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Subject: Re: Home Remedies

Forum: Home Remedies
I've been trying to learn about home remedies more lately. I've started becoming disillusioned with certain things I've taken all my life (like cough drops) that just don't seem to actually help.

Vicks is a big one. It seems to be popular in the Hispanic households. We use it on our chest for congestion, cough, or allergy-induced asthma.

(sidenote: my dad used to put a dab on our cheekbones before bed to "help us go to sleep". It would make our eyes sting when we opened them... so we'd keep our eyes closed and fall asleep faster. Genius and hilarious. NOT the indicated purpose lol)

For a cough or sore throat, I'll make a "tea" with hot water, add a tsp of apple cider vinegar (ACV) and a tbsp of honey. I try to use organic ACV and local, organic honey. I'll also use this to boost my immune system when I'm feeling under the weather and don't want to get sicker.

Subject: Re: Donating blood?

Forum: Donating blood?
Hi Matt,
I've donated before, but not in a couple years. I haven't tried to donate since returning from Africa... I'm pretty sure I need to wait a year? I haven't double checked.

I donated blood as soon as I turned 16 because I was excited about helping people! I've noticed that usually the Red Cross staff are very skilled at venipuncture; they do it all the time!

As a nurse and crew member with Mercy Ships for 3 years, I got the chance to donate once to one of my patients on the ship. The entire hospital and operating center was on board the ship and the crew were the blood bank. I would hang blood on a patient who was sick and see that one of my coworkers or friends had donated the blood just hours before. Sometimes crew members would find out when their bag of blood would be hung and they would go down to the hospital deck to visit the patient who received it.

Once there was an emergency situation where a man recovering from surgery many days prior had a massive arterial bleed. They immediately started calling all the eligible blood donors on board the ship. People were lined up outside the blood bank waiting to donate blood to save this man's life. It was a beautiful sight.

I could tell many more stories about that ship. I saw things there that gave me enough hope in humanity to last the rest of my life...

Subject: Re: Does the "NFL Kneeling" debate seem silly now?

Forum: Does the "NFL Kneeling" debate seem silly now?
Hi Cory, great question. I try to remember that a heinous crime/injustice doesn't mean a less severe crime/injustice is ridiculous. Just because I saw people in Africa who will die of preventable ailments doesn't mean that the discussion about raising minimum wage isn't worth talking about. Those are just examples.

It all matters. Big injustices affect many of us. Small, more tolerable injustices affect many of us too.

I don't think the discussion about NFL kneeling is silly at all. We are simply easily distracted as a society and tend to lack depth in our convictions (at least to the point of actually taking action).

So it's not that last week's debates don't matter, they just aren't as pressing (particularly to the media) as this horrific shooting. To draw another comparison, I think it's the difference between a parent with a chronically ill child versus a parent whose 4 children were murdered by a neighbor. Both situations demand attention and consideration, but one situation will demand immediate attention.

Another point... to me, both of these examples you gave do not directly influence my life. Indirectly, they can quite strongly, but overall it's easy for me to keep them at arm's length. For the family members of NFL kneelers, or the individuals themselves, their choice to kneel probably affects their relationships, their reputation, their life. And it needs no mention that the families of the Las Vegas victims are not in the middle of a debate, they are in the middle of the most painful aspect of life. In both cases, these issues affect people who won't simply forget the circumstances of their lives...

Subject: Re: Have You Ever Been On A Cruise?

Forum: Have You Ever Been On A Cruise?
I've been on 3 cruises and I love them! They have their pros and cons, but overall I think they are a great getaway for a family or a group of friends or a couple!

They can be cost effective; they are easy to plan; they combine many elements of different types of vacations together so they are great for a group with varied interests.

All my cruises were to the Caribbean and I wouldn't get tired of that location for a while. It's absolutely gorgeous and many island economies thrive on tourism.

If you want a vacation where you can really dig deep into the local culture, cruising is probably not for you. You can be adventurous on the shore excursions, but you'll have to tone it down because you'll always have to be back on the ship ~8 hours later.

My guess is that you won't get seasick on a cruise ship. It can definitely happen, but a small boat in Alaska was probably a lot less stable. If you generally struggle with motion sickness, get the patch behind your ear because the cruise will be worth it!!

