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Subject: Re: Fruits or Veggies?

Forum: Fruits or Veggies?
Hey Jess,

The only fruit you like, is the only fruit I need! Strawberries are my favorite. I like clementines, bananas, sometimes grapes and apples. Mangoes are also one of my faves.

Fruits every time for me, but vegetables aren't the worst either :)


Subject: Re: Sore muscles

Forum: Sore muscles
Hey Daniella,

To add on to some already great advice above, try not to stay still for too long after.

I’ve heard that there’s acid in your muscles after a strenuous workout and staying moving actually helps you recover more quickly as it massages the acid out so to speak. Definitely try lots of stretching and water too :)


Subject: Re: Dares?

Forum: Dares?
There've been some terrible dares that I always opt for Truths!


Subject: Re: Are you a cryer?

Forum: Are you a cryer?
Hey Jess,

I cry if I need to, but I don't like to... especially in public. I'm a sensitive person so sometimes it just comes out of me.


Subject: What holds us back?

Forum: What holds us back?
This subject may be more 'psychology' than 'world', but I'm curious of your thoughts on this.

What holds people back from feeling they have the agency to change things in their life that they don't like? Perhaps a bit more personal, what do you notice (either in someone close to you or in yourself) that holds you back from doing things you really want for yourself? Is it external or an internal factor?

Subject: Re: Hedgehog for a pet? Good or bad idea?

Forum: Hedgehog for a pet? Good or bad idea?
Ha, my sister has a hedgehog. It's kind of like having a guinea pig as far as it's housing arrangements and bedding.

I would say no on the pet idea, though. It's super prickly like a porcupine, and it's also nocturnal so it's not out when your child is awake. Overall, an underwhelming buddy. Super cute, but not worth it in my opinion. They eat mealworms, so be prepared to share your fridge with your pet food too!

Hope this helps :)

Subject: Re: What kind of water do you drink?

Forum: What kind of water do you drink?
Hi Katelyn,

I must be Beth's polar opposite, I'll drink any kind of H2O out there if I'm thirsty. Although today I did have lukewarm water which was kind of gross. If it's cold, and especially if it has lemon, I love to drink it. Be it spring, tap, purified. I can't tell the difference honestly!


Subject: Re: Do you keep track of your weight?

Forum: Do you keep track of your weight?
Hey Raeanna,

I like to check the scale that way weight doesn't creep up on me and I realize at my annual (or biannual) doctor's visit. Last year at this time, I weighed 10 lbs more than I do now. Since then I have committed to a healthier lifestyle with nutritious lunches and semi-consistent exercise.

I know weight is harder to keep consistent as we age with varying situations occurring through life, so am doing my best to get into a healthy routine before it becomes too hard!


Subject: Re: Restaurant or Make Your Own

Forum: Restaurant or Make Your Own
Hey Jess,

I love making food at home. It tastes better, has less fat, salt and sugar, and it's almost always exactly how I want it! The markup on food and wait service is big enough that it also makes sense financially to eat at home most often. There are only a few places I like to eat out that I know for certain they cook it how I like AND the service is phenomenal.

Have a good one!

Subject: Re: Would you give up your dreams for your partner?

Forum: Would you give up your dreams for your partner?
Hey Jon,

I see it as a predetermined way to have a failed relationship.

If you give up your dreams for someone else's dreams or ideas they have for you, you'll hold resent and always wonder what COULD have been. It wouldn't be healthy for your relationship, and it's sort of a terrible thing for a partner to say. I would think we've failed before we even started a future because how could my partner not support me in my passions and goals as I would them?

Have a good one!

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