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Subject: Good Luck!

Forum: Good Luck!
Good morning guys!

I'm going to be taking a break from CNET this week because I start a new job tomorrow and need to deal with the anxiety surrounding that before I can get back into coming up with topics! As such I wanted to make a happy post just to wish everyone here good luck with whatever you have coming up these next few weeks! Whether you just need a bit of encouragement now that the weekend is over or whether you have something actually approaching you're worried about, I wish you all well!

Good luck this week! I'll be popping in to vote when I can and will try and comment on the days I'm not so overwhelmed.


Subject: Re: Social Media is deterring change!

Forum: Social Media is deterring change!
Hey Jess,

The issue at least based on my own social media news feed is that people want to post their opinions but don't allow for a discussion. For example, a woman in my town made a page on Facebook for the town. She seems to think creating a Facebook page makes her a website owner and kind of gets a power trip from it. Anyways, she made a post after all the school shootings and flat out said that people who disagree with her aren't allowed to comment. Basically, I agree with you. Social media allows people to feel like they're being an activist for their cause and to feel like they're being heard. The reality is, I'll scroll right along most of the time because people turn very aggressive with these types of discussions online. I see people post things they most certainly wouldn't say to someone's face.

I also feel like people are less helpful with activism in the real world if they feel they did their part online. People will add a filter to their picture, like and share posts, and make statuses that show they care, but none of that changes things in real life. I wonder how many online activists really practice what they preach online.

Great post! I'm really interested in reading all the responses!


Subject: Re: Do we put to much value in appearance?

Forum: Do we put to much value in appearance?
Hi Tera,

I think everyone makes judgments in their head that they try and fight off. What determines the kind of person you are isn't the first thought you have, it's what you chose to act on. So, even if you make a snap judgment if you hold back and don't say anything mean then you are not a bad person for those judgments!

I agree that our society places a lot of value on physical attractiveness. I've never found myself attractive, honestly I'm pretty plain. I intentionally avoid makeup because I think it could make for a dangerous path to try too hard to make yourself fit society's expectations. I guess because I don't think I'm all that and a bag of chips myself I don't chose who to spend time with based on looks. Actually, I think I may avoid people who look too put together because it's a bit intimidating! The only times I'm not up for getting to know someone better is if I'm going on dates. Attractiveness definitely plays in for me there.

I also have to say I like your thoughts on how appearances also include showing off wealth or implied wealth, Abby. I think that's a great point! This is one area I do sadly try and act on myself. I bought a Northface because everyone had one, bought a Michael Kors purse because again, every girl had one, bough Uggs for the same reason. I'm not well off by any standards but I got a lot of comfort in blending in with the well off people around me. I do it less today, but I do sale hunt at thrift stores for certain brands with the intention to fit in with appearances.

Great post!

Subject: Re: What is your secondary career choice?

Forum: What is your secondary career choice?
Hey Bluesapphire,

I love this question! I am currently trying to learn all I can about combining my passion for research with an Industrial Organizational psychology career. I'm having some trouble truly understanding the career path (getting a lot of conflicting information) so I've thought a lot about my other "dream jobs". My second choice would be opening my own cafe. It wouldn't make a ton of money, I realize and accept that. I see other cafe's with my idea opening all over the world and I really want my own! I think my I/O career goal is the more likely path, but I won't ever forget the other dream. A third plan would be to re-do my degree and be an editor. I love English and think a career in editing would fit my interests well!

Fun post, thanks!

Subject: Social media and FOMO

Forum: Social media and FOMO
Good morning everyone! Congrats to this weeks winners!

The other day I was scrolling through Facebook. An old classmate of mine posted a month after her last vacation that she's off on another tropical getaway in a month. I scrolled a bit farther and saw two other friends talking about upcoming vacations. I unfollowed all three of them (not unfriended, just snoozed seeing their posts) because I felt so jealous as I'm just getting back into work after a 6 month unemployment period and know it'll be a while before I have the time or can afford a vacation.

It got me thinking, does social media make us more jealous or is this just a fear of missing out? Do you think we'd have FOMO without social media? Do you still use social media or are you one of the many who deleted Facebook this past year?

Looking forward to your thoughts on this! Good luck this week :)

Subject: Re: Should We Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time?

