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Subject: Re: Stereotypes about your ethnicity/race

Forum: Stereotypes about your ethnicity/race
Hello Motivated,

First off, great job on keeping up with the birthday club thing! I definitely voted for Katelyn and wish her a happy birthday. I guess I won't get my birthday freebie after all with CNET closing......oh well lets hope something else pops up.

Good question we always tend to put stereotypes on people just to make it easier for us to judge which is just completely wrong. As a white person I don't think there are any bad stereotypes, maybe that we are cocky, I know blondes get a lot of dumb or lazy stereotypes, but I don't think I qualify as a blonde lol. As a female I can say a few stereotypes naggy, loves shopping and wasting money, can only work half a man's job, less smart than a man, can't hold high positions....etc

It's interesting because this social scientist the other day said that we tend to put stereotypes on people not because we hate them or anything, just because it is what we heard and our minds find that easier to analyze then actually getting to know a person then judging. Just a fruit of thought!

Thanks for asking! Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Friday report cards = increase child abuse?

Forum: Friday report cards = increase child abuse?
Hello Kasey,

That is awful! At this day of age I can't believe stuff like that still happen. I mean I would understand if your child came back with failing grades maybe ground him/her and try to reason with your child to find the cause of such poor grades, but no... just no. Abuse?!. It's getting me very angry at the parents as well, I mean how could they do that to their own kids, and for what? B in a class, that is just inexcusable.

The fact that Friday report cards correlates with more abuse because no one would notice is just heartbreaking as well. I do believe that schools should distribute their report cards out during the week to try to avoid the weekend trauma these kids are facing. This might help a bit, but since the problem is generated from the parents themselves then it probably won't completely resolve it.

I am also curious to know more about this story, I mean how did they gather their data if the abuse usually isn't reported during the weekends? from the ER visits alone? wouldn't that be considered reporting?

Thanks for asking Kasey! Have a great day!


Subject: Re: What's your strangest quirk?

Forum: What's your strangest quirk?
Hello Beth,

That is such a cute quirk! Feet in general are just plain quirky! I have never had the urge to dry my feet off immediately after showering, but I do like to keep my feet warm and comfy, in the winter I am almost always wearing socks, I like to take care of my feet!

I was sitting here thinking of something quirky about me and just couldn't come up with anything... I guess I am that boring! I do have some OCD's I don't know if you consider them quirks. I cannot have a glass of water or any liquid anywhere without a coaster under it, it bothers me so much when other people don't use coasters, it just crawls on my skin somehow. I also almost always fix the condiments and overall table at any restaurant after we leave the restaurant, the idea of leaving a messy or at least unorganized table really bothers me, so I spend a good ten minutes trying to make the table the way it was again.

Thanks for asking Beth! Have a great day!


Subject: How do you usually find good restaurants?

Forum: How do you usually find good restaurants?
Hello All,

Steering back to food! There should definitely be a food category there is just so much to talk about in that area. Well we are not going to need it now that CNET is closing.....

Anyway, on Saturday my family and I were invited out by some family friends to this really good sushi place called Nectar. The restaurant was packed and the music was loud, we could barely hear each other speak. The sushi was good and so were the appetizers, the plates were very well decorated, but the prices were crazy expensive! I was so glad I did not have to pay for myself or would have ended up paying close to 80 dollars!
It got me thinking the food was good, but definitely not that good, and I could find good tasting sushi anywhere for 10 dollars a person easily. When we asked them what made them choose this place they said they looked online and it had 4 and a half stars.

I usually get the word of mouth first, either friends or family members recommend a place, or I just hear from people around me talking about a good place. Also I read the reviews carefully, some may describe an aspect you may not like, like the loud music.

What about you? How do you usually find good restaurants? Does it work? Any recommendations?

Looking forward to your responses! Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Today’s Shaming Culture

Forum: Today’s Shaming Culture
Hello Andy,

I think the shaming culture still exists for sure, it's just that it has manifests itself into a different form. In the past people on the streets would shame you personally, right in front of your face. Nowadays the shaming is mostly done behind the protective screen of our phone or laptop on various social media sites. Because that is what we have become, we express our thoughts to an extreme on these sites while keeping our silence in person.

