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Subject: Re: GREAT GREAT NEWS!!!!

Hey Abby and all,

I’m so happy to hear this news. Cancer affected my grandfather and to have hope of recovery and life after all those procedures is so gratifying.

I wish your friend the best in her future!

I’m having my 6 month anniversary at my job and having more fun than ever! I paid off my first student loan on Sunday. I’m very excited for the future and what this life has in store for me.

Thanks for reading,

Subject: Re: Age and Loans or Tuition

Forum: Age and Loans or Tuition
Hey everyone,

I’m so grateful that CNET is different from most scholarships and almost all of us have been blessed with winnings from this site!

I used to use CNET for tuition but this last quarter was the first time CollegeNET helped me make payments on my student loans.

I paid off my first of many loans at 10% interest last week...YAY!! HOORAY!

And it wouldn’t have been possible without this site. I’m 23 with a masters in Architecture and hope to have all my debt paid off by age 33.


Subject: Re: Most Amazing Animal You've Seen in the Wild

Forum: Most Amazing Animal You've Seen in the Wild
Hey Megan,

That sounds absolutely breathtakingly beautiful! I would love to visit Alaska.

When I went to Cobh, Ireland they had a zoo with lemurs not in cages. They were so friendly and approachable, it was amazing to see animals not in cages and in community as well as walking free!

Thanks for reading :)

Subject: Re: dyeing your hair?

Forum: dyeing your hair?

I’ve thought about it a million times but I like my hair color! There is a new technique called balayage that uses several tones and can look more natural as it grows out.

The biggest deterrent is the cost of having it professionally colored. It would cost my $100 with my long hair and I can’t justify spending that much on color, I just can’t!


Subject: Re: Bathing. Morning or at bedtime?

Forum: Bathing. Morning or at bedtime?
Hey Sage,

Showering at night is definitely more relaxing and provides more time in he morning but I really enjoy getting clean in the morning because my hair looks more tame when it’s freshly washed!


Subject: Re: Exercise, AM or PM?

Forum: Exercise, AM or PM?
Hey Kasey,

As much as I'd like to be a morning person, realistically nothing is happening before work at 8 am. I prefer to go on the way home. Once I'm home, I get very comfortable and would rather do anything besides work out (i.e. eat food, veg on the couch, watch tv, anything!). Excuses are too easy so I have to make it uber convenient to go to the gym.

Have a good night!

Subject: Re: Do greener places do anything for you?

Forum: Do greener places do anything for you?
Thanks for all your posts! It's relaxing to hear the different landscapes and environments that surround you all. My plants started dying since they're not getting enough sunlight, but I'm hoping to get them back in shape.

I have a Christmas cactus, a prayer plant, a succulent and a fig looking plant. The Christmas cactus even bloomed this year!

Happy hump day and election day to you all.


Subject: Re: Do You Have An Action Plan?

Forum: Do You Have An Action Plan?
Hey Song,

I love how organized you are! This is an awesome format for goal setting and even to look back and reflect on how you're doing.

I write down my goals every so often in a fairly unorganized way. But I make sure that I write them down and can see them. I set goals in all areas of life including:

Relationships, spiritual, physical, financial and career goals.

One of the goals I'm most worried about is my career goal of completing my licensing exams. I failed my first exam and am unsure of when to take the next and how to tackle it as the exams are completely self guided.

I definitely need an action plan, but also a balance of the amount of slack I can give myself!

Thanks for the forum topic,

Subject: Re: Saving Money

Forum: Saving Money
Hey bluesapphire,

I do the same thing! I'm traveling to Florida within a few months and I want to save all I can for the trip so I can fully enjoy my time there.

I much rather go out to eat and enjoy nice meals and beverages with my loved ones there on the beach than spend needlessly here. Although Paris sounds much more alluring to not spend here.

Another trick I do is to always pay myself first and put a small percent of what I make into a separate bank account. If I don't see it, I won't spend it! Then if I need, I can use that cash on my trip.

Thanks for reading!


Subject: Re: How Much Do You Tip Delivery drivers,waiters etc?

Forum: How Much Do You Tip Delivery drivers,waiters etc?
Hey Unique,

I used to be a horrible broke college kid and not tip. Now that I'm working more I tend to tip restaurant servers 18% or so. I always tip based on service because I think good customer service is important and can be rare. I've been to many places where a tip is not deserved, so when someone is good to me I want to pay it back.

I worked in a tipped position at a car wash by drying cars down. I know what it's like to do a good job and not get tipped and I wouldn't do that to anyone now.

Thanks for the forum!

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