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Subject: Re: Selfies ,,, Love Them or Hate Them?

Forum: Selfies ,,, Love Them or Hate Them?
Hey Auntiec,

I don't take selfies often, but don't mind if others do! I used to think they were ridiculous, but sometimes you don't have an extra hand to take a photo. Yet you still want the photo!

So, sure, I'd rather someone else take the photo if at all possible. Otherwise, I will for sure whip out the selfie cam with no shame and shout out, "Wait, let me take a selfie."

-bella :)

Subject: Re: Out of town guests?

Forum: Out of town guests?
Kayaking, ooo!

Sounds like a great time, Dymphie. I like to do chill activites like kayaking is a great one, walking or hiking, going out to eat somewhere special or even walking the mall.

If the guests have never been in town before, I like to show them the cool gems of my city. The waterfalls, trails, breweries, etc.

Thanks for the post, hope you have a nice weekend :)


Subject: Re: Should a partner become upset if you forget to...

Forum: Should a partner become upset if you forget to...
Hey Frh,

There are actually a lot of careers that require you not to wear it. Nursing and carpentry to name a few. How could your partner be upset at that. Better to not wear it than lose it.

But I suppose the reason behind not wearing the wedding band is crucial. Is it for a job? Because of weight gain? Or something else? Could it be the partner wants to hit on other people? In that case, of course that warrants being upset.

Thanks for reading, have a good rest of your day!

Subject: Re: Lasik eye surgery

Forum: Lasik eye surgery
Hey Kasey,

Thanks for this forum as I'm planning to get lasik, but didn't know anyone who had it done. Glad to hear it works for you Slynch!

I'm sick and tired of paying all the money for glasses and contacts each year. I'm tired of forgetting to plan and not having extra contacts so sleeping in them. I want to wake up in the morning and be able to see the world. To buy regular sunglasses.

The cost that Dymphie mentions is small compared to the overall cost of glasses and contacts throughout your life. Plus, I wouldn't trust the surgery if it was only a few hundred. I don't want a cheap surgeon working on my eyeballs!


Subject: Re: Should you lose your driver’s license for unpaid s

Forum: Should you lose your driver’s license for unpaid s
Hi Andy,

This whole post is news to me! I still don't understand how a driver's license has anything to do with loan repayment.

I do, however, understand taking a professional license away. Thinking as a creditor, I am only able to work at my job because a lender gave me loans to do so. Without them, I wouldn't be in the same position I'm in today. So I technically understand it, but of course think it's stupid to take a money source away from someone. Sure they can still work, but they will likely be earning less without their license which will hurt the creditor even more.

I think this is a larger problem that is personal but also scales up to a governmental issue.

Who penalizes the government when they can't pay back their debt? Should we take away our political leaders' salaries because they have a deficit they can't possibly pay back??

If creditor's want their money, they aren't going to get it by lowering people's salaries. Still our country needs to realize the severe debt problem that's going on and we all need to figure out a solution.

Truly educating kids on the issue, not making every student feel the need to spend 100k on higher education to 'find' themselves and MAYBE figure out what they want to do. Encourage people living below their means and putting emphasis on community more than consumerism. These are potential solutions, and of course more involvement from the community in small and large elections.


Subject: Re: Do you believe in magic? Why or why not?

Forum: Do you believe in magic? Why or why not?
Hey Muka,

If you believe magic is based on evil, don't you believe that there is evil in this world and therefore magic exists?

I believe in magic and sorcery. There is a whole culture and religion of witches and wizards who cast spells: Wiccans.

Maybe it's my ignorance in the religion, but I don't believe that we should be interfering with the natural world by using magic. The only spiritual interference I believe in is prayer and miracles by God. I don't think humans should conjure any spiritual power and it simply seems dangerous to do so.


Subject: Re: What's one thing you're grateful for today?

Forum: What's one thing you're grateful for today?
Hey Megan,

Time with friends and family is a luxury we don't always realize. I'm glad you had some nourishing time with them.

I'm grateful for my privilege. It's easy to overlook often because I grew up the way I did. I didn't grow up rich or with a wealth of too many things or money, but I have a family that loves me. I have a job that provides for me, and feeds my mind and soul.

I'm extremely privileged to be born in the United States and given the opportunities that I have been given. Despite having no control over the matter, I'm grateful for my country.


Subject: Re: Are you cat person or dog person?

Forum: Are you cat person or dog person?

Dogs and puppies all the way. Despite being super allergic to pets, I like how more often than not dogs are cuddly and more responsive (and perhaps dependent) on humans. There is loyalty and a stronger bond in my opinion. My boyfriends dog barks like hell every time he comes home. He really truly missed him and gets so excited. Cats on the other hand have a very indifferent attitude.


Subject: Re: Are Humans not " Animals"?

Forum: Are Humans not " Animals"?
Hey Slynch,

Humans are technically animals, but there is one major thing that separates us.

We have a spiritual capacity, we are spiritual beings that can connect deeper to the world around us. This branches out to philanthropy and philosophy. We think, study and progress. Other animals do this to a degree, but our higher level of analysis separates us.

I would consider other animals extremely intelligent, so I'm not sure that in itself separates humans.

Invention and imagination are unique to human nature. Despite those who choose not to engage in those activities, it's still a capability. The ability to be able to think or imagine something up and create it, not just for survival but for the flourishing of culture and progression is uniquely human.

Still, I'd say we are animals. We have the same basic needs and common goals overall: food, shelter, clean water, and to propagate the species.



Hey Julia,

This 5:40 post is unusually early for me because I typically post during my lunch hour. When I work through lunch I sort of get to it when I can which is usually after work at 6.

Consistency is key, but as long as your posts are in that’s what mstters in my opinion. People are on CollegeNET most times of the day so someone’s bound to read your post or converse. I do love the flexibility of this site!


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