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Subject: Re: 90's: Furbies or Tamagotchis

Forum: 90's: Furbies or Tamagotchis
Hi Dymphie,

I never had a tamagotchi, but I always wanted one. Not for any particular reason, but all my friends had them so I wanted one too. I did have a furby, but it was so obnoxious and creepy! You couldn't get those things to shut up half the time. I wonder what toys will be remembered 10 years from now by those who are currently young, and of toy playing age.


Subject: Re: One positive thing that made your day or week?

Forum: One positive thing that made your day or week?
Hi W -

Congrats on your scholarship, that's awesome!

Someone at work said something really nice to me that reminded me there are people who care about me even if I don't always realize. It's easy to go through life without really taking notice when the people around us are struggling or need some positive reinforcement. That makes it easy to feel alone in the world. It's encouraging when that turns out not to be the case!


Subject: Re: How hot is it where you are?

Forum: How hot is it where you are?
Hi Kasey,

I hear you. It's been a little unbearable for me. it's been in the mid to upper 90s with plenty of humidity to go around. I had when I check the weather in the morning and see 100% humidity. Those are the days I just give up and let my hair run wild and free. No point in styling it, because the moment I go outside It poufs up like a lion.

This coming weekend, my company is having a family outing to a Knights baseball game, and the forecast has been toggling between 97 and 99, with plenty of sun. If there wasn't going to be free food, I would probably opt to stay home that day. Hopefully the forecast will change and it will be more pleasant to be outside.

Last week I went out to lunch with some coworkers, and even though we agreed beforehand that we would sit inside, I got there and they had changed their mind. Rude! It was 90 out, and it was miserable. I wish I could tolerate high temperatures better. Maybe over time it will get better.

Have a great Tuesday, and stay cool!

Subject: Re: Pros and cons of taking test online?

Forum: Pros and cons of taking test online?
That does sound really frustrating. I hope you were able to finish the exam!

The downside of online test taking for me is that I often don't have enough motivation to properly prepare. I know ahead of time that it will essentially be an open book test, since there's no supervision while I take it. Knowing that I won't need to come up with all the answers totally from memory makes me less likely to study well, and therefore I probably don't learn the material as well as I should.

Technology is great, but I wish they could keep it minimal in schools. Especially in the classroom. It's a useful studying tool, but people managed to learn just fine for years and years. I don't think technology is making people smarter in any way, but rather making it easier to know less and still get by.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Subject: Re: Where Are You Right Now: Home, School, Or Work?

Forum: Where Are You Right Now: Home, School, Or Work?
Hi Unique,

I'm at home right now. I had a long day at work, and glad to be done for today. My husband is at a client meeting, and running late, so I'm waiting for him to get home so I can cook dinner. The day goes by so fast, it's crazy. I can't believe it's only a couple hours till bed time already.

Have a great rest of your day,

Subject: Re: Favorite way to listen to music?

Forum: Favorite way to listen to music?
Hi Megan!

I used to use Spotify a lot. I can't remember why I stopped, but I think it was because I couldn't listen to music for free on my phone. I think that may have changed now. I use Pandora premium, which I pay for. Funny how I stopped using Spotify because I didn't want to pay, but now I'm paying for a different service! Sounds silly as I sit here typing it out. Anyway, I like it because I can listen to whatever songs I want, build playlists, and there are no ads. I can also download stations and all the playlists I build so I can listen even if I don't have wifi or a cell signal. It works out great on car trips, in airplanes, and at work I can listen without using data.

Thanks for reading,

Subject: Re: How careful are you in the sun?

Forum: How careful are you in the sun?
Hi Erin,

I am pretty conscious of my sun exposure and I typically wear sunscreen if I know I'm going to be outside a lot. I protect my face daily, and also wear sunglasses to protect my eyes. People are quick to think about their skin when it comes to sun protection, but the eyes are at high risk as well.

A girl I work with was talking about how she never wears sunscreen, and I asked her isn't she worried about her skin wrinkling? She kind of rolled her eyes, laughed, and said no. I couldn't help but laugh myself thinking about how when we are older she will be more raisiny than me! No one is immune from the damaging effects of sun!


Subject: My Thursday

Forum: My Thursday
Good morning CNet,

I had a really interesting day yesterday. It was long and frustrating, but also really interesting. I didn't get to post or vote at all, though. I was a bit annoyed coming to that realization this morning. After you read, please tell me about an interesting experience you had recently!

Did you know that High Point, NC is known as the furniture capital of the world? There are tons of furniture and textile manufacturers there, and as an interior designer, I went for a factory tour yesterday at Davis Furniture. I am an office designer, and Davis manufactures office and commercial lounge furniture and accessories. It was really fascinating to realize that most of the lobby lounge furniture we see in the world today is not made on machines, but hand sewn, hand upholstered, and hand assembled. Even though I've been in the industry for 6-7 years, I did not know that. Theres a woman who's job is to make sure that any patterns on a textile will match up evenly when sewn together and then put on a piece of furniture. That is super complicated and would have my mind in a tizzy in minutes. There was one lounge chair that we watched upholstered, and it was being done in a beautiful brown leather. The finished product was amazing, and the leather fit so perfectly snug around every corner, angle and curve. It took TWO big burly dudes to pull the leather onto the frame. It is quite a process.

With the wood finished pieces, they come in to the sanding room first. Surprisingly the sanders are all women. They explained that you have to be really delicate when sanding so you don't sand through the top layer of wood. Women have a gentler touch, so they are more successful at that role than men. I thought that was awesome!

Thank you for reading!

Subject: Re: Flowers - what’s your favorite?

Forum: Flowers - what’s your favorite?
Hey Kamrin!

My favorite are tulips. They bloom in so many different colors, and the best part is they come back and bloom again year after year!


Subject: Re: "It pays to think"!!!!

Forum: "It pays to think"!!!!
Hey Jess!

I can think of lots of successful people who are not physically attractive. Based on the way things are going right now in society, I would lean towards saying that it's really hard to identify what actually leads to success. Looks alone will not get anyone very far. Even a gorgeous successful model had to have some amount of knowledge and smarts to get where he or she is.

Yes, it's true that more attractive people have the odds on their side, but when I think about doctors, scientists, engineers, etc...I see a lot of people who's success relies on their mind. It may have been easier for some of them to actually find a job than others based on a variety of factors, but ultimately they are required to think in order to keep their jobs.

I disagree with what Luke is saying that being good at math, grammar and science wont get you a job. That's not true at all! When I applied for my current job I had to write an essay as the final step to getting hired. They told me after the fact that some people interview really well, but then they get hired and it turns out they are terrible at grammar and spelling, or they don't know how to form an idea on paper. That's detrimental to a persons ability to do their job. It's terribly unprofessional to say the least. I never thought I would need math or science as an interior designer...turns out I use both all the time.

It's important to be well rounded in body and mind. Never stop thinking, but also take care of your physical appearance because that's what people see first!

Thanks for reading!

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