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Subject: Re: Top 3 Reasons to Move to Your Location

Forum: Top 3 Reasons to Move to Your Location

The top reason I live where I live is family but I won't list that here because it would not induce everyone else to move here.

1) My hometown is set up to withstand climate change. Too far inland for hurricanes, too many trees for tornados and an unimaginable amount of fresh water in case of droughts. The worst thing we get is clouds and snow but you get used to it. The cold is not as much a distraction for me as the heat could be.

2) Values. There is a trade off between environmental protection and job growth. Every state draws the line in a slightly different spot. My state has more taxes and more regulations. That has caused jobs to leave the state. But it has the best and most plentiful state parks I have ever seen and I have camped in almost every state. NYC used to be covered with an industrial haze, now the air is clear. Buffalo no longer smells like an oil refinery. I would rather get by with money knowing that I am not destroying the planet that my kids need to live on.

3) I am a Yankee, I think and act like a Yankee. There are places in the country where I can be tolerated but not welcomed. That's ok! That's why we have states. Absent major cities, if I were to move west I would have to go as far as Colorado before finding a spot I could relax in.

Subject: Re: I graduated!!!

Forum: I graduated!!!

We will all miss you, I know I will. In the words of the prophet (wizard) "A Heart Is Not Judged By How Much You Love But By How Much You Are Loved By Others." You have a big heart.



Subject: Re: Share A Cooking Disaster Story!

Forum: Share A Cooking Disaster Story!

I've made potatoes like yours except I think my mistake was to boil them for too long. I was euchred before I started to mash. My latest goof was the first time I tried to make gravy. I should have looked up a recipe or a youtube video but instead, tried to wing it. I had watched my former mother-in-law make gravy so I thought I could do it too. MIL always saved the drippings from the turkey and combined them with flour. That didn't seem like rocket science, you just start with the grease and keep adding flour until it is the right consistency, yes? The problem was that MIL did not drain every last drop of drippings but was judicious in her portions. My gravy was like motor oil because you just could not add enough flour. Maybe if I had combined it in a bucket I would have had a chance. The great thing about serving bad food at such a gathering is that one's guests make the best of it. Kind of like a camping trip except indoors.

Subject: Re: Money or Time?

Forum: Money or Time?
The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he said:

Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.
And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;
the result being that he does not live in the present or the future;
he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

A Buddhist friend of mine turned me on to that quote but I suspect it is rampant on Facebook. At any rate, the moral of the story is that your time is always more valuable than money. Consider the case of my wife's former landlord. Two weeks ago, he got up thinking that he'd have breakfast and then go out and work on his car. He wanted to add a trailer hitch and save money on the labor. That day, he was found unconscious and despite the heroic efforts of my wife and others, he died of a heart attack. He spent his youth trying to make money and his middle years in a recliner because of a workers comp injury. The last thing he expected was to die of a heart attack in his fifties. I am not convinced that he ever really lived, I wonder what he would say.

The one thing in life that is more or less fair is that we will all die some day, even Jeff Bezos can't buy immortality. Learn to do without. Once you have reached your adult height, as long as you don't gain or lose lots of weight, you can wear the same clothes for a long time. If you take care of your car and don't drive like a maniac, you won't need to replace it soon. When it is cold out, rather than crank your thermostat, wear layers of clothes. Make memories, not money. Travel, dance, hike, sing, love. That's when and where your life happens.

Subject: Re: Cereal anyone?

Forum: Cereal anyone?
In an effort to count Weight Watcher points, I began eating nothing but Shredded Wheat (0 points) with blueberries and unsweetened almond milk. At first, I was not impressed but now that I'm used to it....well, it is still not my favorite but it is the only cereal I will eat. When I was younger and could eat stuff that I liked, I preferred granola with raisins. On a long distance bike trip, when milk was not practical, I would mix it with yogurt rather than try to eat it dry. The thought of dry cereal is revolting.

Subject: Re: Are we too over-politicized?

Forum: Are we too over-politicized?
Dear Mr. Nash,

"Are we just too overly political?" Yes and no. Yes, I am tired about having to reargue issues that I thought were settled back in the 1970s and no, I am not about to stop. The Right and the Left have disliked and mistrusted each other all the way back to the ratification of the Constitution. All we lacked was the convenience and anonymity of social media. Now we can have at it around the clock!

I don't waste time trying to convince conservatives they can either change with the times or risk violent overthrow. I only communicate with my cohort, the fractious left. The other day as the election approached, I asked two Latina temps at work if they planned to vote. Between my cowboy Spanish and their halting English we established that they never voted. I pointed at my face and said, "See this? The reason your government looks like me is that people who look like me always vote. If you want your government to look like you, you have no choice but to vote." That won't immediately change their behavior but I think they spoke of it after I moved on.

Imagine you were dancing with your significant other and s/he thought you were doing the opposite steps. If your partner is like my wife, she would not be shy to say "What are you doing?! That's wrong!!" In our case, the government and the electorate our out of step like two clumsy dance partners. The government pulls to the right while the electorate pulls to the left. Until those sides agree, you will have discord.

Subject: Re: Birthright Citizenship

Forum: Birthright Citizenship
Is it the right thing to do? No.
Does he have the authority to limit the 14th Amendment? No.

