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Subject: Re: What is one thing that you really want for xmas?

Forum: What is one thing that you really want for xmas?
Hey Joey.

I will pray for your dad and that he finds happiness in the midst of his current struggles.

For Christmas, All I want is to enjoy my time with my family. I live 14 hours away from my Mom, Dad, and Sister and I live on the opposite side of the country as my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. This Christmas, we are all together for the first time in many years and all I want for Christmas is to soak it all in.

God bless you and Merry Christmas!

- Joey

Subject: Re: The "R" word

Forum: The "R" word
Hey Kay

This is an excellent question and many of us will benefit from a charitable discussion regarding the issue.

I think there certainly needs to be an end to calling people "retard" or calling things "retarded."

I am not usually one to advocate for "political correctness" and I usually think people need to grow thicker skin and quit being so offended by every little thing that bothers them.

However, the use of the word "retard" is not something to be brushed aside. This is because it usually is the case that someone is taking a person or situation that they think is stupid or any other analogous word and using the word "retard" to describe it. This is not good because there are people who are truly retarded (although the use of this word even in its proper context has started to fade out). Using this word to describe situations or people we regard as stupid or unworthy degrades the dignity of the people who actually struggle with this handicap in their life.

Thanks for starting this discussion. I am looking forward to seeing everyone's responses.

Subject: Sex Education

Forum: Sex Education
Hello Cnet. Congrats to all the winners from last week!

I'm starting the week off with some questions about Sex Education.

What is the proper way to teach high school students about sex? Should this be the job of public schools or should this be something taught at home by parents?

How should we teach high school students about sex? Should we teach them abstinence before marriage? Or should we teach them about contraception and how to engage in sexual activity at their age?

I'll comment later with my take on the issue, but I look forward to seeing your responses.

Subject: Re: The Worst Year Ever?

Forum: The Worst Year Ever?
Hello Bruce.

I did not consider 2016 to be one of the worst years ever, but now that you lay it out like this I can't completely argue against it.

The worst part of 2016, in my opinion, is all of the persecution happening in the Middle East, especially the persecution happening by the hands of ISIS. This has been the most depressing news, as well as the most easily ignored news by America. (We can even mention that many of the terrorist attacks within the western world have been members of ISIS)

How can we make this better? Military force seems to be the only possible way to stop oppression like this. However, an average guy like me clearly doesn't have the authority to lead troops into battle (and whether miltary force is the appropriate response,as of now, is whole another question).

So the only way I can contribute to change in 2017 is by prayer. I can pray for the perseverance and safety of those who are being persecuted. I can pray for the conversion of those who are doing persecuting. I can pray for peace. Prayer is more possible than any of us realize and it certainly will lead to peace in the world if we all unite our prayers together.

I think that I will try to read the world headlines more often every day so that I can keep up with the persecution happening around the world and make a bette effort to pray every single day for these people.

Thanks for reading and God Bless


Subject: Re: What would you take if your house caught fire?

Forum: What would you take if your house caught fire?
Hey Dakine,

I would:

1. Grab my Bible
2. Grab my rosary
3. Put some clothes on (if I was sleeping in my underwear).


P.S. I admire your work as a volunteer firefighter. May God be with you as you risk your lives for others.

Subject: The Airplane Blues...

Forum: The Airplane Blues...
Hey everyone.

So I just finished a whole day of traveling across the country to see my family for Christmas. It took me three days to get here after two days of flight cancellations, a delayed flight today, not having a gate to pull into in Chicago and sit on the runway for an hour, which caused me to run to my next flight and make it just in time, but just to sit on the runaway for another hour because nobody knew where the fuel guy was, until finally making it to my desired destination.

So...what are your Airport blues stories? And good ones? How do you deal with the stress? Do you vent or just let it all pass cool as a cucumber?



Subject: Re: What’s the right age to get married?

Forum: What’s the right age to get married?
I am 23 right now and engaged to my fiancé who is 22. We will both be 24 and 23 when we get married.

I think it all depends on the couple. It is really a case by case basis to determine when the right age/time is to get married. I know some 20 year olds who seem like mature 30 year olds and some 25 year olds who still act like they are 16. So, really, it comes down to the maturity of the couple and their preparedness to get married.

I am a strong advocate for younger marriage. I don't think it right to put it off for the sake of exploring the world, advancing in a career, or whatever other good that might achieved by avoiding marriage. I think marriage is a great good that is more satisfying than people in this younger generation perceive it to be.

Subject: Re: Family fun

Forum: Family fun
Hey Jacqueline,

I have grown up with one sister who is two years younger than me. We were never super close as we grew up, but we have gotten extremely close as we've been older and in college.

I also will be gaining 5 more siblings when I get married soon! Four brothers and a sister! It's so exciting and I cannot to officially call them all family!

Subject: Re: Voting on Cnet

Forum: Voting on Cnet
I always take the time to vote for someone who I think has earned a vote. I would actually say that it is not good to vote for people arbitrarily on this site, because there is money being awarded to those who are receiving the most votes.

It kind of breaks down the system if there are people just voting randomly and not truly choosing to vote for someone who they feel has contributed a well thought out post.

I don't always vote for people who agree with me either. If I think someone has charitably and thoughtfully represented the opposite opinion of mine, I think they deserve to be rewarded. Even if it's just for their strength to say how they really believe on a certain topic.

Subject: Re: Your most heart-touching movies

Forum: Your most heart-touching movies
@Eddie Hyatt - YES! I was a senior in high school when that movie came out and it made me tear up. So sad

I would also say Good Will Hunting and Warrior are some tear jerkers for me.

- Joey

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