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Subject: Re: Afford a home?

Forum: Afford a home?
Hi Mistervancleef!

Well....that's a tough question, lol!

It is hard for me to even think about owning a home because I am still getting my Masters and accumulating a lot of debt. But, I would like to own a home once I get a good paying job.

First off, I hate paying rent. It's ridiculous how much rent has increased in the past five years!

Secondly, I live in an apartment, so I always have to deal with neighbor's being loud or dogs whining all day.

Third off, I would like to have my own pool, so I can tan in the comfort of my own home :P

Fourth..... I just hate living in apartments lol!

Clearly I would love to, but I have accumulated so much debt, I really don't know how thats going to affect my finances in the future.

Subject: No cell phone and internet for a week?!

Forum: No cell phone and internet for a week?!
Alright everyone,

Now here's the real question. Could you last a whole week without internet service and a cellphone?

I feel like we are all so reliant on our cell phones and internet, I wonder how the world would react with a whole week without it? Don't get me wrong, I love my cell phone and love having internet, but sometimes I get tired of all the hate online. So I turn off my phone for a couple hours. I also love going camping now, so I don't have any cell phone service, but now companies are getting so high Tech they have cell service everywhere!

So tell me would you make it? How would you entertain yourself?

Subject: Re: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?

Forum: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?
Hello Hbee,

I do currently have a job however it is a temporary summer position. I will be ending this job right before school starts in August. I used to work at a restaurant before this, but I got really tired of it, I worked there for almost four years!

I won't have a job set up while in school but I have been looking online for a part time coffee shop job. Something that's not too stressful!

Subject: Re: Bugs in food

Forum: Bugs in food

I guess it depends on what kind of bug it is. I would have done the same, just pick the gnat out of the drink and move on. But, with food I am iffy about bugs. If a fly for example flew into my food and got stuck, I would just pick it out and keep eating my meal. If a bug was in a prepackaged food, then I wouldn't eat it because then that's telling me the packaging center is not sanitary.

I used to work in a restaurant and gnats always flew into drinks, because well they are full of sugar! So I used to pick them out with straws. Never had a problem with that.

Subject: Re: Online dating: Good or bad?

Forum: Online dating: Good or bad?
Hello Moira!

I honestly wouldn't online date. I've had friends who have had really scary situations from online dating such as stalkers. I feel like its an option for those who just feel like they can't meet people in person, but honestly, I feel like its just a scapegoat. My mom met her ex-husband online and he turned out to be a total A** and took all of her money in the divorce. Because of the bad rep I've heard personally, I wouldn't do it or recommend it to anyone!

Subject: Re: Age of moving out on your own

Forum: Age of moving out on your own
I moved out of my mom's house at 19 years old. I graduated high school and then went straight to college! So I moved into a dorm. During the summer I stayed there but briefly, I hated living at home because it was so far away from all my friends.

I now live by myself, which is expensive, but it's better than having a roommate!

Subject: Re: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??

Forum: Laundry time...Do you fold right away??
Well, as of lately, I have been living out of laundry baskets! But that is because I am moving and don't feel like folding my clothes.

But usually, I do with within a few hours... I try to at least! :D

Subject: Re: Guilty pleasure food

Forum: Guilty pleasure food
So many guilty pleasure foods. This summer I have been having way too many guilty pleasures, time to get back to eating healthy and going to the gym.

But when I do indulge... it usually involves some sort of pasta.I love tortellini, stuffed with some type of meat and cheese! Delish. My guilty pleasure dessert usually involves ice cream or donuts.

It's hard when you eat guilty pleasures because then your body just wants more!

Subject: Re: Color of Your Eyes?

Forum: Color of Your Eyes?
My eyes are dark brown. My mother has brown eyes and my dad has hazel! The brown took over of course :-)

Subject: Re: Iphone or android?

Forum: Iphone or android?
You know I have always had an iPhone. I really like the accessibility of an iPhone and the fact that I can connect it to my Macbook. I like being able to message other people who have an iPhone and sending emoji's!

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