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Subject: Re: Unpopular opinions?

Forum: Unpopular opinions?
Thanks for all your replies!

Eddie- I've never seen them, but that thought has crossed my mind too. I think mostly because of just how many movies there are, I feel like they keep remaking them. I think my opinion counts a little less than yours because I haven't seen them though. I do get worried of a movie's quality when they make like 20 sequels!

Five- Ah, I can understand that. I don't think it's heartless of you. I think the fact that you're keeping him and not giving him away says a lot about how kind hearted you must be!

Erin- I totally get the worries with admitting you like anime. I watched it as a younger teen but never got into it because I've always been shy, and worried people would judge me, especially because I had friends who were very into it that were teased. My boyfriend's showing me the entirety of Dragon Ball Z now and I have to say I'm a fan. Now that I'm older and don't care as much I may have to check out other series! I don't get the weird stigma it has. It's just animated shows, why should that make it weirder than watching Sponge Bob? Keep enjoying the things you enjoy, don't let people teasing you make you stop watching what you like :)


Subject: Re: Quantity vs. Quality-What's your preference?

Forum: Quantity vs. Quality-What's your preference?
Hi Kathy!

I think of myself as a volume eater (so quantity over quality) however I think that's changed since I started watching what I eat. I've found that large meals make me feel very sick. So, while my answer last year would have been quantity all the way, I have to say my current answer is quality.

When it comes to brand or ambiance though? I'm less concerned with quality there. We buy the cheap water bottles so what brand varies based on what store we go to. I've also eaten at really scummy hole in the wall places that have delicious food, so I have to say as long as the kitchen is clean I'm okay with broken booth seats and poor ambiance. Similarly, as long as my water is clean I'll drink any brand!


Subject: Re: Most Important Quality In Your Partner?

Forum: Most Important Quality In Your Partner?
Hi Song,

I don't want to talk much about my current boyfriend because I'd worry about having all my feelings online. That said, the most important qualities for me in a partner are honesty, humor, and kindness. I'm thankful my boyfriend has all those qualities. I think like you said, you need to have authenticity to have a good foundation for a relationship. Kindness is important to me because I'm a bit too kind, to a fault. So, I'd do poorly with a guy who looked down on people who were self-sacrificingly (I don't think that's a word) kind. And humor, because while I can be serious when necessary, I'm a big fan of letting loose, laughing, and having fun.

The qualities I dislike, in a nutshell are dishonesty, immaturity, and thinking way too highly of oneself. I have no patience for any of those. I had been dating a guy once and was quickly put off any future dates after hearing him be rude to our waitress and watching him wave her off throughout our meal. Similarly, if someone is on a completely different maturity level than me (and like I said, I like to be silly and have fun) I would quickly lose interest in them as a partner. Dishonesty is mainly because I've been lied to before and would hate to build up my trust and have that broken.

Have a good weekend!

Subject: Unpopular opinions?

Forum: Unpopular opinions?
Hello everyone!

I'm curious what unpopular opinions you hold? I don't mean for this to become a big political debate so while you're welcome to share political or other serious unpopular views, if you do so please be respectful! I believe everyone here is nice, so this probably doesn't need to be said, but just to be safe!

A few of my unpopular opinions:
-Chocolate is gross! (Okay, I recently discovered brownies are delicious but all other chocolate is icky)
-Cats are better than dogs.
- I didn't really like the Disney movie Frozen :(

What are some of your unpopular opinions?

Have a great weekend!

Subject: Re: The last forum you posted?

Forum: The last forum you posted?
Hey Tom,

This is a great thread! My last forum on here was asking CNET for what one piece of advice they'd want to share with others. I thought of that when I remembered an old college assignment. It was for my adult psychology class, and we had to interview an elderly person. We could more or less tailor the interview questions to whatever worked best for our paper, but one question the professor urged us to ask was what one piece of advice the elderly person would give. I just think it's a great thing to ask others, because we each see life so differently. I can always stand to learn from how others view the world.

Have a good weekend!

Subject: Re: If you could give one piece of advice?

Forum: If you could give one piece of advice?
Hey everyone, thanks for your replies!

