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Subject: Re: Why do people want to meet famous poeple so badly?

Forum: Why do people want to meet famous poeple so badly?
I believe that the real reason we want to meet these people is because all of the good things that they do is known by millions of people as it is plastered all over the internet and tabloids. This much attention makes us separate them from ourselves and put them on a pedestal. We see them as perfect and thus we want to meet them and ask them the questions that we have always wondered about their journey. I would like to meet Tom Felton or Johnny Depp because I think they are both really great actors and I would like to get to know them and ask them about how they carve out an identity of their own despite all the acting they do.

Subject: Re: Do You Care What People Think About You?

Forum: Do You Care What People Think About You?
I do care, however I do try not to think about it!

Subject: Re: What is your favorite sport?

Forum: What is your favorite sport?
I love to watch figure skating! Although I have never been brave enough to do it because I am afraid of getting injured on the ice. I think it is so graceful and beautiful though and I really admire those who do it!

Subject: Re: Favorite Outdoor Activity?

Forum: Favorite Outdoor Activity?
My favorite outdoor activity is swimming in the lake on a beautiful sunny day! Also bike riding.

Subject: Airport adventures...

Forum: Airport adventures...
What do you like to do when waiting at an airport? Do you like to sit and people watch? Talk to fellow travelers? Waste money in pricey airport shops? Do you have any funny/crazy airport adventures you wish to share?

I like to walk around and people watch, people fascinate me and I love just observing how they act in different situations, (psych major, can you tell? lol). I love to meet fellow travelers and hear about where they are going and what adventures they have had thus far. I have meet soo many people from all over the world this way! Many of whom have extended an invitation to come stay with them for free. It's all about who you know!

As for a crazy story, I was once flying from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA on what was supposed to be a direct fligt, but much to everyone's surprise, we landed in Sacremento and they said it was the final stop! Well as you can imagine myself along with 12 other people destined for Seattle were very confused; we were just standing there at the gate unsure what to do because no one had told us what was going on. After 15 minutes, an airline worker just happend to notice us all standing around and came up to ask what was wrong. Once we explained the situation, she was so surprised and confused and went on to find us flight. Somehow we had slipped through the cracks and no one had remembered that we would need a connecting flight! It was all sorted out after 30 minutes though, thankfully!

Subject: Re: Silly pet names or name them after someone famous?

Forum: Silly pet names or name them after someone famous?
I tend to prefer silly nicknames for my pets based off of their personality.

Subject: Re: Earthquakes

Forum: Earthquakes
Yeah I've experienced about 3-4 earthquakes in my life, they are pretty exciting!! The biggest one I experienced was a 6.5. It was so scary but awesome at the same time! Talk about an adrenaline rush.. I always find it amusing that people try to run, where are they going? You can't run from it.

Subject: Re: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?

Forum: What Kind Of Alarm Clock Do You Use?
I use about five different alarms set on my smartphone! :) I have actually never owned a real alarm clock, before I had a phone, I just had my parents wake me up hahah because they were always naturally up before me. Although there were plenty of times in which I was late because they forgot they were supposed to wake me up!

Subject: Re: Weekend Plans?

Forum: Weekend Plans?
My plans this weekend are to stay home and play in the snow!! We just got a whole bunch of it and it is beautiful and perfect for sledding!! I really want to take advantage of it because I have a feeling that this will be the last snow of this winter, Then I'll have to wait another year for it!! This is why I convinced myself to go play in the snow after I got off work even though it was late at night and I was already tired, I just couldn't pass up fresh, powdery snow!

Subject: Your preferred work day..

Forum: Your preferred work day..
Do you prefer a work day that is predictable or one that is always changing? Why?

I like a combination of both, I like a work day that is predictable, yet I also like one that has a variety of new tasks and challenges. It keeps things interesting and I know I won't get bored!!

My current job always has me doing something new, and I love it!

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