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Subject: Re: Favorite cheese

Forum: Favorite cheese
Hey Max,

I can understand the value you put on cheese, and on this forum. I don’t think if I could ever live with a cheese free diet. It wouldn’t be ok.

My favorite is smoked Gouda. Gouda is soooo gooda! And any smoked cheese is delicious to me. I recently got into a spicy kick and have been trying cheeses with hot peppers like ghost, habanero and scorpion. There are really good artisan sriracha cheeses at the public market on weekends too.

Mozzarella is a solid pick. I can most definitely respect that.


Subject: Re: Needing to clear my mind this morning.

Forum: Needing to clear my mind this morning.
Hi Beth,

This forum definitely hits home. I had a nice friendship with someone I work with, the person helped me to get my current position with a great reference.

Perhaps it was my fault, but I wasn't really in the mood to go out many times when I was invited. I expressed that I was happy to be invited and sorry that I couldn't make it so often.

Then one day the person invited me out to another's birthday celebration at work. But after work when I reached out, there was no answer. No meeting place, nothing. I was totally ignored. I was confused about it at first, but then came to the same realization as you. After that point, the person never really spoke more than two words to me - it was very odd to me. I even texted a Happy Birthday when their day came around soon after, and didn't get one reply. I didn't do anything wrong. I took it as a sign that this person was not meant to be my friend, and perhaps we were not as compatible in terms of a friendship any longer. It was ok to let go, I didn't want to address the situation and ask "hey, did I do something wrong" when I know I didn't. So I just let it be, and I've been at peace with it ever since.

I'm glad you found your peace with the situation as well. It's not worth fighting for someone who's just not worth it anymore.

Subject: Re: Balancing School And Work

Forum: Balancing School And Work
Hey Sunshine,

This was one of the hardest hurdles for me to get through while in school. The demand on school work was so high, but I couldn't get my school work done if I had no money! My jobs within the university were extremely satisfying and allowed me to optimize my schedule. I didn't need to waste too much commute time and I got discounts or was able to work on my homework. That was huge.

Best of luck while you manage your schedules. It's great practice for after you graduate, and seems like you're managing fairly well!


Subject: Career Change

Forum: Career Change
The average worker holds about 10 jobs before they're forty! That's probably true for me, I've had a million different jobs to get through college.

Anyway, my question for you is considering your college education is done. Say you've been working 10 years and you loved your job, but you're starting to get bored. You're thinking about shifting your focus to a new career. Would you quit your job or would it be too much risk? Would you go back to school for a new career? Have any of you actually gone through this experience?

Subject: Re: Where would you pick to shop for free?

Forum: Where would you pick to shop for free?
Hi Becky,

The grocery store was the first to run through my mind, but since Dan mentioned that one already, I'd choose a free shopping trip to a car dealership. It'd be fun to drive around in a million dollar car for a while!


Subject: Awful role model

Forum: Awful role model
Who’s one person you know who you expected to be a positive role model but turned out to be the total opposite?

A few come to mind including the POTUS, and my uncle who showed me how not to ride a motorcycle today! (Sorry uncle)

How about for you? How long did it take you to realize?


Subject: Re: Anniversaries

Forum: Anniversaries
Hey Dymphie,

This is so sweet! The cooking class sounds romantic and fun. I’m glad you two had a fun time.

My boyfriend and I have celebrated every month up until our one year. At first I thought it was kind of corny, but then I realized how sweet it really was. When we’re married I hope to continue the monthly date nights. It’s a great excuse to have a dinner night out and get waited on and enjoy ourselves together.

Congratulations on your one year of marriage, may you have many more blissful years ahead :)


Subject: Re: Healthy habits?

Forum: Healthy habits?
Hi Dan!

I’m impressed at the crowd’s responses thus far. That some of you are able to workout regularly, meditate, get work and schoolwork done is quite impressive.

I’ve recently started a hot yoga practice 2-3 times a week for three weeks and have been debating committing to a membership monthly. I love it and have felt myself improve already. I think that and the fact that there’s a strong community of kind people makes it so I want to go back.

I was going to the gym often since January but as the weather got nicer I wanted to run outside or kayak. I think the key is to find an activity that’s fun, has a nice community and or is something you want to do- not something you’re dragging yourself to.

Best of luck with this new goal. I love all the workout inspiration above!


Subject: Re: Would you trust the Facebook Portal?

Forum: Would you trust the Facebook Portal?
Hey Savann,

I wouldn’t get one of these. And I haven’t even seen the price, but I have a tablet and that seems like the same thing. I have alexa and feel better knowing she’s only listening and not watching.

The fact that people can hack into your phone or laptop and watch you makes me even less inclined to buy a camera that’s propped up in my house. I’d prefer iPhone’s FaceTime, Facebook video call or google video call. Just don’t feel the need to purchase this product. Plus I think the fact that they say they don’t track any of the information that flows through the device as complete baloney.

Thanks for the forum, pretty interesting device. I wonder how it’ll sell.

Subject: Re: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Forum: What is your favorite childhood memory?
Hey Kathy,

Great forum topic, I’m feel nostalgic already.

I used to love playing kickball in the parking lot down the street with all the neighbors. It was a big industry lot so we usually had to wait until all the workers went home before we could play.

It was so fun to play outside with a diverse group of kids and enjoy the summers together. The night would usually end with mom ringing the dinner bell calling us inside to eat. Oh the good old days :)


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