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Subject: Re: Can bicycles make the world a better place?

Forum: Can bicycles make the world a better place?
It takes planning or guts depending on which is your forte. When I was younger I vowed to never own a car. I commuted over 20 miles round trip every day and since I was always late it was a ten mile sprint in each direction. I'm not man enough to keep it up now. I've ridden to work but since my shift starts at 5 AM and it is 14 miles each way, it is murder to get there on time. Not only that but last time I went I had to ride past a bunch of prostitutes on Lyell Ave in the dark. I know a man my age shouldn't be scared of a bunch of prostitutes but, well, everyone is scared of something.

If I were better at planning I could get a job closer to home and use my bike again. But I'm not a good planner and now that I don't have the guts either, I don't ride my bike as much as I used to. Once I am retired you'll see me out on the bike again making a nuisance of myself with some colorful stretchy outfit.

Subject: Re: Ignorance & Arrogance

Forum: Ignorance & Arrogance
I think I see your point. Ignorance and arrogance are like two diseases that present the same symptoms. I have known arrogant people who were highly educated and who would scoff at the notion that they were ignorant in any way. And yet none of them knew what it meant to lose, none of them knew what it meant to be hungry, to have no money and no food in the house. They were so privileged, they could not understand why someone else might feel uncomfortable in certain circumstances. So for example, men can't understand why women are uncomfortable going running alone. All of us are ignorant in some way. A wise friend once told me, the more you know, the less you judge.

Then I met a man who was ignorant in the more classic sense. He dropped out of high school and got a job in the oil fields (this was some time ago). He wound up out west and because he was good at practical engineering, he came up with a way to force oil out of shale. He made a pile of money and retired to Guatemala where he met my first wife's aunt. That's how I met him. He could not utter a complete sentence without saying something ignorant. Imagine Archie Bunker from All In the Family. Now imagine that Archie just snorted more cocaine than Al Pacino in Scarface. This guy was a human flamethrower. He kept a loaded .45 on top of the refrigerator and had three Rottweilers guarding his fenced-in estate. You should have heard him when he found out his country club admitted a Jewish member.

But here's the point. My racist, ignorant Uncle in Law was hurt in ways that he would not admit by the educated people he had met in life. He was intimidated by young educated engineers. He was afraid of me, of my opinion, of my glasses, of my musical abilities, of my ability to correctly use words like "obfuscate" in a complete sentence. And I knew better than to correct him in his own home, I wasn't there when he worked with his hands 70 hours per week in the blazing sun. Like you, I know people whose political views differ from mine and I don't presume to judge them.

Subject: Re: What do you do with the dishes?

Forum: What do you do with the dishes?
There is something of an unorthodox assembly line in my kitchen. Once the dishwasher is done, the dishes could, in theory, stay there indefinitely. The thing that pushes them out is the number of dirty dishes in the sink. One or two dirty dishes has no effect on the dishwasher. But once the sink gets full, the dishwasher has to get emptied. Otherwise, there would be nowhere to put the dirty dishes. No doubt there are proactive readers who empty the dishwasher as soon as it's done. But what if I die of a heart attack before the sink gets full of dirty dishes? I'd rather spend my last day(s) doing as little house work as possible.

Subject: Re: Early, On time, Late

Forum: Early, On time, Late

While no one wants to be late, my goal is to be on time without being too early. If I get somewhere 30 minutes before I have to be, I waste the time by going on my phone. And at my age, I don't have time to waste. So yesterday, I was supposed to be at rehearsal at 3PM but I thought I could drop off a donation at a nearby Goodwill just before. If I skipped Goodwill, I would be the first person at the rehearsal but then I would have a car-full of used clothing and spend 15 minutes on my phone. I made the donation parked and got to rehearsal at 2:56. It meant running across four lanes of traffic but that comes with the territory when one cuts it close. I should add that when I am not in a hurry, I am always courteous enough to get out of the way of the people who are in a hurry.

Subject: Re: What does that solve?

Forum: What does that solve?
The only thing accomplished by the videos is the self-identification of reactionaries, most of whom are men. Men tend to act like children, I doubt that many women are burning their Nikes. For us men, I think there is a cathartic release when you destroy something that makes you angry. In my case, I have a white Donald Trump shirt that I would love to destroy. I can see myself blowing holes in it with a shotgun and then pouring acid on it. But I don't own a gun and the only acid in the house is a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Then there is the inconvenient truth that the DJT shirt is the only white shirt I own that fits. So practically speaking, I'm stuck with it. I could destroy it or give it away but I can't force my new overweight body into a 15-1/2" shirt. I just lost ten pounds and if I lose ten more, the shirt goes.

