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Subject: Re: War on Teacher Pay

Forum: War on Teacher Pay
This is such an interesting question. I taught science for 19 yrs and now am an assistant principal and I am not sure what needs to happen to change this. The main problem isn't government, it is local citizens. They are not very willing to pay higher taxes for teacher pay when they don't get the same "perks" as teachers do.

Subject: Re: PANTS / SKIRT /DRESS?

I also wear pants more often than anything else. Dresses are great but since I have scars on my legs I don't wear dresses unless I have tights or leggings on.

Subject: Re: The danger of labeling

Forum: The danger of labeling
This is a great question!

We label people all the time. The difference is that some of us keep it quiet and allow our intellect to control our mouths while others just talk about everything they think. No filters!

Subject: Re: How often do you change your sheets?

Forum: How often do you change your sheets?
I have a tough time keeping any kind of schedule since I am not often home on the weekends. I do love clean sheets. But most of the time I am so thrilled to be horizontal, I don't care how old the sheets are.

Subject: Re: Sleep in unusual places

Forum: Sleep in unusual places
When I first started teaching I was pulling all nighters grading papers and planning. I actually fell asleep at my desk during a journal writing time for my 6th graders.

Subject: Re: Language policing: Going too far?

Forum: Language policing: Going too far?
I think if you know it will be offensive, then maybe refrain. If you just want to make a point, then go for it. I agree that we are getting a bit too sensitive on some of these.

Subject: Re: Do rainy days motivate you?

Forum: Do rainy days motivate you?
I agree. If it's gray outside or cold, I get into a cleaning mode. Although it doesn't last more than a day every so often, otherwise my house would be sparkling by Spring!

Subject: Re: Can you drive the speed limit?

Forum: Can you drive the speed limit?
I drive a lot on highways. I have always gone 15 over the speed limit. But you have to be so careful when you do that. I have been finding that lately I have been going only about 10 over the limit and it is less stressful.

Subject: Re: Something you always have in your refrigerator?

Forum: Something you always have in your refrigerator?
butter and unappetizing leftovers

Subject: Re: Tree Houses

Forum: Tree Houses
Welcome to CNet!!! This is a great place. Don't forget to vote twice tonight!

I lived in the city and so a tree house was out of the question!

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