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Subject: Discussion Forum Dropouts

Forum: Discussion Forum Dropouts
Have you ever found yourself going without a day of posting a forum topic of your own?

If so, was it because you didn't know what to post about? Or was it because you forgot?

Subject: Re: What are your thoughts on Lamar Odom’s overdose?

Forum: What are your thoughts on Lamar Odom’s overdose?
Hi Cristina,

Honestly, I had no clue who Lamar Odom was before I read this post and did a quick Google search. So he's married to Khloe Kardashian? Was he cheating on her at this Nevada Brothel?

Damn, he really got caught with his pants down. Am I right?

I read a little about "herbal viagra" and the dangers it can pose. I guess it's some dangerous stuff? And he took too much of a thing you're really not suppose to be using at all?

Eh, who cares. I wanna go down like this guy in the end. Dying trying to get my dick hard.

Subject: Re: Zero Waste Lifestyle....Could you do it?

Forum: Zero Waste Lifestyle....Could you do it?
Hi Heather!

Being a sustainability minor, I've been learning all about this. In fact, we just went over a waste chapter in my Environmental Policy class. The reason I claimed my minor in Environmental Sustainability was because ever since late high school, I've had a burning desire to contribute to solutions to climate change and other environmental issues.

Since waste is a huge issue on our planet, I try to do my part to consolidate my waste as much possible. I will say my waste can't fit into a mason jar, but I don't throw away that much. In fact, between my sister and I, we go through one trash bag a week. Seven days, taking out the trash only once. We can do this because we recycle a lot of the things we use. All of our plastics, paper, and other clean waste is thrown in the general recycling instead of thrown out.

On top of that, we collect all of our plastic wrappers and bags and take them back to the grocery store to be recycled. We use reusable shopping bags and water bottles as well.

We do everything we can and I encourage everyone on CNet to try for the same!

Subject: Re: What Would You Eat if the World Was Ending?

Forum: What Would You Eat if the World Was Ending?
Hi Savann!

What's the nature of the world ending? Is it survivable? I'm kind of a surviver myself so I'm gonna go with a survivable apocalypse situation. If the apocalypse was imminent, I would keep with my current diet, but boost my protein intake to even more than what I consume daily already. That way I could keep my strength and stamina up for the end of the world.

After the world has ended, I'd retreat to the forest where I'd use my Mozin Nagant rifle to bring down big game. I'd also love off of edible roots and berries. I could also see birds somewhere in this diet.

It may not be gourmet cooking, but at least I'd be sustained! And if my gym hadn't been raided or burnt down, I'd sneak back into town to get workouts every once in a while. You still gotta get cut even during the apocalypse!

Subject: Re: Needles

Forum: Needles
Hi KBrown!

Aww poor guy! That's so sad! Even the toughest guys on the outside can easily be softies on the inside. Needles are scary and I don't blame him one bit for crying. If I ever start crying about needles or for anything that is worse in severity, I will never feel bad again. Even football players have fears!

I remember when I was a kid when I'd have to go in an get vaccinations. The nurse would tell me to count to 10 while the needle was in. I'd count really fast to 10 like way too fast for it to be nearly 10 seconds. But, because the nurse knew I'd do that, she'd already be done with the shot but the time I raced to 10.

My tetanus shot expires next year, so I guess I'll have to go back in and say hello to shots once again after a ten year hiatus. I'll keep you posted on if I cry or not!

Subject: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Forum: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Last night, as I was going to bed, I noticed a whole assortment of noises happening outside. Even though I live in a mountain town, I guess it can still get pretty loud at night.

I heard the train horn blaring into the night from about two miles away. I heard loud engines outside in the parking lot of our apartment complex. And I heard a plane or helicopter or something sounding remotely like a flying blender pass overhead.

I was just trying to get some sleep! Don't people know, especially the train conductor who doesn't have to blow that horn, that people are asleep at that hour?

Do you ever have problems with noise control as you're trying to get some sleep?

Subject: Re: How do you relax?

Forum: How do you relax?
Hi murasaki!

When I want to take some time to relax, I usually do so during dinner on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. I'll make myself some chicken, a baked sweet potato, and watch some X Files on Netflix. No more than one episode a night, though, because I have stuff to do.

Even though my relaxation is sandwiched in between constant school work, at least I get it in. I will have to say though, watching X Files probably isn't most people's idea of a relaxing activity. That show can get unnerving! Not necessarily scary, but pretty tense.

As I get farther and farther into this series, I'm seeing the episodes get darker and darker. I kind of like it, but I might have to find a different show to relax too if things get to hairy.

Subject: Re: when people block your way >:[

Forum: when people block your way >:[
Hi Eskay,

Yep, this happens all the time on my campus as well. In fact, it happened to me just the other day...

After my Environmental Sustainability class is over in the morning, I ride over to the Communications building to go study in their open lab. They have a bunch of computers in there, and since mine is currently not working, I use one of them to do homework and CollegeNET before my next class.

To get to the COM bldg from the science building, there is this wide concrete walkway that passes underneath a new Chemistry building. It is definitely wide enough to accomodate all of the traffic that goes through there, until a line of people decide to stop in the middle of it and chat. Why do you all have to chill right here and talk? And why in a line? Can you not clump together and get the fuck out of the way?

Because of these jokers I was forced to squeeze through one side, always making close calls with pedestrians because I'm on my bicycle. Ugh... Come on guys, move it.

Subject: Re: Rocket Club

Forum: Rocket Club
HI Kasey!

Welcome to CollegeNET! This sounds like a neat opportunity and I would love to get involved in someway, only if I wasn't so darn busy all the time. I'll put that date down in my calendar, August of 2017. So they're setting up live feeds of this... Is this eclipse supposed to be crazier than any others that we've experienced in the past?

Personally, I'd rather step outside, get my welder's glass, and look at it myself than watch it on a live feed or stream. It has that YouTubey feel, you know? I want to be able to connect with the eclipse man to man, rather than man to screen.

Of course, depending on where I live, this might not be possible! Eclipse paths miss Northern Arizona from time to time.

Subject: Re: Juice?

Forum: Juice?
Hi Crimson!

I find this funny about myself because I never think of it- but I don't drink juice really at all. Because I shop for myself, and this being my second of year of doing so I still find it to be a new thing, I don't buy juice. I just don't see a point in putting it on my grocery list.

I have financial support from my parents for buying food, but I always want to make sure that I use that money wisely. Because I absolutely need things like milk and chicken, I opt out of the more "fluffy" things at the grocery store that can drive up my bill pretty fast. I don't even buy bread! I haven't eaten bread in what seems like months now...

I do blend peach fruit smoothies every morning though. I also throw some bananas in there as well. Does that count as juice?

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