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Subject: Re: What's for breakfast??

Forum: What's for breakfast??
Funny you should ask!

As I am writing this my husband is making me pancakes and scrambled eggs, as per my request. I am trying to spend all day on my dissertation and he is making breakfast so I can just write. I have to get onto CNet and support all of you competitors, before I can get to my heavy writing. CNet is like an opening act for me. It gets me warmed up for the real writing in a bit.

Subject: Re: Siblings?

Forum: Siblings?
I have two brothers and now that we are all on our own with families, we live in different states and we don't stay in touch very often.

I wish I had a sister. There is a lot about myself that I think would have been improved earlier if I had someone to bounce ideas off of and someone to tell me when I was full of myself, or whatever. I have never had a lot of close friends so I didn't get that kind of help as I developed as a person.

Subject: Re: International vs. Domestic-Which would you choose?

Forum: International vs. Domestic-Which would you choose?
I would fly to Chicago for the weekend. Maybe San Antonio, Texas the next week. I would visit California a few times a year. Colorado once in the winters.

I haven't seen much of the states, so I would choose that first.

Subject: Re: What Is Your Pet's Name?

Forum: What Is Your Pet's Name?
His name is Pepsi. It would have been Diet Coke but that is just silly!

Subject: Re: Languages

Forum: Languages
I speak English and Spanish. I would love to learn French. I went to France once and it was wonderful. I learned a few phrases which saved me but I would love to be fluent.

Subject: Re: Weekend Plans?

Forum: Weekend Plans?
I drove home to be near my kids and husband (weird) but I will be writing all weekend minus a haircut, a few dinners with my husband and kids.

Subject: Re: Do greener places do anything for you?

Forum: Do greener places do anything for you?
I love greenery. Having green plants around is therapeutic for me. Nature brings me peace and hope and fills me with awe and wonder. Even though I know the science around growing plants, it still is miraculous.

I even like having fake plants since they are beautiful and can take abuse. I also am in amazement that some fake plants are so realistic. I have a gorgeous orchid my kids gave me several years ago and it is still looking great. Yes, it's fake!

Art mimics nature mimics art!

Subject: It's Just Not working out

Forum: It's Just Not working out
The end of a job, like any relationship, is difficult and causes reactions of grief and loss.

A dear friend is experiencing the break up of a long relationship. I told her that it isn't that either person is terrible. It's the relationship that isn't working. Each of them will be wonderful in a different relationship.

This is not unlike like the difficult and unpleasant task as a leader to end work relationships for the same reason: It's just not working out!

As administrators, how do we process ending the relationship between the organization and an employee? When it has become clear that an employee is causing more harm than good, there are two essential aspects to remember.

First, is the dedication to the organizational mission. Children, families, and staff are relying on me, the school leader, and my team to provide the best staff possible. So if there is an individual who is draining our resources, not meeting the expectations set out for them, after we have tried every other option, we are morally and ethically obligated to do right by the organization and by the children and terminate an employee.

Second, is the respect and dignity with which we do it. Even when having the difficult conversation of letting someone go. If you have treated someone with respect and professionalism throughout the whole process then that final conversation should be in line with that. Letting someone go can be really good for them. They often already knew this wasn't working. This termination, though painful, opens the door to a new position that is just perfect for them. But we have to remember that this hurts and we need to do so in a respectful manner that allows them to keep as much of their dignity as possible.

Some individuals who have parted ways with me and my organizations have said just that: "I am so much happier now. I found this job where I fit in and feel really good about my work. It was the best thing that could have happened to me."


Can you think of a relationship that ended with mutual respect? Why did that happen?

Have you ever had to tell someone bad news? How did you process the experience for yourself?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of the bad news? What did you learn from it?

Subject: Re: dyeing your hair?

Forum: dyeing your hair?
I don't like the texture of my hair when it gets dyed.

Subject: Re: If you could dye your hair one funky color

Forum: If you could dye your hair one funky color
There seems to be two forums about this. Yours was second. I am not sure if newer CNetters know that they can look up forum topics to see when they were last done, if at all. It's the advanced link on the top right.

Anyway, I would die my hair a Kelly green. I love that color and it would look good on me.

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