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Subject: Re: that awkward walk until you say "hello" -_-"

Forum: that awkward walk until you say "hello" -_-"
HAHA! Yes, this happens to be all the time.

See, it really depends on who the other person is at the other end of the hallway. If it is someone I am friends with, or even someone I know casually, I will say hi to them. If it is a friend, I wave from one end of the hallway and then just walk towards them. I usually break up my looking at them with a glance down at my phone or iPod or something like that, but I generally keep my eyes on them and it doesn't really seem that awkward to me. If it is an acquaintance, I will smile and say hi when I get close enough to them, but I don't really look at them until I get close enough. I either look ahead where I am walking, at the floor, at my phone, at my iPod, something like that.

If it is someone I plain old don't know, I won't say hi. It is not because I am an unfriendly person, I will smile, but I am just super awkward and nerdy and have a hard time with social interactions like that. So I generally just keep my eyes straight ahead.

Also I tend to zone out a lot when I walk from place to place, so unfamiliar people at the other end of a hallway isn't that difficult for me to get over. It is when it is the acquaintance that I know that is the most awkward situation.

Subject: Re: Bar soap VS. Liquid soap

Forum: Bar soap VS. Liquid soap
I use both.

Bar soap tends to be what I use when I am in the shower because it is easier to use for things like shaving (I am too cheap to buy the nice smelling shaving cream for women) and getting off dirt spots. Like this summer, when I washed off the dirt I got all over me from my excavation, I used bar soap because you can scrub it in pretty hard without having to use a whole bunch of it. Not to mention you can hold the whole thing in your hand instead of having to put a little bit at a time and keep the rest in a bottle.

When I am washing my hands, then I tend to use liquid soap. You can measure out how much you want, which shouldn't be that much, and then scrub your hands with it. Also bar soaps can slip into the sink when you transfer them from hand to hand when scrubbing, so I like liquid soap. It also smells really good, especially the kind that foams when it comes out of the bottle. :)

But if my preference is not there, I will use the other kind. I am not discriminatory towards hand soaps :)

Subject: Re: Do you sleep walk/ sleep talk?

Forum: Do you sleep walk/ sleep talk?
I used to sleep walk and apparently if I am very tired, I still mumble in my sleep and may say a coherent word or two, but not anything like full sentences or conversations.

I don't think I have sleep walked (slept walked?) since I was 13. The last one I remember was going to bed the night before in my own bed and waking up freezing at about two in the morning downstairs on the couch. It was really weird because I remember nothing. And the fact that I was able to navigate a flight of stairs while asleep is a miracle in and of itself because I am super clumsy awake, let alone asleep.

Sometimes I mumble in my sleep and I have woken myself up by talking before. Actually this happened a couple days ago. I don't know what I was dreaming about, but I remember saying "no" in response to something in my dream but actually saying it out loud and waking myself up. Usually it is only a work or two. According to my roommate, when we shared a dorm, apparently it was entertaining to respond to my mumbling when she was up late doing homework and I was asleep. Thankfully it didn't freak her out. :)

Subject: Re: Do you use the dishwasher or wash dishes by hand?

Forum: Do you use the dishwasher or wash dishes by hand?
When I have a dishwasher I use it because it is just so much easier, but I actually do like washing dishes by hand. I don't think it is a deplorable chore (at least, not like cleaning the bathroom is!) and so I'll do it if there are only a couple dishes in the sink even if we have a dishwasher.

At my apartment, there is no dishwasher. So I have to wash by hand. It really doesn't bother me (although the sink is kind of small, so it would be nicer if it were about twice as deep) and the drying rack gets filled up quickly with the three of us all cooking for ourselves, so I also wish that was larger. But the actual washing of dishes is fine. It's methodical and kind of relaxes me. Plus seeing all those nice clean dishes is really a nice feeling.

Now the thing I hate is drying. I will always leave things to air dry over night because I really hate drying by hand. I don't know what it is, but it is just not a fun job for me. I don't mind washing and I don't mind putting things away, but the intermediate drying step is just torture. :)

Subject: What was your first CNet forum?