Subject: Re: Do you sing in the shower?

Forum: Do you sing in the shower?
WOW! I am so pleased to see the number of people who sing in the shower!! In other words, you have found a purpose for music in your life and you are the richer for it. I pity the people who were somehow shamed into keeping quiet. No one shames me if I take 200 shots to get to the first hole on the golf course, it makes for a funny story. (I love the sound the ball makes when it goes into the woods and hits a tree, much like a baseball game.) But somehow we make fun of people who can't sing in tune. Similarly, how many of us refuse to dance?

Rather than sing, I usually audiate (for those who don't know what the word means look it up) and I have many musical outlets. If anything, I am more likely to talk to myself in the shower. But as I say, my whole life is music. Bravo to the shower singers! If the shower and your car are the only places you sing, give it all you've got! My brother used to sing in the shower, he could also rap. God how that made me laugh!

Subject: Re: Yes, it’s another motivation forum

Forum: Yes, it’s another motivation forum
I remember how time used to drag when I was younger. My first job was in a factory making ice cream cartons. It was hot, noisy and I did not much care for the work. So every day at lunch, I would drink, smoke weed or both. Then I had to work the last three hours of my shift.......................................................................................................

I remember one afternoon when I was feeding the pattern waxer - a boiling cauldron of liquid wax that gets applied to the inside of the carton to prevent leaks. So, yeah, it's like 100 degrees standing next to it. The bell went off at 12:30 PM, I probably got to the machine around 12:35, started it up and worked for several hours after which I happened to look at the clock and realized it was 12:40! I can't relay my next thoughts in polite company but the gist of it was somehow I had to avoid looking at the clock even though it was ten feet away. Modern day me would use the opportunity to compose but younger me could only feel sorry for himself.

Life is like a big bottle of shampoo. When you're starting out, there's lots of shampoo so you can waste it and think "no big deal, right?" But when you're almost out of shampoo and somehow it has to last until the end of the week you're more liable to think "HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO GET THIS TO LAST?!" It is the same way with time. Regardless of our age or our jobs, we are constantly spending time that can't be replaced. There are boring parts of our jobs, chores, classes. But hopefully, there is something more, something worth planning for, something to look forward to. And whatever that long term goal is you probably can't get there without work. Think of your long term goal and how today fits in with it.

Subject: Re: Integrating kids with disabilities

Forum: Integrating kids with disabilities
I agree with dgriffay, it depends on the student. My niece was born with CP and some related issues as a result of birth trauma. Her public school did its best to integrate her into the general ed classrooms but it did not work well. She was not mistreated by teachers or staff and she was not bullied by her peers. She was an intelligent girl who realized she was different and the realization made her withdraw.

Fortunately for my niece, her mom is good at arguing. So, after a few wasted years, the district paid for her to go to a private school with other students with disabilities. My niece's social development has taken off since then. She is a cheerleader and she plays on the basketball team. She could never have done these things in the public school. She won't get a Regents' Diploma nor will she learn about coulombs or molar chemical potential. I don't care. Anyone with the gumption can learn any subject for free online these days. But you can't learn how to make friends, how to fit in and how to be a teammate online. You have to learn from experience and my niece would never have learned those things in a gen-ed classroom.

Subject: Re: Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks

Forum: Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks

You can have fun without_________.
- money.

Talk without____________.
- thinking.

Dream without_________.
- limits.

Smile without __________.
- happiness.

Love without___________.
- conditions.

Subject: Re: Profile Pictures

Forum: Profile Pictures
Most of us post photos with the goal of making friends and influencing people. We make ourselves look nice, smile, take multiple shots, edit where necessary and post the best one. My photos tend to be shots taken with family or taken at gigs. I'm blessed that a few local photographers come to my gigs and take individual shots of all the band members. God knows why, if we chose, we could look like something but usually we choose not to care about it.

I think candid photos are more interesting but would most of us smile? Sometimes when I'm waiting at a traffic light I look at the faces of the people going the other way. Some are on their phone, some concentrate on the road, some are fiddling with the controls, almost none are smiling. When our heroes are focused on an important task, they rarely smile. But we all smile for the camera.

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