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Subject: What do you do for a living/work?

Forum: What do you do for a living/work?
If you're in college, do you work while going to school?
Have a summer job?
Currently in an internship?
Or do you have a job completely unrelated to your major just to help you pay for school?

If you're no longer in college, are you doing what you thought you would with your degree?
Or is it something a little different?
What did you major in and what were you going for?

I would love to hear about your current jobs!

What is your future dream job, too??

Subject: Night-time Routine

Forum: Night-time Routine
Do you guys have a specific night time routine?
Girls, do you have to take your makeup off before bed?

When I have to travel for work, I usually forget about my night routine and that causes me to forget a lot of things.

So, I was curious if you guys had a specific routine for before bed

Subject: Re: Profile Pictures

Forum: Profile Pictures

Usually, my profile pictures have more than just me in it. I don't always like my profile picture to just be me for some reason.

Other people's profile pictures don't really influence whether or not I vote for them but they do help me associate a profile with their personality. So, I think it is a good idea for people to have profile pictures. It truly helps with association and helps people remember them.

Subject: Re: Do you eat fast food?

Forum: Do you eat fast food?

I do on the occasion. For work, we travel a lot and usually don't have a lot of time to eat at real restaurants or healthier places. We have to eat at places we can drive thru if possible or pack our food, but, unfortunately, I usually don't.

I don't like eating fast food but it does happen!

Subject: Re: Post how you feel RIGHT now!

Forum: Post how you feel RIGHT now!
Hello there,

I'm feeling bored. I have been super bored all day and super unproductive all day because I have been binge watching shows... So, I feel like I have fused with the couch for the day.

I'm feeling super unproductive and bored because of this.

But, tomorrow I shall be productive and better!

Subject: Re: 1 show on netflix

Forum: 1 show on netflix
I know it's not a Netflix Original but The Walking Dead - I have been obsessed lately.... help haha

Subject: Re: What do you look for in a significant other?

Forum: What do you look for in a significant other?
Honestly, as long as they can make me laugh and were both attracted to one another. They also need to be there when I need them. They also have to be pretty okay with cuddles.

I don't have a specific type but I can be picky if I chose to be.... or I can be very open to many inadequacies which has posed issues in the past for me sometimes haha

But, all in all, I know people are different in their own ways and have their reasons for that so I am usually open to people as they come and am open to people as a significant other.

Subject: Re: Have you ever broken your phone screen?

Forum: Have you ever broken your phone screen?
Oh my goodness all the time!

I am notorious for this and my whole family basically hates me for it because I need a new phone like once a year taking up many family opportunities for them to get new phones.

Ways I have ruined my phone:
Dropped in a toilet (x2)
Cracked screens
Screens popping off sensor
Lock button and sound stops working due to being dropped so many times

I'm horrible!

Subject: Calling in Sick to Work

Forum: Calling in Sick to Work
How often do you call in sick to work?
Do you take a lot of time off for vacations or personal days?
What kind of job do you have that would allow or not allow that to happen?

I have worked at my current job for 8 months and have not called in sick once. For a while it was because my boss made me feel like I shouldn't as she needed me there to help the ship run smoothly. While there is a period where that novelty wears off, I have not had a need to call out yet.

Luckily I haven't gotten sick, had a family emergency or anything of the sort *knock on wood* so I haven't had the need and hopefully won't need to anytime soon because I like the constant paycheck flow! haha.

What about you guys??

Subject: Re: How often do you eat out ?

Forum: How often do you eat out ?
Hi Allan!

I wish I could say I don't go out very often but guess what! I do.... I have been going out to drink more lately as I have made more friends closer to my age. 21. Boy, I go out like once a week now. I know its bad for me and I grab food when I'm out too.

I have been spending a lot of money lately on drinking and eating out. I am trying to get out of that habit mostly to save money so that I can pay for college or rent!

I need to stop eating out because I do that more than usual as I travel fairly frequently for work.

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