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Subject: Re: Tree Houses

Forum: Tree Houses
Welcome to CNet!!! This is a great place. Don't forget to vote twice tonight!

I lived in the city and so a tree house was out of the question!

Subject: Re: Never have I ever....

Forum: Never have I ever....
I haven't yet flown in a hot air balloon!

Subject: Re: Are you a sour candy person or chocolate?

Forum: Are you a sour candy person or chocolate?
I am a sweet hard candy girl. Chocolate is great but it isn't the end all for me. I love hard candy! Butter caramels, strawberry filled hard candies, peppermints!

Subject: Re: Makeup Gurus/Youtubers

Forum: Makeup Gurus/Youtubers
I don't watch them for fun but I do go to them for some make up tips. I am not very good at makeup ideas so I have to learn from others.

Welcome to CNET! Don't forget to vote this evening twice! And post five times daily!

Subject: Re: White Noise-Do you like it?

Forum: White Noise-Do you like it?
I can't have any noise that distracts me from both work and sleep. I can handle the true white noise that sounds like a fan. But I can't handle birds chirping or waves splashing around. I enjoy the sounds and concentrate on them.

I have been listening to a sleep podcast that has a man telling a very tedious story. I am out in fifteen minutes!

Subject: Re: Labor Day plans?

Forum: Labor Day plans?
white water rafting with my kids!

Subject: Re: Pillows

Forum: Pillows
I have one good pillow and that is all I need. But it took me a while to find the right pillow! Now I am happy.

Subject: Re: traits in a mate

Forum: traits in a mate
My perfect mate...

shares my religious faith
loves to be active and outdoors
cares about our kids
has a job that pays the bills and then some
is proactive and able to make a change when he is not satisfied
is honest-has integrity and high moral character
loves me to pieces and shows it

Subject: Re: What food do you love that everyone hates?

Forum: What food do you love that everyone hates?
I love stewed goat, pig's feet, ox tails, venison, and my friend made chicken feet to die for!

Subject: Re: What do you attribute your CNET success to?

Forum: What do you attribute your CNET success to?
I agree with the others that have said consistency. You have to really put yourself out there every day and do your 5 posts and two votes everyday, including the two extra ones Wednesday nights.

The second thing I think was helpful was to develop CNET relationships with other members. Posting about your personal life allows people to get to know you and being honest and vulnerable sometimes is a way for people to think your writing is genuine.

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