We need to reform our immigration policy but first things first: our "President" is illegitimate and so is much of the Congress. None of these people represent you or me but rather the monied interests that got them there. Vote them all out, stop voter suppression, eliminate all forms of partisan gerrymandering, get rid of the electoral college, get money out of politics. Then and only then can we have an intelligent discussion on immigration. The most left leaning of us (that would be me) don't want "open borders." I don't want the rest of the 7 billion people on earth moving next to me, thanks. But the current policy goes too far the other way. The US has a negative birthrate and an aging population. Old people aren't good at strenuous tasks. Have you ever picked vegetables on a farm? Worked nights in a slaughterhouse cutting up chickens? Roofed in the summer? I've done two of those things and I'd bet you have not. If you haven't worked such a job, how in the hell can you argue that refugees are taking your jobs?

These caravan people face the prospect of extreme violence in Honduras. There is nothing the US can do that compares with that. Turn them away and they will be back, because the gangs that run cities like San Pedro Sula will kill them on sight. The only question I have is why on earth they bother coming here when apparently they would be more welcome in Canada. The following is a quote from a website designed to encourage people to move to the Northwest Territories in Canada: "strengthen the economy by attracting qualified people to fill critical labour shortages in the Northwest Territories.." Note the use of the term critical labour shortages. If I were an immigrant, I'd just ask for bus fare north, work in the Northwest Territories and live happily ever after rather than come to a place as racist as modern day US.

Subject: Re: How often do you check CNET?

Forum: How often do you check CNET?

When I was more competitive, I spent hours a day on CNET. I remember creating a forum where I argued that by age 10, you can tell which students are succeeding at school, which students are not and that, where students are on course for failure (prison etc.) the state has a legitimate interest in stepping in even if it means taking kids out of their homes. This prompted a storm of protests and someone called the Artist called me a Nazi. I corrected him, more of a communist don't you think? We wrote back and forth all week and each of us remembered it in future posts. Each time I saw his photo I remember thinking "oh great, there's that asshole again, I wonder what he wants now?"

The biggest brouhaha came when a fellow who went by the name of Cannonfodder said there is no God. Of course, you can't prove that one way or the other but lots of people were happy to try and to call each other names in the process. I love the debate forums but if you are focused on winning, you should probably steer clear of them. If your favorite color is purple, you love horses and rocky road ice cream, who's going to argue with you? If you think nationalism is a good idea, you've just lost my vote permanently. See the difference? But I am unlikely to waste lots of valuable time on CNET trying to find out your likes and dislikes unless I am trying hit on you.

When I created forums, I always replied to the people who took time to post. Occasionally, people would read the replies, Cannonfodder and the Artist certainly did.

Subject: Re: Whats left of 2018!

Forum: Whats left of 2018!
As the years go by, I think you will find that time appears to speed up. I recently told a friend that I would not be surprised to wake up one morning and realize that is was still 1981 and the last thirty-seven years had all been a dream. Just before her death, my former mother-in-law told us she hated to see the seasons change because it would be winter again before you knew it. At the time, we laughed, after all, we had just survived a thoroughly wretched Upstate NY winter and the signs of spring were undeniable, a cause for celebration. But MIL wasn't having it and it turned out she was right, it was her last spring.

We can't hold on to time, we can only spend wisely the time we are given. This brings me to the second part of your post. If you must watch football, so be it. But if I were you, I would DVR the games so you can skip the commercials. The only time I watch a portion of a football game is when I turn the sound down and practice the trumpet while watching. None of us wants to be on our death beds thinking "Fifteen minutes can save you fifteen per cent on your auto insurance" or "Allstate, are you in good hands?" or JD Powers awards for Chevrolet. Don't watch the commercials! Life is too short, wasn't that the point of your forum?

Subject: Re: How do you define happiness?

Forum: How do you define happiness?
The following is from Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now

"I've looked at life from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life at all."

Maybe you have heard the song, if not give it a listen. Like Joni, I have looked at happiness from both sides now and I don't know what it is either.

I have an old photo in my drawer at work in which my four year old daughter is posing in her "Dorothy Dress," a blue gingham dress that her mother made by hand. She has on a Mickey Mouse hat and she appears to be holding its ears. I look at that photo and I think, how could anyone be as rich as I was that day? And yet, I was never happy with her mom, or was I? How could I have lived in that home with a wife who loved me and two beautiful children and not be satisfied?

I remember the day my ex and I rode our bicycles down the narrow road along the coast of the Mediterranean approaching the city of Benidorm in Spain. I have watched the cliffs of Cape Breton recede blue in the distance in the afternoon sun as the ferry took off for Port Aux Basques. I've been married twice now and showered with love in the receiving line. I carried my daughters on my shoulders and made them laugh. The rest of the world thinks I am a good musician. And am I happy?

Here is a quote from Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart in attempting to define pornography. "I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it.." I know it when I see it. That's what happiness is like, an elusive thing that is hard to convey. And at the same time one of the most valid goals of our brief lives. You know what happiness is? It is the most valuable thing that you can't hang on to. Grab it when it is your turn but let it go when it is not.

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