And with such a powerful tool of protection from instant confrontation we go on to extremes to shame people we may have nothing to do with. We shame on everything! Like my fellow CNETTers mentioned we can use anything in a person to shame them just as long as it is behind that computer screen. Scroll down on any YouTube video you are guaranteed to find at least 5 hateful and shaming comments, by kids nonetheless, the light of our future.

The shaming may have became a bit different, today we are shamed on trivial stuff instead of what really matters, we are shamed on how we dressed, how we look, speak, something innocent that we may have said, not having enough followers..etc so we have used shaming to brow beat the other tribe, instead of enhancing our behavior.

The world of the internet is unforgiving unfortunately, that includes the shaming culture that comes along with it. Once you have been shamed online it is unlikely that anyone will view you online any other way. The plus side to all this is I think that in real life shaming isn't as prominent, and if we are shamed it is usually something more serious, I hope forgiving ,ay be easier in person, but I do not have the knowledge about that .

Thanks for asking!


Subject: Re: What do you want to accomplish within 10 years?

Forum: What do you want to accomplish within 10 years?
Hello Wanderer,

I would hope I would be able to at least two different countries within the next ten years. It has always been my dream to see explore the world, unfortunately financial constraints have tied me up and I am unable to start my long awaited voyage.

I would like to gave obtained a graduate degree and have found a comfortable job, where I make enough to live comfortably and go do my traveling. I would like to have met someone I feel compatible with and possibly find that ever lasting love. At the ten years mark I would like to have started forming my family. I want a future filled with people and little ones!

Thanks for asking Wanderer! Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Do you change your smart phone that often?

Forum: Do you change your smart phone that often?
Hello there,

Nope, not at all. The last time I switched my phone was ages ago! I still have the IPhone 5s, it works and its durable so I guess it might stay with me till the end of this year. I would like to switch my phone every 3 years or so it's nice to see what new features are being incorporated into the phones, but like many here I simply can't afford it. My phone bill alone is too much to handle I can't add to that the expenses of switching my phone often.

Phones became such a necessity in this modern day of age, and the newest additions keeps adding to our temptation to upgrade, but alas it's just not doable. Unless I get one as a gift or something, say for Christmas. ...cough....cough... wink...wink..

Thanks for asking! Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Easy or hard to talk to new people?

Forum: Easy or hard to talk to new people?
Hello Dymphie,

I used to be extremely shy to talk to new people and never talked to anyone I don't know unless they talked to me first. Like you my years of working in the service and retail industry has brought me out of my shell, and I have found myself able to talk to almost anyone new I meet.

People are different in nature, even though I can start a conversation with someone, that does not mean it would last long. I've talked to people who reply back with a yes or no and just stay silent so I get the vibe they don't really want to talk to me, others I hit it off with right away.

With all that being said I still don't completely talk to anyone comfortably, unless I get to know them well first. I find my way of speech even changes when I talk to someone I'm close to versus someone new. I have a friend who can literally talk to anyone like they have been their best friend for years, I'm definitely not like that lol.

Thanks for asking! Have a great day!


Subject: What color is your toothbrush?

Forum: What color is your toothbrush?
Hello All,

Happy Monday..... I am currently at work wishing Friday would come already so I could finally be on my break!

Sorry, I could not muster the energy to think of a more complicated question! My toothbrush is an Oral B toothbrush, it is pink on the sides and white in the middle. I have been using it for about 3 months now, it still seems pretty good, I think it would last longer.

Every time I go to the dentist I get a new one, and I have an appointment coming up pretty soon. They only provide Colgate toothbrushes though, so sometimes I buy my own, but they are still pretty good especially since they are completely free!

What about you? What color is your toothbrush? How often do you replace it? Do you know the brand?

Looking forward to your responses! Have a great Monday!!!


Subject: Re: Do you prefer blue or black ink pens?

Forum: Do you prefer blue or black ink pens?
Hello Katelyn,

I am definitely like you I prefer black ink. It makes the writing more easy on the eye and I like how the black color looks on a white sheet of paper. I feel like we could get a general consensus that black ink is kind of the main color here in the U.S.

I have heard that in other countries blue ink is the main color and they seldom use black ink, maybe just for coloring the page a bit. When I take notes on my notebook I usually color it up a bit use some red, blue and green along with the black. Makes it more interesting for me to read somehow!

Thanks for asking! Have a great day!


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