I really love all your advice! I think all of you had really valuable things to say and share, and honestly I don't think there's anything you guys said that I can't try and add to my own life. I hope anyone else who reads this thread can benefit from all your advice as well.

I don't think I said any advice I'd share, so here goes: My biggest advice is to never put things off. Whether it's starting a new hobby or something less fun, never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. I have a huge problem with procrastinating, but I try and remind myself of this often. Life is a lot more fun and enjoyable when you get the difficult things dealt with when they come up, and it also leaves you more time later. It's also more fun when you take on the exciting opportunities that come your way. We only have this one life, what's the point pushing off the things that matter until some later date?

Thanks for sharing!

Subject: Re: At What Age Is A Person An Adult?

Forum: At What Age Is A Person An Adult?
Hi Unique,

I agree with Shanz above me that adulthood isn't an age thing. Sure, there's the age where your brain is said to be fully developed (25) but...I'm 26 and I don't even slightly feel like an adult. I still live with family and am not financially able to do many "adult" things. I don't think I've experienced enough things in life to be wise in any way. I think my age just means I have certain responsibilities I didn't as a kid. I honestly think being an adult has more to do with overall maturity, life experience, and responsibilities. So, while having the responsibility to care for my own bills is more than most teens have, I don't yet need to pay rent, my parents still do my taxes, and I'm really not experienced enough to think of myself as an adult. The funny thing is, if you ask me again at 35 I probably still won't feel like an adult!

I feel a bit bad (not offended, just wish I felt more experienced) seeing everyone pick 25 as the cut off. Funny how 26 is young to me but old to so many others. I'm in no rush to feel old though!!


Subject: Re: Why Are You Watching the Olympics? Why not?

Forum: Why Are You Watching the Olympics? Why not?
Hi Bruce,

I'm paying attention to the Olympics this year while I normally do not watch past the opening ceremony. Okay, so paying attention still only means tuning into certain events, but I'm reading a lot more about the athletes and more importantly about Korea. I think the fact that there's so much tension between the Koreas is my main interest in this year's games. It's really nice to see them have a joint team, and seeing them walk out together. I know the announcers mentioned this isn't the first time the Koreas came together for the Olympics, but with all the tensions rising lately, I think it's important to see them work together.

As for the rest of the articles I've been reading, I love hearing about people work hard and reach their dreams. It's incredibly inspiring and has actually been making me really want to take up a sport again. For the most part though, this year I've seen the Olympics less as games and more as a pause from all the outside politics. Watching people compete regardless of their home country, it's inspiring and makes you realize we all could work together one day.


Subject: Re: Would you date someone from a different religion?

Forum: Would you date someone from a different religion?
Hi Shanz,

I'm actually currently dating someone of a different religion. While I consider myself agnostic (I believe in God, but don't connect to a specific religion) my family is Jewish. My boyfriend is Christian. I think Catholic? I'll be honest, that part I don't know. My parents were very against it at first but came around after meeting him and seeing how happy I am. My grandparents are dead against it, though my grandma knows I'm happy and just tries to avoid the subject. I feel bad for my boyfriend because we've been together 3 years, living together for 2 of those and at least hope to spend our lives together. So, he's wanted to meet my family. When he came to a Seder at my aunt's house (who has no problem with interfaith dating), my grandma wouldn't look at him and kept crying.

I get why it bothers my grandparents. They come from a different time, and my grandma has had a bad health scare and her emotions are high from that. That said, I firmly believe that love is love and you can't really control who you fall in love with. They sure tried, by sending me to Jewish camps and youth programs and while I dated boys from there I met my current boyfriend at work. We just work well together, and I think since neither of us are really religious I'm not worried. Our kids (if our relationship gets to that point) would learn the basics about both and hopefully it'd make them more tolerant of other religions as they'd have two.

I'm actually really hoping for some conflicting opinions here, as I think this is a really interesting topic!


Subject: If you could give one piece of advice?

Forum: If you could give one piece of advice?
Good morning everyone!

If you could give the users of CNET one piece of advice on a topic of your choice (but not about CNET) what would it be?

I look forward to hearing your advice, and will be sure to reply to everyone later tonight!

Happy Friday!

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