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Subject: Re: For a good cause

Forum: For a good cause
I'm sorry for all that happening to you, please don't give up and I'll hold you in my prayers!

Subject: Making Our Own Story :)

Forum: Making Our Own Story :)
Hey guys, let's make a story, I'll start and end it. All you have to do is add to the story.

Johnny was walking down the street when...

Subject: Re: Superlatives

Forum: Superlatives
Hey Alec, some good things happening to me this week was me being able to clean my apartment and being thankful for a roof over my head. Some bad things that happened were my internship company that I was going to work with this summer hasn't solidified a date and I haven't been studying Spanish this whole week. I think that things over the course of the next couple of days will get better.

Subject: Re: Virginia Just Banned Using ‘Cuss Words’ In Public

Forum: Virginia Just Banned Using ‘Cuss Words’ In Public
Hey isalam, interesting forum, personally I think that it is a way of improvement because curse words aren't really needed to convey a point. But I don't think it will make the environment more safe for the community because people will find another way to replace the cursing.

Subject: Re: Unfinished Projects.....

Forum: Unfinished Projects.....
Hi Joyce, I know exactly what you mean. I don't have any projects but I wanted to work on Rosetta Stone every day to learn Spanish but these last few weeks I have been slacking badly. I'm actually the person who has to start and knock out the project right away or else I would procrastinate on it forever haha.

Subject: Re: How Do You Feel When You Lose Discusssion

Forum: How Do You Feel When You Lose Discusssion
Thanks for the words of encouragement guys, I hope that you guys continue to do well on this website and life!

Subject: What's Your Favorite Kind of Vacation

Forum: What's Your Favorite Kind of Vacation
Hey everyone, very simple forum for today. Since I'm on vacation now, I need to know some great vacation spots so post on what is your ideal vacation spot and why it is the best.

Subject: Re: Payroll Fairness

Forum: Payroll Fairness
Hey, I've actually thought about this before but I believe that teachers should be respected more often. I don't think teachers should be paid at the same monetary amount as actors because there will be more people trying to be teachers for the money.

Subject: Re: Treasured object. How much is it worth to you?

Forum: Treasured object. How much is it worth to you?
Hi Melinda, I might answer your question a little differently than expected. But my favorite item is my christian study bible. I love this item because it represents my religion, christianity. If I lost it, I would be disappointed but that would mean that somebody else. I honestly don't think I would sell my bible due to money not being more important than religion.

Subject: Re: Laundry!

Forum: Laundry!
Hey Aheil3, interesting forum. I actually used to go to the laundry when my family couldn't afford a washer and dryer. I feel that there will always be bacteria in a public area thatcher off that musty smell.

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