Forum: Should We Get Rid of Daylight Savings Time?
Hi Kate,

As a kid I thought Daylight Savings Time was stupid. I thought it was annoying to have to remember to wake up earlier one day and later the other. Of course, I hated the thought of setting the clocks forward because in a sense it meant less sleep. Currently I work a job that's from 10am to 6pm. I am really starting to like the thought of skipping an hour as it means I may still have sun when I get out of work!

Of course technology means we don't need the sun since we can use electricity. That said, sunlight is essential for your physical and mental well being. I'm not sure how much one hour's difference will affect most people, but those who work late may not see the sun much in the summer without that one hour change. Sure, we're not farmers, but humans need and enjoy the sunlight and I think that's an important thing DST helps with.

I do not think it should be gotten rid of, for those reasons.

Thanks for the question!

Subject: Re: What Makes a Good Professor?

Forum: What Makes a Good Professor?
Hi Morgan,

My favorite professor was actually not very well liked by my classmates. Many said she was too strict or too serious. True, she had rules that she would not allow to be bent or broken but I believe after spending so many semesters in her classes I realized that she was strict and tough because she expected a lot from us. She believed in us, and as such wouldn't let us cut corners. Her rules weren't even very tough and she laid out all the information we'd need to succeed at the beginning of her courses. She'd give a very detailed syllabus with rules like where to write your name on assignments, how to get full points, and things like that. If you did what she asked it was easy to succeed. That said, if you got an A in her course you definitely earned it. She was the reason I didn't get President's list in college, one of her courses was super tough!

I think she was my favorite because of all that. I knew she believed we were smart and capable, and didn't think she needed to dumb things down for us. I appreciated that, and learned so much from her classes. Also, while she came off as unfriendly, she was super concerned for the well-being of her students and any time I missed more than one class she'd pull me aside and make sure I was doing okay. I respect and admire her a lot!

In a quick summary my favorite qualities in a teacher are them treating me like an adult, being easily accessible for questions, being clear in their expectations, and being passionate in the material.

Great question!

Subject: Re: What do you think of fad diets?

Forum: What do you think of fad diets?
Hey Erin,

I can sum up my feelings on the various diets out there pretty easily- if it's something you're only going to do until you lose the weight you probably won't maintain at your lower weight. If you look at it as a permanent lifestyle change I think any fad diet has potential to be good. For example, I see a lot about Keto diets lately. To me, it'd be a fad. I cannot nor do I want or need (some I believe do it for diabetes or other illness) to cut out carbs. I like carby foods too much! I could go without pasta (and mostly already do because I'm a volume eater and 1 serving of pasta is small) but there are so many tasty veggies with high carb counts. I could definitely do Keto for a few months to quickly burn some fat, but I know it wouldn't last because it's not a diet I'd want to maintain past reaching my goal. It does work for many though!

Bella- that plate advice is awesome! I mostly do that on holidays like thanksgiving to avoid overeating. Taking more of the veggies and turkey allows me to fill up on protein and veg but still leaves room for a spoon of stuffing, mashed, and the other carby sides. It's good advice because protein and veggies tend to be pretty filling, so it reduces your likelihood of overeating the wrong foods!

Song- you make note of my other thought. If one does it for a health reason I think it's not a fad even if the diet is one that's more "trendy". I know someone on Keto for a similar health reason, and I know people who cut out other foods purely from a health standpoint. I think it's awesome there's such variety of diets because there's a huge variety of health needs!

Honestly though my biggest advice for dieting is a calories in calories out diet. It's math, and it's easy because you don't have to change too much of what you eat.

Have a great day guys!

Subject: If you could have one talent?

Forum: If you could have one talent?
Happy Wednesday!

If you could pick one big talent to have, what would it be?

Hands down, I'd want to be a good singer. I love music and I already sing any time I can (in the shower, car, etc) so it'd be nice to not have to hope for some alone time before jamming out!

Good luck this week and with next week's voting!


Subject: Re: You're free! What's the first thing you eat?

Forum: You're free! What's the first thing you eat?
Hey Jess!

My favorite meal is Chines take out, so I think that's what I'd get! Beef with broccoli, sesame chicken, scallion pancakes, egg rolls, and fried rice! I love when my family asks if I'm up for Chinese, so I can only imagine how good it'd taste after 5 years of prison food!

Fun question!

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