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Subject: What's one material item that brings you joy?

Forum: What's one material item that brings you joy?
This world is filled with material things and our culture says we should be consumed with them. Within the last few years a focus has been brought back to minimalism.

In the financial independence community, those who revel in the material things of this world can be shamed which is totally silly because were all entitled to what we want in our lives: experiences, people and things too.

For me, my motorcycle brings me a ton of joy. I recently acquired it, and love that I did because it brings me an experience like no other. I associate it with somewhere tropical, and I love the joy riding!

How about you, what thing or things bring you joy?

Subject: Re: First serious relationship - how old were you?

Forum: First serious relationship - how old were you?
Hey Dymphie,

I first really dated in college around age 19 and it lasted about 3 years. It was really over within two but the person was quite manipulative and kept me convinced that I couldn't leave. I'm happy I did leave because I met my soul mate soon after.


Subject: Re: Occupation

Forum: Occupation
Hey Mel,

I have two nursing sisters, one practicing and one learning. It's a very cool path to take and help others. Very humbling. Much respect for all your aspirations of continuing your learning!

I'm an intern architect, training and gaining experience to become a licensed architect. I hold my master's which makes the process take a minimum of three years. I can't wait to be a full blown architect one day!

Thanks for the forum,

Subject: Re: What shoe brand are you wearing today?

Forum: What shoe brand are you wearing today?
Hey Jess,

Fun forum for us, today.

I'm wearing Material Girl sandals with a nice heel. They were my first choice for being able to wear on my site visit to a school's roof AND in the office!


Subject: Re: How old do you want to live to?

Forum: How old do you want to live to?
Hey Jon,

My aunt aged to 107, so I feel like I have long living genes in my favor. I'd like to live to 90 or 100. That way I can see grandchildren potentially and great grand kids.

It would be cool to live to 107 and witness two turns of the century in my lifetime. Never really thought about that before!

I'd hope at that point I was still mostly with it and able to contribute somehow to society still.

Thanks for the fun forum!

Subject: What are you saving for?

Forum: What are you saving for?
Morning collegenet,

What are you saving up your money for? Do you save with no intention of spending it on something? Or are you able to save because you set goals to make something happen?

As a younger adult, pre-college, I was able to save really well when intending to purchase something like a trip or a car. But when it came to saving in general I had no goal.

Right now I'm saving in general, and for retirement. Soon I'll be saving for a real estate purchase. So, what are you saving for?


Subject: Re: Do You Vote?

Forum: Do You Vote?
Hey Gina,

The last election was the first time voting for me. That's 3-4 years of being able to vote and not choosing to.

I wish it was easier to wade through all the B.S. of politics. Or even better, be able to elect someone who is fit for the job rather than those who have a large campaign fund.

I know it's important to vote, but I was so busy in school for those first few years and could never make it out to cast a ballot. There should definitely be more of a push to get younger people involved in politics because it is so complicated and layered.

I just received my voting location, but I'd like to change my party affiliation. I don't know how yet, but at least I'm part of the way there!

Thanks for reading,

Subject: Re: Turning the fan on while showering?

Forum: Turning the fan on while showering?
Hey Jessica,

I tend to leave the fan on before, during and after because I don't want the moisture to start mold growing on the walls. They're not all tile walls either so I think it could easily happen. still, even with the fan, the walls get pretty wet. I wonder if it makes that much of a difference.


Subject: Re: Roommates from hell

Forum: Roommates from hell
Hey Wames,

I would straight up change rooms.

This is the person your friend is going to sleep just feet away from every single night, wake up to every day and have to share a space and time with in some capacity.

If he's already rude and disrespectful, I'd find a new roommate that cares a little more.


Subject: Re: Life ~ Hit the Pause Button OR Hit Rewind?

Forum: Life ~ Hit the Pause Button OR Hit Rewind?
Hi Auntiec,

I would love to go back to being a young child. Those times were so stress free and blissful. I'm thinking of times before kindergarten that are just on the cusp of my memory. Learning to walk or talk... I'd go back to that time for a little while!


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