subject: Re: How often do you lie?

Forum: How often do you lie?
Thanks Ashley. This is horrible to find out though. Sad, wish people would just be honest about things. If you don't like someone, you don't like them. It's just the way of the world.


Subject: Re: What do you do if no forums interest you?

Forum: What do you do if no forums interest you?
I have to admit, there have been a few times where I logged on and there was nothing that really interested me. I wouldn't say it was recently, but it has happened. There seems to be a lot of participation going on at this time so that works out.

Now on the flip side, sometimes there are many forums that I want to post to but not enough comments that I can make. That is why I feel for those who's forums go unanswered. I know how it feels, been there and done that. People see them, but you have to choose those 5 (or 4 if you create a forum) to pick to put your responses. Sometimes that feels like a popularity contest. I guess in a way it is, you are voting on people that you like.

I try to vary where I put my posts though. Sometimes it's ones that only get 1 or 2 and I just like them to know I am watching them and reading them as well.


Subject: Re: Would you sacrifice your integrity for profit ?

Forum: Would you sacrifice your integrity for profit ?
Integrity would always come first no matter what. I really believe that profit will come down the road if you truly believe in your own values. The minute you start sacrificing them for something else, you've already headed down a road that you need to get away from. People will eventually see right through you and your image will be torn apart.

People want to think that people have integrity. The minute you take that out of the picture, there is nothing left and many people have left companies for this very reason. Money is never more important than your self worth.


Subject: Hot weather and staying cool

Forum: Hot weather and staying cool
So as summer begins to approach, the cool weather that we know for spring is starting to leave us behind. Before we left to come back to Missouri for a few days, the weather was very hot!!

I absolutely hate running the AC. However, when it gets above 90 in our place, it's almost impossible not to run it because it's pure hot air. Plus we have pets, not a good mix.

So what do you do to stay cool in hot weather? Go for a swim? What do you do after you get back? Do you run the AC? What temp do you prefer to put it at?


Subject: Re: Pizza

Forum: Pizza
Okay...so my favorite pizza is (and when I tell people, a lot of people go...oh that's gross) is Little Caesar's Deep Dish pizza. And it is so good--I crave it every once in awhile but it is sooo bad for you.

The only other pizza that compares to that is the bbq chicken from Papa John's, but that is really upsetting to my stomach and very expensive.

I actually do like making my own pizza, but I wish I could make deep dish like I love. When I make pizza it is more like a box cut and then I put a whole bunch of toppings with cheese. It's actually quite healthy this way when you make it. Someone once told me that you could make pizza in a slow cooker!! I really don't know how that would be or turn out.

My daughter's watch a youtube channel where they made a pizza cake. That looked so good too and I really wanted to make it. Just don't have the time..hehe


Subject: Re: Do you shop on your phone?

Forum: Do you shop on your phone?
Oh yes, Crimson. I am the queen of looking at a price and wondering if that price is actually the cheapest I can find. I will pull out my phone and make sure that the price is not cheaper on amazon, best buy, or another store.

I am what I like to call a "savvy shopper." I really try to make sure that I know what I am doing and getting the best price available for my money. Do I always go for the cheaper price? No, actually I don't. One of the things that I do is compare how far I have to go to get it and how long it might take for it to ship to me. If it is longer than what I need it, then the higher price is going to have to be paid because I need it sooner.

However, I always hunt for bargains. It's in my nature. I can't help it.


Subject: Re: How often do you lie?

Forum: How often do you lie?
Really? Honestly, I only lie if it has to do with something like not hurting someone's feelings or I just don't want someone to know what is really going on. That is quite rare that I will actually lie because have you ever lied and had to try to keep that lie up? It sure is hard.

I really don't get how people could say 2-3 lies every 10 minutes. Do you have any information that might back up that claim? I really don't think that estimate is correct and if that is based upon truth, wow--that is horrible. That means that no one actually trusts anyone anymore.

I am a very truthful person. That is just who I am. I am who I am and if you don't like it, sure I don't like the fact that you don't like me, but I'm not going to change myself for you. But I could see where some people would lie so that people will. That's a shame if the facts are real.


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