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Subject: Re: Screen Time - Time on Apps

Forum: Screen Time - Time on Apps
Hey Jess!

This is funny because iPhones pretty much did this already on previous models, it just wasn’t available to look at by the user. Those types of stats are how tech companies and ad agencies determine where and how to market. Privacy is not a real thing anymore.

I agree with you and Jon in that this would probably encourage me to use my phone less through out the day.


Subject: Re: Prefered method of Payment:Cash or Card ?

Forum: Prefered method of Payment:Cash or Card ?
Hey Julia,

In general I use card for most purchases. Cash is cumbersome and usually results in too much loose change for my liking. I heard on the radio recently that only 7% of Americans use cash exclusively. That’s a pretty small number if you ask me!

I think cash gives a false sense of security. You could have tons of cash, but if our currency loses value, it won’t mean any more than a plastic debit card. Erin’s point about using cash so you can’t be traced...I don’t know about that. The plane ticket, hotels and your cell phone will tell anyone who wants to know hard enough where you are. Turn off location services on your phone? Yeah, the government can still find you!

Cheers to that!

Subject: Re: What is your favorite childhood memory?

Forum: What is your favorite childhood memory?
Hi Marissa,

That sounds so nice. I miss these types of simple moments of being a child.

One of my Favorite memories is visiting my grandparents in Puerto Rico, and driving in my grandpa’s car on the way from the airport to the house. My sister and I would be sitting in the backseat of the car and my grandfather would drive over the hills in the road kind of fast so that you get that weightless feeling in your stomach. I think you probably know what I’m talking about. I don’t know how better to explain it. I just remember it was so much fun and it would always make me laugh. On the same drives, my grandpa would get really excited every time we saw cows grazing in the field next to the road. He would always point them out and exclaim “look at the gals!” He always called cows gals, which of course I also found really funny.

I think it’s the simplest things that we remember later in life. The things that made us smile even though they werent that noteworthy.

Thanks for sharing!


Subject: Re: I Rushed Out The House And Forgot ________!

Forum: I Rushed Out The House And Forgot ________!
Hi Thankful,

That would have made me so upset! I definitely have forgotten my computer bag at home, and I can’t do anything at work without it! We are required to take it home everyday so that it doesn’t get stolen if the place gets broken into and also so we can work from home if there’s bad weather or the office is closed for some reason. If it was up to me I would leave it locked up in my desk drawer instead.

Now I usually leave it in my trunk at night so I don’t forget it in the morning. That’s risky though because if my car got broken into it would be gone!

Subject: Re: Redvines or Twizzlers?

Forum: Redvines or Twizzlers?
I definitely prefer red vines! I did recently find out that twirlers help with nausea so lots of people going through cancer treatment eat hem to help with the effects of the meds. I never knew that before so kind of interesting!


Subject: Re: Snooze time

Forum: Snooze time

Yeah I snooze usually 5 or 6 times in the morning. It’s such a bad habit! This morning my alarm was set for 5:45 and I didn’t get up until 7:45. Yikes! It’s not usually that bad. Also that was more of a situation where the alarm just shut off after a while. I didn’t actually snooze that long!


Subject: Re: Do you wear pajamas at night?

Forum: Do you wear pajamas at night?
I usually do because if not I get so cold in the middle of the night!


Subject: Re: How many colleges did you apply to?

Forum: How many colleges did you apply to?

I think I applied to 1 school. I didn’t want to go through the pain of more essays and portfolio formats so I stuck to the school I wanted to go to. I did apply early admission, so that’s part of it.


Subject: Re: Are you confident?

Forum: Are you confident?
Hey Max,

I am not very confident at all. I totally crumble when I try to speak to a group of people. When I'm out with friends I feel like I'm not interesting/funny/fun enough and I convince myself that people only hang out with me because they like spending time with my husband. Even my best friend, I'm constantly questioning (to myself) whether she actually likes me. I'm not very confident in my body or my looks. I feel like everyone is skinnier, prettier, and better dressed than I am. I definitely don't take chances, and would rather stay home alone than go out and do something fun.

It definitely sucks feeling like that! I hope that over time you are able to work through some of these struggles. Your experience is all too common.


Subject: Re: Opinion on Tea

Forum: Opinion on Tea
Hey Isacat,

I drink sleepy time tea with soy milk at night before bed. It definitely helps me sleep a bit better. I also will drink earl grey or jasmine green tea during the day, but especially in the afternoon instead of coffee. Tea has about half the amount of caffeine so it works as an afternoon pick-me-up without keeping me awake at night. I don't usually put any sugar in my tea, iced or hot. I'm definitely a solid coffee drinker in the morning though!

Have a great day,

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