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Subject: Change your Nationality?

Forum: Change your Nationality?
Hello Everyone!

If you had to change your nationality, what country would you say you were from?

Looking forward for your responses!
Hope you all have a wonderful day

Subject: Re: Have you ever experienced a different culture?

Forum: Have you ever experienced a different culture?
Hello there,

I have experienced many different cultures actually.
The one that was most different to me was when I went to a small village in my home country. It was really different from what I was used to. The houses were all pretty small and just for sleeping and sitting around if you don't have anything to do. The sofa was basically cushions on the floor right to the walls so you could rest your back on the wall when you sit down. The food was presented in large, very large, amounts. It was rice and beef, and when dinner time arrived everyone just sat on the floor and stating eating, using there hands as spoons, off these huge plates. It was shocking to me. I know that you might think all of this means they were pretty dirty, but they weren't they were the cleanest, which also shocked me.
It was an interesting experience, which I don't think I will ever see again.

Have a great day!

Subject: Re: Eating disorders - gender bias?

Forum: Eating disorders - gender bias?
Hello Aurora,

Great topic! Super excited about the article as well!

I believe that eating disorders and the concern about body images is not gender based at all, but rather spoken of more from the females than the males. We all know that every female out there strives to have the perfectly slim hour glass body and us women are not afraid to speak about it in public under the bases that it is wrong to starve yourself and kill yourself exercising to have a body that the society calls "good looking".
On the other hand boys also have that same feeling, that they should have that six pack muscles and they should be tall and strong and "manly" in general, but they just don't say it, because saying it would be the complete opposite of what the definition of the word "manly" means to them.
I have witnessed many men and boys trying as hard as they can to be placed under the category of being a man. My brother for instance like your son he would do all these push ups and sit ups everyday, he would check himself in the mirror to see if there is any more muscles somewhere he couldn't see from his view point. My coworker would rather cut his arms off then ask me for help carrying anything heavy!
I think we should take a better look at this case. In my opinion both men and women have it bad, but at least we can speak, they well not so much...

Thanks for asking!

Subject: Re: What is your biggest guilty pleasure ?

Forum: What is your biggest guilty pleasure ?
Hello There,

My guilty pleasure would have to be reading or watching anything related to Nicolas Sparks. Whenever I feel depressed from my life I open up one of his books and just forget about myself for a while. I don't like to do it that often because trust me it takes me a long time to get back to the real world. And also it has made my expectations really high in the whole relationship world.
I also sometimes feel guilty of watching chick flicks they portray nothing about the real world but still I want to watch them they give me hope I guess.

Thanks for asking!

Subject: Re: Dreams, What do make of them?

Forum: Dreams, What do make of them?
Hello there,

I get a lot of dreams and most of them make some to no sense at all. My dreams are very messed up and very confusing. I dream a lot about being late for something and having many barriers to get to something.
I believe that dreams do mean something, some people say it was what you were thinking of before sleeping, but for me it wasn't the case.
I think that dreams are based on what our subconscious is busy thinking about and we don't have to be actually superficially really concerned about whatever we are dreaming about but deep down we are.
I have heard of many people who are aware when they are in a dream, I personally never experinced that. Some people say if you pinch yourself during the day and make it a habbit you will get so used to it that in your dream you will pinch yourself and if you don't feel anything then you now you are in a dream.
The world of dreams is so complicated and yet so fascinating thank you for asking!
Have a great day!

Subject: Call in Sick?

Forum: Call in Sick?
Hello Everyone,

Since we are facing cold weather, well at least I am in Pennsylvania, I would imagine many people are calling in sick for work.

My question for you is: when was the last time you called in sick? Were you really "sick"?

Looking forward to reading your responses !

Subject: Re: How close are you to graduating?

Forum: How close are you to graduating?
Hello there,

My expected graduation date is May 2018, which seems far away, but like you said time is flying by really fast!
I remeber the first day I started going to college like it was yesterday.
I am majoring in Biology and I am enrolled in the pre-med program, so I am hoping that after graduating with a degree in Biology I would go to medical school. So yeah I still have a long journey ahead of me. Hopefully it is all worth it at the end.

Best of luck to all of you!

Subject: Re: 3 words to describe a good teacher

Forum: 3 words to describe a good teacher
Hello there,

Good Question! Lately it is really hard to find the perfect professor. I would have to say the three words that describe a perfect one to me are:

1) Clear (I have had many teachers who are not really clear on what their point is)

2) Helpful

3) Passionate (I like a professor who seems actually interested in what they are teaching)

Cool Forum!

Subject: Re: What Was The Worst Book You Were Forced To Read?

Forum: What Was The Worst Book You Were Forced To Read?
Hello there,

I would have to say The Catcher in the Rye. I know many people adore this book, but I am just not one of them. To me this book was unbarable and I didn't find any meaning behind it. I was forced to read it in my English class for tenth grade. There are many others that I really hate but I didn't finish reading them, but in high school that wasn't possible you would basically fail the course otherwise.

Have a great Day!

Subject: Re: Do you care what your parents think?

Forum: Do you care what your parents think?
Hello there,

I would have to say that I am exactly like you. I love my parents to the moon and back and I can't imagine being stiff with them or uncomfortable seeing them, so yes even if I meet someone I really like I don't think I am going to be able to go through with it if my parents hate that person.
It is not just because I love them that I care what they think it is also because they always wish the best for me and never have they told me to do something that cause any harm whatsoever to me.
Also I wouldn't like my future children to care about what I think so I should definitely care what the two people brought me to life think.

Thanks for asking!

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