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Subject: Re: Is it safer to live in small town or city?

Forum: Is it safer to live in small town or city?
I think living in a small town where crime is very low can make people become complacent about staying alert in their environments; in fact, it can make people become so trusting of others and the place they live that they actually don't notice crime as easily as someone who lives in a city and is alert to his/her environment.

Don't get me wrong. I like that in a small town you don't always have to look over your shoulder, to lock your car or house, to worry about the kids going by themselves to the neighbors or the park. But it is important to not take safety for granted and in a small town I think taking safety for granted is a very easy thing to do.

A city teaches you to enjoy your surroundings while also looking out for yourself and others around you.

May be I'm looking at this all wrong...

Subject: Is it safer to live in small town or city?

Forum: Is it safer to live in small town or city?
Small towns are stereotypically safer, at least that's what I've heard. The rationale behind this argument is that in small towns, everyone tends to know everyone and because of this, it's hard to miss any newcomers. This social monitoring means that people are more likely to notice when something dangerous or someone dangerous is in their community. And people are more likely to look out for each other.
In big cities it's everyone for himself.

What do you think? Are small towns really safer than cities?

Subject: Re: PowerPoint in Classrooms

Forum: PowerPoint in Classrooms
I also doubt the usefulness of powerpoints in teaching although they are being used more and more. I think that they should work like a blackboard i.e. as a visual cue but also have more options like if you want to play a movie or something. This is a great option to have but like you said, most of my teachers have used powerpoints strictly for the word component and while some have made good powerpoints which have pictures, others have filled each slide with words.
Since I was a communications major, I was taught that a great powerpoint presentation utilizes less words and more pictures which help the audience visualize what they are hearing. In actuality, many speakers read off powerpoints much like one would read off a flash card i.e. as a cue to remember what to talk about. I think that when this is done, powerpoints become less appealing to the audience.
I would prefer the old fashioned way WITH the powerpoint coming in for pictures and clips NOT words.

Subject: Re: Are you a nerd?

Forum: Are you a nerd?
I'm a nerd too and I like this part of my identity.

I normally nerd out about media, technology, culture, and language. And since these are also my academic interests, I am always reading, talking about or listening to talks about these topics.
I also like reading and talking about more psycho-social issues and current affairs issues which means I am more than happy to discuss what's in the news, recent studies on social topics etc and how it affects our lives.

Yesterday my roommate told me that my idea of fun is listening to podcasts. I had decided I would not be offended by this so I just laughed but later I actually gave it some serious thought and realized she was right. I love nerding out on podcasts discussing those issues I mentioned above. I listen to podcasts to help me sleep; I exercise while listening to a given podcast and on long drives I make sure that I have uploaded two or more podcasts discussing my favorite issues.

Yep, I'm a nerd.

Subject: Re: Yes or no do we need fraternities and sororities?

Forum: Yes or no do we need fraternities and sororities?
There's a recent story in Rolling Stone covering a rape incident at a major university's fraternity house and it is revealing some seriously messed-up information about fraternities and sororities. Bad press can be a difficult thing to overcome and this culture has had its fair share. Is it fair to judge these fraternity and sorority groups by the bad press or not?
I think that the bad press is serving to reveal some deeply ingrained problems with this system and they must be dealt with no matter how hard or embarrassing it becomes. Fraternities and sororities can offer some good things like networking, but like many of you have mentioned, a student can also get these opportunities in other myriad of ways through different college career services.

Subject: Yes or no do we need fraternities and sororities?

Forum: Yes or no do we need fraternities and sororities?
Yes they may be good ways of developing exclusive network connections and making friends but do we really need fraternities and sororities in our colleges?

This fraternity/sorority culture goes back many many years in our educational system but besides providing great leaders, this culture has also been a major player in the darker side of college life - practices like drinking parties, sexual assault, and hazing are tainting fraternity and sorority culture although if we were very honest we would see that they have always been part of this culture.

It is hard to battle these practices on a college campus and they are increasing in our universities as more students become victims to them. The reason it is hard to deal with them is because they are systemic and fraternities and sororities are part of that system.

So should we eliminate this culture entirely from our colleges?

Subject: Re: How do you deal with Writer's Block?

Forum: How do you deal with Writer's Block?
Thanks to all for the great ideas you sent my way. I have been jotting down ideas about the paper but I admit my organization has been lackluster with this particular paper. I am happy to say however that I am chipping away at that block; in fact, yesterday I was able to get started with my methods and analysis section of the paper. I figured that I should start by talking about what I collected and then worry about other people's arguments later. Hopefully this style works as I have normally started my papers the traditional way with an introduction and then literary review and so on.

Subject: How do you deal with Writer's Block?

Forum: How do you deal with Writer's Block?
I am getting ready (and have been for the past two days) to write a research paper on some data I collected this semester. Even though I have collected some articles and books on my topic, even though I have formulated some questions as hypotheses, I am still stuck with the paper.

Any ideas on how to shake writer's block?

Subject: Re: Historical/Political Illiteracy

Forum: Historical/Political Illiteracy
I think it matters in the practical sense when it comes to understanding political, economic and foreign policies which are discussed in the news. The historical and political knowledge not only provides facts but context. It helps us understand why the US would choose to react in X versus Y way towards another country's actions.

(Example: history of the USSR-US relations, Cold War, and Berlin Wall can help contextualize the current reaction towards Russia's stance regarding Ukraine).

I would even argue that for those planning to travel to these countries, knowing a bit of the history between the US and Russia is important since this history may affect how people from these countries approach you. One might think that history is history. It happened a while ago and has no bearing to today but it is amazing how these historical stories continue to affect how people see each other in the present day.

Subject: Re: Hire Based On Competency or Diversity?

Forum: Hire Based On Competency or Diversity?
Hello Tastam,

This is an interesting topic.

Just clarify: when you are exemplifying 'diversity' you are choosing the racial aspect. That's okay and I will talk about that too but I just wanted to add that diversity also includes other aspects like religion, sexual orientation etc. All of these could be discussed under your forum so that the entire scope of diversity is talked about not just the racial part.

I challenge the comment, "The application of this idea may not guarantee that the most qualified applicant receives the position of employment, or attendance as a student to a university" by arguing there is an underlying assumption that you can only go for one or the other: diversity or qualification.

I don't think that these are mutually exclusive elements. You can have people from different backgrounds who are equally as qualified or even more so than their mainstream counterparts. This policy encourages more diversity but I don't think it inadvertently pulls out the question of qualification.

Now the issue is how much effort is put into hiring people who are both diverse and qualified? If a corporation finds that it does not have a lot of diversity but it has qualification, the issue might be that it needs to cast a wider net to get more diverse people who are equally qualified.

Having a diverse workforce does not mean that the majority are being left out. This policy has made some people think that hiring a majority person who is qualified is wrong. It is Not wrong. Qualification (whether from a minority or majority) is important if you want quality standards. The issue is to find people from different walks of life in addition to those from the mainstream and all of whom can produce quality work.

Diversity and Qualification are Not mutually exclusive.

This candidate's