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Subject: Re: Game of Thrones - Have you seen it?

Forum: Game of Thrones - Have you seen it?
Hey Candice I'm right there wtih you that I've never seen the show before either. I've heard so many good things about it too but I just can't seem to take out the time to sit down and watch it. It doesn't help that the show is on HBO which I don't get so I'll probably watch it when it comes on Netflix many years from now.

Subject: Re: Ironing

Forum: Ironing
I don't think I've ironed my clothes regularly for the last four years. Now I just put my clothes into the dryer and just hope for the best.

Subject: Re: Is a Losing Streak Normal?

Forum: Is a Losing Streak Normal?
Hey Punsika I have had plenty of losing streaks in my day so they are normal especially when you are first starting out. I know it can be frustrating at first because you did so well at first but there is no sure fire way you will win every week. My only advice is to work even harder this week. Make your responses longer and more heart felt, make your created forums even more though provoking. All you can do is post the best content you possibly can and the votes will follow.

Subject: Re: Your Perfect Date

Forum: Your Perfect Date
Hey Phan as a guy a perfect date for me would be a nice dinner at a trendy restaurant and then and after that we would go watch some Netflix and eat a bunch of junk food. That would be so awesome to make that happen.

Subject: No more $100 bill ???

Forum: No more $100 bill ???
I read this article that the former secretary of the treasury wants to discontinue the $100 bill because large currency notes such as these are the "preferred payment mechanism of those pursuing illicit activities, given the anonymity and lack of transaction record they offer, and the relative ease with which they can be transported and moved."

What you be in favor of removing the $100 bill

Do you think it's going to change your life at all if it did happen?

Subject: Re: Dreams and deja vu

Forum: Dreams and deja vu
I have deja vu dreams quite frequently as well. Usually though it's non important things that happen like having a conversation with someone and them I remember I had a dream about it months or years ago. I wish I could differentiate between a regular dream and a deja vu them, that way I could tell the future way in advance. One thing comes to mind when I have deja vu dreams and that is if we can see our part of our future in a dream does that mean are lives are written in stone?

Subject: Re: What is most important to you?

Forum: What is most important to you?
The most important thing in my life is making a positive influence on others and making the world a better place since I came into it.

Subject: Re: First Job

Forum: First Job
I was 14 when I first entered the workforce. I worked for a summer camp and it was hell. The kids all hated me and tried to make fun of me any chance they got. The adult camp counselors wouldn't get off my back. Not to mention how hot it was that summer. Just thinking about it makes me angry all over again. I'm so glad I never have to go back.

Subject: Re: Tell me about you!

Forum: Tell me about you!
Hey everyone I'm Destin I'm 21 and I'm a senior this year. I'm from Atlanta Georgia and lived in the suburbs all my life. I'm majoring in Finance and hope to land a job in the next few months so I won't have to ask for money from my parents. And my hobbies include playing video games, writing scripts and just hanging out with my friends.

Subject: What would money do for you

Forum: What would money do for you
How would your life change if you won the lottery or received a large inheritance or something like that. Would you invest, just live off it, or spend most of it and worry about it later? Would your

.I think my heart would stay the same through everything I would still love my family, still be good to my friends, and my Love for God wouldn’t change either.

How would money influence you?
Would your personality change?

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