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Subject: Re: Baby Piercing - when is it ideal?

Forum: Baby Piercing - when is it ideal?
What the hell! I don't think any parent has the right to pierce a childs ears. No one has the right to force anyone to do anything with their bodies, especially when it is a baby that cannot make decisions for themselves. It would be way different if the child asked for piercings and the parents said yes. This is so wrong.


Subject: Do any of you use LinkedIn?

Forum: Do any of you use LinkedIn?
I made myself an account a few months ago and I check it about once a week. I am going into science so I am not sure how much LinkedIn will help me, but I'm also not sure if the site is worth it to keep updating and making connections. Has anyone had any success with the site?


Subject: Re: Would you survive an apocalypse?

Forum: Would you survive an apocalypse?
Hey Mariah awesome forum I always think about this specifically! And I think that I would have a pretty good shot. I am very mentally strong and I know what to do and I will do what I need to survive.

Also I hope it would be a zombie one because that would be a lot easier than if it was a natural disaster and then you have almost no control.


Subject: Re: Are you a coffee drinker?

Forum: Are you a coffee drinker?
I will do coffee occasionally, usually to stay up studying for a test. But I am for the most part a tea drinker. I forced myself to start liking tea in college because I thought it would be a healthier alternative to college and the green tea is definitely a great health choice. But if I do coffee I am going hard with the milk!!


Subject: Re: What Catagory do you use the most on Cnet?

Forum: What Catagory do you use the most on Cnet?
Hey Heather,

I usually like to use the "world" category because I think that captures a lot of the categories that aren't listed. I will admit that picking a category can be one of the hardest things about posting a forum!


Subject: Languages?

Forum: Languages?
Hey all.

Questions for the day. How many languages do you know? What languages are your favorite? Which languages are the most important to know and can get you the farthest in life?


Subject: Re: Are You Learning Anything Right Now?

Forum: Are You Learning Anything Right Now?
Hey Akihan,

It's great that you are relearning japanese! I also feel bad or wasting my time if I am not learning anything substantive, so I have actually started trying to learn German. I want to study in Germany or Switzerland for my graduate work so I thought now would be a good time.


Subject: Would you be a superhero if you could?

Forum: Would you be a superhero if you could?
If you could make yourself into any superhero, yes you can choose abilities and what not, would you? It is a little more complex because being a superhero many times their loved ones are often put in harms way in order to hurt the superhero, sometimes they are even killed. Would you be able to handle that?

Subject: Re: Cash, Check, or Card?

Forum: Cash, Check, or Card?
I prefer to use cash because I feel bad if I spend too much cash and therefore I will spend less money.

Subject: Re: Life after death

Forum: Life after death
Hey Aksarben@402,

of course ANYTHING is possible that you can't prove nor disprove, but lets look at facts and what we know about the world and what we don't know. There are so many possibilities as to what happens the most logical and obvious one is that we just die and become part of the earth. And no I do not believe in life after death. I'm a logical and rational person and I do not choose to have my beliefs revolve around some belief system that has no tangible proof.


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