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Subject: Re: Questions you shouldn't ask a stranger

Forum: Questions you shouldn't ask a stranger
Not talking to strangers? Really?!
I'm a people person, and I enjoy talking to strangers! :-)

To me, except for how much they earn; what political/religious affiliations they have; how old are they; how many times they married; what secret locations they have tattoos in (haha)..everything else is fairly within limits.

How else am I supposed to get to know this person better?
What else am I supposed to talk about? Their favorite color or their favorite college football team?

I think people get too hung up on this at times. If you try to get to know someone better, they complain that you are "intruding". If you don't do that, they say you are "stuck up".
Damned if I do, damned if I don't!
So my philosophy is....I'd rather be damned by "doing". haha.

Besides, a lot depends on how you ask these questions?
What is your tone?
Is there an organic continuity in the conversation, or is it just totally disconnected?

I think the manner, context and perceived sincerity of the person asking the questions ultimately determines where the line gets drawn.

Subject: Re: What's been happening?

Forum: What's been happening?
@ Christy:
Haha....that's funny.
At-least you remember me in a nice perspective. :-)

Yep...I learnt of the Graduate status yesterday.
Sad....but I can understand.
I would have rather CNET adopt some other mechanism to balance the winnings amongst older members and newer members.
There are other ways to accomplish that, and still keep high membership.
With their current method, they will lose a lot of the Graduates.

Congrats on the new job though; more money is what I need too! :-)

@ Rosine: That's awesome! I have only been able to meet 1 fellow CNET'er in person.
I enjoy meeting people, so I definitely would love to meet more.
If you ever happen to come to Atlanta area, do let me know! :-)

Subject: Re: Keep going you are worth it!

Forum: Keep going you are worth it!
Hey there Kay,
How goes it?

So for ignorant ones like me, what is HiSet?
(Sure I can look it up online, but would like to hear from you on that. haha)

Congratulations on being a parent to a middle-schooler now. :-)
I bet it's exciting, plus nervous, for the both of you.

My metabolism is pretty good. I try to stay active through chores like yard work, or through actual sports like playing in my weekly cricket league.

HOWEVER...yep...caps ON(!)....ever since I started my MBA last year....I seem to be struggling with available time. With full time job, parental duties, husband-duties, and weekend college - my physical activity has dropped significantly.

So, what motivates me?
To be honest....the weighing scale!
Whenever I see the pounds creep up, I make a more concerted effort to throw in some physical activity in my routine....even if it's for 10 mins.

What is my weakness?....mmm.....I am known to enjoy a nice warm brownie with a cup of excellent cappuccino. haha.

I don't think I would call that as a weakness though....may be a strong liking. :-)

Subject: What's been happening?

Forum: What's been happening?
I see a lot of new names on CNET. Seems like a totally new place....but hey I like that.
I love walking into a new bar and 'looking around' and getting to know some new people.
But wait, a lot of the folks on here may not know what I'm talking about, as they are under 21.
Or so I think!

So...what's been happening in your life these past few months?!
Fill me in!

Any pleasant surprises?
Any big updates?
Any let-downs?

Subject: Re: To China and back....

Forum: To China and back....
Thank you all for the warm welcome.

I did notice the graduate icon against my name and was wondering what that was about.....considering I'm not finished with my MBA!?
I still have 7 more months to go.

The China trip was actually as part of the curriculum. It was oriented at How To Do Business in China.
We had some classroom sessions, some company visits, and some talks/forums from guest speakers.....interspersed with sightseeing, and a whole lot of drinking.;-)

I can go on and on about China, but may be I will save that for later. How about for some in-person meetings.

Rosemary: You sure sound busy. Don't worry about the new job. May be it's for the best, given that you have a wedding to plan for! :-) Congrats mother-in-law to-be! :-)

Maygan: Thanks for the welcome and for filling me in on Sandesh. Much appreciated.

