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Subject: Re: Filtered or tap

Forum: Filtered or tap
Hey J!

I usually drink my water from the tap. I don't mind the taste so much. And I drink so called city water.

I remember growing up as a kiddo and having water from a well out in the country. It had the worst egg smell to it. But after awhile I just got used to it. Kind of gross to think about now.

I don't like to be wasteful, so I like hearing you use a refillable water bottle. More people need to do that. I get people want filtered water and not just tap water. But I bet a person could buy a water filter set up and actually save money over time versus buying plastic water bottles.

To those that buy plastic water bottles, please recycle!

I don't usually ever buy water bottles. I do when I go camping, but I also bring a giant water container too. The bottle are more for back up and ease. I do recycle those of course :)

I did a forum a while back about a city that had contaminated water and then they were told it was ok. At what time do we believe or disbelieve our water is safe to drink. It does make me scare that our city water is probably considered "safe enough". I don't necessarily like those words.


Subject: Re: Are human lives more valuable than other animals?

Forum: Are human lives more valuable than other animals?
Hey Kate!

I do not agree with killing that ape at all.

I'm not sure why humans think they can capture something from the wild or even save from the wild to rehabilitate, to only kill it late because of it's natural instincts.

I hate that.

It makes no sense to me whatsoever.

No judgement at all to the parents, I have a six year old that doesn't listen well. I could see her trying to reach inside an animal closer after being told no repeatedly.

Freak accidents happen. Remember the little boy in Florida at the Disneyland Resort. Once again, an animal using it's natural instincts. Another freak accident.

Freak accidents don't validate killing an animal. To me this was inhumane. And I thought zoos were supposed to serve a purpose and be human to all the animals. Obviously not.

Let the animals live like they are supposed to live. If we can't keep then in nature, then we need to let them be able to be as close to and live as close to them being in nature.

Thanks for letting me rant!! I could probably go on and on about this topic. But I will stop for now.


Subject: We all just want to have fun!

Forum: We all just want to have fun!
Times can be hard and money can be scarce.

But it’s human nature for us all to want to have some fun every now and then.

What do you do for fun that doesn't cost any money?

What are some fun things that you do when money is tight?

How do you stretch that dollar to have a good time?

I hope everyone has a fabulous day today!


Subject: Re: What did you look like 20 years ago?

Forum: What did you look like 20 years ago?
Hey Pulsar!

Twenty years ago, I was 15 years old. I was a sophomore in high school.

I was awkward. I wore clothes that were too big for me because I thought I was fat.

I had brown, wavy hair that was full and thick. It was sort of wild. It did it's own thing. It was long, down to the middle of my back.

I think I have evolved into more of a mature looking woman and way less awkward.


Subject: Re: What Item Do You Need Replaced?

Forum: What Item Do You Need Replaced?
Hey Akihan!

I just mentioned in Dedee's forum that I could use a new dishwasher.

When my husband and I bought our house, it came with a brand new dishwasher. And for the last two years it has worked perfectly fine.

But for the last several months, the dishwasher has been making a horrific, high pitched, squealing noise. It sounds like bottle rockets going off, but without the huge bang at the end. When I listen to it, I actually anticipate the bang noise, but it doesn't happen.

The dishwasher seems to work just fine. The dishes come out clean and there isn't any other issues with the dishwasher. My husband says I cannot run it when we are not home, just in case something goes wrong

It would be nice to have a new one that I could run whenever I wanted and not worry about something exploding on the inside of it.

I have seen some fancy, yeah I think they are fancy, dishwashers that have the capability to just run the top rack or bottom rack by itself. No need to run a full dishwasher if only half of it is full.


Subject: Re: Life Quote

Forum: Life Quote
Hi Ravin!

I love reading these quotes. Such great words!

My life quote is something I came up with several years ago while going through a really tough time in my life.

Be a fighter. Be a survivor. Love conquers all.

I think love is a very important aspect in life. And I don't just mean the love someone has for a significant other. Love is such a versatile word.


Subject: Re: Do you use the dishwasher or wash dishes by hand?

Forum: Do you use the dishwasher or wash dishes by hand?
Hey Dedee!

This forum is so fitting for me. I just got done cleaning up my kitchen.

I hate to think my kitchen sink has more e-coli that my toilet! Yuck!! Especially since I hand wash quite a few items, including a lot of my daughter's plastics.

I hand wash my daughter's stuff, pots, pans and other large items I don't want in the dishwasher. I have a few items that are not dishwasher safe that I have to hand wash as well.

I always load up the dishwasher with whatever I don't hand wash.

I am guilty of rinsing off my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. It's just a habit. And I don't have faith in my dishwasher, I am not sure why. Maybe I need a new one ;)

I do hate that when I load the dishwasher, I always have the top rack full and the bottom rack part full. I really would like to get a new dishwasher that I could run the top separately from the bottom.

Time to get some lotion for my pruned hands!


Subject: What do you binge out on?

Forum: What do you binge out on?
Hey everyone!

I hope you all have had a great day and are enjoying your evenings/late nights.

Tonight my husband and I are going to binge watch some Netflix. We need to catch up on the new season of Orange is the New Black. It's been a while since we watched an episode.

Now that there is Netflix and other streaming services, people can binge watch TV all the time.

What do you binge out on?

Do you like binge shopping? Eating? Drinking?

Do you binge watch any TV shows? What ones are your favorites?

Have a great one!


Subject: Re: Do you eat the heel (end) pieces of bread?

Forum: Do you eat the heel (end) pieces of bread?
Hey Dedee!

I agree with your dad. I think the heels of the bread make great sandwich bread. Especially if the sandwich has things like tomatoes and pickles on it. The juices from those things don't seem to soak through the heels.

I also like making peanut butter sandwiches on the heel pieces.

I love homemade bread. I love eating the heels plain or with a little bit of butter.

I do leave the heel pieces until the very end. I like to leave the first heel on top of the loaf to keep it from drying out as the pieces are being used.


Subject: Re: Meetings at work.

Forum: Meetings at work.
Hey Melinda!

I do have meetings at work, every Wednesday. Well actually I guess the meetings have changed to Tuesdays.

I have two to three meetings that day. One with department managers. Then followed by a census meeting. And if needed a nurses meeting as well.

I like the meetings. It helps with communications. Serious issues can be addressed. And if there isn't anything too serious, then the meetings run short but we still socialize a bit.


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