Subject: Re: Fruits and Veggies

Forum: Fruits and Veggies
I have a long way to go with this. I've been buying grapes and baby tomatoes because they are easy to simply pop in my mouth. Raisins and prunes are like finger food so maybe I'll add those in. I HATE cutting up my fruits and veggies; if I have to do that, I'm very unlikely to actually eat them. So something that's easy to just pop in my mouth works better.

I'm also trying to focus on what I like and not stress about what I don't like. I LOVE tomato+mozzarella salads so I bought some the other day.

I don't think I've ever loved vegetables, and I only started liking fruit as an adult.

Subject: Re: I suck at cooking; it gives me anxiety!

Forum: I suck at cooking; it gives me anxiety!
Thanks for responding! Here's how it went:

I took the suggestion of Paige and napajaja and bought some stuff for tacos and stuffed shells on my way home from work. Turns out, my husband actually cooked up the tacos for ME lol, but it just worked out that way. I don't cook in between my night shifts! The tacos were quick, easy and super delicious! Stuffed shells coming up soon! Hopefully I'll cook those.

Joe, I just want to make him feel cared for and considered! Not as a welcome treat, but as a habit I'm trying to cultivate. Everyone loves a good home-cooked meal, right?

Francine, I should try carbonara. I think I made it once in college and it wasn't too hard.

Subject: Re: The Homeless

Forum: The Homeless
I get bothered by people pretending to be homeless to ask for money on the street. However, I also find it frustrating when people are so judgmental towards those who beg for money.

Phones are the lifeblood of our society these days. Smart phones are especially valuable because you can connect to the internet anywhere there is a wifi signal. Just because someone has no home, doesn't mean their entire network fell through as well. Of course, for many it has, especially if their housing fell through due to substance abuse or mental illness. However, if someone loses a job and gets evicted in January, they may still have a decent phone in May. Or maybe they have a compassionate relative who helped them out. Or maybe they spent some of their last resources on a slightly nicer phone so that it had more functionalities. I really don't know, but I find it hyper-critical for us to judge immediately based on a phone, which we all know is very hard to live without. You are very limited without a phone number.

Honestly, I'd be jealous if the guy begging for money had a nicer iPhone than me, BUT I don't see it as a reason to automatically decide they are lying.

I have stopped and spoken to homeless people on the street before and had some very interesting conversations with them. Ultimately, the lesson I learned is that their stories are complex, and it's impossible to judge based on appearances. Life is really hard for many people; I think most of us have tasted that in some way.

If you can't give them money, food, help, etc. in good conscience, then just keep driving/walking. Nobody will blame you. For myself, I try to listen to my gut, and I give what I feel compelled to. There are many times where I feel a spirit of cynicism in me, and those times I know I can't let myself judge.

Subject: Re: Hearing loss?

Forum: Hearing loss?
Hi Matt,
When I read or hear data like that, it drastically increases my level of caring. The majority of the patient's I take care of currently are very very old. It is unbelievably annoying for me and inconvenient for us both to have me shouting at the top of my lungs. It's funny looking back.

I don't want to be like that! I think small adjustments could make a difference. I don't listen to a ton of loud music, though, so it's probably an easier adjustment for me than for others.

I went to an EDM concert with my sisters a few weeks back and I wore earplugs for most of the show. I felt a little lame, but I could still hear the music perfectly well, and I knew I was protecting my hearing. It makes me feel good about myself when I take care of my body.

Subject: I suck at cooking; it gives me anxiety!

Forum: I suck at cooking; it gives me anxiety!
Friends, I've been living in a different country than my husband for the past two months, but he's finally home! This is good news EXCEPT that I'm find with eating trail mix and granola bars for all 3 meals and he isn't.

He is going through the same adjustment period that I did when I came home after 3 years overseas and I really want to care for him and support him during this time. I know that meals made with love can make someone feel cared for, but I get so anxious about food prep.

What is the easiest meal that you know how to make from scratch? Anything that doesn't take too long, is yummy, and doesn't come require a microwave?

Please help!

Subject: Re: How many hours do you study/work per day?

Forum: How many hours do you study/work per day?
Well, I don't study at all! I'm done with school. Actually, that's not entirely true; I still crack open my medical-surgical textbooks every week. A nurse is never done learning and I want to be a nurse who knows disease processes very well. I try to keep my knowledge fresh.

As for work, I work 12 hours a day! I work from 6 PM to 6:30 AM. It sounds crazy, but it actually isn't so bad. I love working at night. It's dark and quiet and I can take care of my patients thoroughly.

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