Erin: I like the new picture. I truly have been super busy. :-) I went to China alone, leaving family that was part of the school work. I'm going to try and find out more about the "Graduate" icon under my name....considering I'm not finished with my MBA yet.

RoverRedRover....or should I say RRR....or should I say Bri? :-)
Thanks for the response and the introduction. It's always great to meet new people on CNET.
I was a new member once, and I feel like I'm a new member for he 2nd time....given my fairly long hiatus from CNET. I'm sure your SAT scores will be great. Good luck on that.
What major are you planning on taking up? Are you planning on staying within TX for college, or applying outside of TX as well?

Subject: Re: What do we really owe criminals?

Forum: What do we really owe criminals?
Hi there Mo Mo.
We haven't met yet...due to my hiatus from CNET.
But glad to meet you and welcome to CNET.

The question you raise is probably in the minds of many more.
The issue is that that unless you do a fair trial, you will never be able to find out additional details of this incident. Sometimes these details are which case, you may feel that the tax payer money was wasted.
In other instances, these details may very well be crucial. For instance, you may learn that killing of the officer was actually in self-defense!
Granted, its hypothetical....but plausible.

This is why everyone needs to be 'heard'.
Justice delayed is justice denied. But justice rushed cold also be justice denied.

Subject: Re: Do You... Type or Handwrite Your Notes?

Forum: Do You... Type or Handwrite Your Notes?
How's it going?
What is the latest at your end?

I have always preferred handwriting my notes over electronic typing.
The reason is that I tend to 'connect the dots'.
For instance, if I write down something towards the top of the page, and then write something on the next page that may have an inter-dependency with what I wrote on the earlier page, I can use my own markers and icons to link the two.
I find that much more easy and intuitive if I do that with a pen, than via a laptop etc.

I also think that by writing via a pen, I somehow build y muscle-memory and helps me retain things better. :-)
Whether that is the case or not, it has so far worked for I don't plan on changing that in the near future. :-)

Subject: Re: Profanity in public

Forum: Profanity in public
Erin....hows it going?

Ah....joys of parenthood. Things I have to look forward to as my son starts to understand more.

To answer your specific questions:
>> How do you feel about public uses of profanity?
I don't mind it as long as the volume is contained within the immediate group...or at-least, there's some semblance of a genuine effort being made to contain the volume.

>> Is this freedom of speech?
I would say so.

>> Do I have a right to ask someone not to use profanity in front of my daughter?
Do you have the right? Mmmm...not so sure about that.
After all, one can flip this who argument around and say...Does the other person have the right to ask you to take your daughter somewhere else, since they would be using some 'adult' words?
Should you still go ahead and REQUEST them? SURE!....but be prepared if they don't comply.

Do you use profanity in public?
I'm sure I am guilty of this. As much as I'd like to claim that I am mindful of my surroundings, I am sure I could do a WHOLE LOT BETTER!
Why just limit at kids?
Why not other adults as well?...especially the older folks!

Subject: Re: "Rules to Live By"

Forum: "Rules to Live By"
Dang....maybe your friend needs a rule about limiting the number of rules to live by. Phew!

The only rules I would have in my list are:
1. Treat others the way you'd like them to treat you.
2. If you think doing something will embarrass/humiliate your parents if they were to find out, then don't do it.
3. Always give your best shot at whatever you try to do.

Subject: Re: Animal Testing

Forum: Animal Testing
Hi there Deanna.....or show I say, fellow Georgian. :-)

Well, this is an ethical debate.
The irony is that most people who raise the issue of animal cruelty are meat-eaters!
I would have more respect for them if they were true vegetarians.

That aside, I think animal testing is a necessary evil.
Until a better, more (or equally) effective method is adopted, it is hard to say that we should stop testing on animals.

I am, however, in favor of setting some bounds and regulations around the DO's and DONT's regarding this.
Unfortunately though, this is where I would have to rely on some medical experts to decide on the details as I don't have enough knowledge on this.

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