Forum: What was your first CNet forum?
This forum is inspired by those Memory things on Facebook that show what happened on Facebook two years ago, how long you have been someone’s friend, etc. I wanted to do something like that on CollegeNET and make it fun! 

So, go back to your first forum topic on CNET and post the title here. What day did you post it? Bring back any memories? Anything special about that forum topic?

My first forum was “School is out for summer!” Well, I think it is pretty clear what I was excited about at the time  I posted that forum on May 29, 2014. It is so weird to think that I have been part of CNET for almost a year and a half! Wow! Honestly, it does not feel as if I have been on that long because so many new faces keep popping up, it is like joining all over again! I love this site and the people on it.

Have a happy Wednesday and good luck to all in this election cycle!

Subject: Re: when you don't dress according to the weather -_-"

Forum: when you don't dress according to the weather -_-"
I am like you and pick out my clothes the night before. I am a really bad morning person, so if I had to pick out my clothes in the morning, I would end up just grabbing something and not caring how it looked or felt. Trust me, me picking out my clothes the night before is a better experience for all.

I always look at the weather before I pick out my clothes. I haven't before and have been super uncomfortable because I have been wearing either warm weather clothing when it ended up pouring, or cool weather clothing when the sun was shining and it was really hot outside. I have now conditioned myself to always look up the weather (I have a nifty app on my phone) before I even start picking out my clothes.

The weather app is usually pretty decent in terms of accuracy where I live. I mean, the temperatures may be a little off, and it might rain (or not) more than was predicted, but the general conditions are always pretty much correct.

Subject: Re: How Often Do You Go To Church?

Forum: How Often Do You Go To Church?
During the school year I go to church every Sunday unless there is something really REALLY important that comes up. My church starts at 5 PM and has dinner afterwards, so I can sleep in and still go to church at night. I love hanging out with the people there, and my church is relatively small and young, so there are a lot of people my age and slightly older, some of the older generation, and lots of little kids running around.

I also have a small Bible study I attend every other Wednesday. It is only ten people. Right now we are going through the book of Philippians.

During the summer, I rarely go to church, unfortunately. I work a lot of Sunday mornings and therefore can't go (my church during the summer is at 10 in the morning because I don't live in the same city during the summer as where I go to school). I only end up going two or three times during the summer when I actually have those days off.

Subject: Re: Do you ike red skittles?

Forum: Do you ike red skittles?
Skittles are not my favorite candy, but I do like the red ones. They are probably my favorite.

I am not too much of a fan of the green or yellow skittles because I don't like lemon or lime flavor as a candy. I would rather have something sweet rather than tart. I like purple next, then orange, then yellow, and finally green for last. But I totally understand getting sick of something. If you have too much, it can be enough to put you off the flavor forever, so I understand where you are coming from.

Have a happy Tuesday!

Subject: Re: Life Quote

Forum: Life Quote
I have two, I honestly don't know how I would be able to pick one above the other.

"In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord determines their steps." - Proverbs 16:9

If you know me at all, you know I worry about my future. Getting a job, having a family, being able to be stable, things like that. When I saw this verse, it was like it was tailored to me because I plan my course in my heart. But it is a constant reminder that the Lord will determine how that journey goes and makes sure it is to his design. He is always with me, even when I don't feel like he is.


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

I really like this quote because it reminds me that no act of kindness, no stance against something bad, no generosity is too small. It all makes a difference somehow in someone's life, even if that life is your own. And making someone's life better means changing the world for the better.

Subject: Are you a morning or an evening person?

Forum: Are you a morning or an evening person?
I don't know about you guys, but I hate getting up early in the morning. When I work the breakfast shift it is the worst because I have to get up at 5:45 in the morning when I probably went to bed around midnight the night before which, honestly, is pretty early for me.

I usually stay up until at least one in the morning, whether it i because I am doing homework, reading a good book, or binge watching a TV series. I just don't feel tired if I stay up that late. I don't know what it is, but I feel more awake late at night than I do during the day. In fact, I like doing some of my homework around 10, 11, or even 12 at night because I feel like I can focus better and get more done if I wait that long. I cannot do homework in the morning period.

So are you a morning or an evening person? Did you used to be one and then slowly have transitioned into becoming the other?

Have a great Tuesday!

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