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Subject: Lame things roommates fight about

Forum: Lame things roommates fight about
When you had roommates in college what did you fight about?
Was it over food? Messiness? Having boyfriends over?

I remember my roommates and I would quarrel over food in the fridge. Once, I put a loaf of bread in the fridge and my roommate threw it away.
We lasted a while without talking.

Other roommates wouldn't clean at all. And I didn't neither. I would give up and the kitchen would look like a mess.

Sometimes the trash would be full for a very long time.

Roommate quarrels are common. I would like to hear your stories.

Subject: Re: Do you read the whole forum?

Forum: Do you read the whole forum?
I am just trying to be honest right now. I've been struggling to keep up with CNET lately and having to read the whole forum is not easy for me. I need at least 8 hours of sleep.

But thanks for all your input
And if you don't want to write on my forums because I don't read your whole reply, then I won't take it personal,
I'm transparent, that's all.

Subject: Re: Survey: How do profile pictures affect votes?

Forum: Survey: How do profile pictures affect votes?
I prefer people to have pictures of themselves. Honestly, it kind of annoys me when people without their picture keep winning because I can't see if they're really a legitimate person. But that's just my opinion. It could also be that they want to remain private.

Subject: Re: you like "yourself???"

Forum: you like "yourself???"
I have to love myself. I think it is my duty to love myself everyday. It is hard sometimes, but if I don't love myself, I don't think I can really love other people.

I try to practice positive mantras everyday and I try to do things that will make me better.

Subject: Re: Collegenet Secret Identity

Forum: Collegenet Secret Identity
I don't want to reveal my name because I write about too many personal things and I don't want people to google me and find out what I write about.
I also want to stay low key on collegenet. I think if people knew who I really was, I'd be getting different treatment and responses from CNETTERS. And I honestly don't want that kind of attention here.

Subject: Do you read the whole forum?

Forum: Do you read the whole forum?
Do you usually read all of people's forum? Or do expect people to read all of your forum?
I'm aware a lot of us have busy lives. Honestly I don't have time to read the whole forum and read the first paragraph then skip to the last paragraph.
I wish I had time to read everyone's forum thoroughly all the time but I don't.
Sometimes I get so caught up with so many activities. It is difficult to keep up with everything.
I apologize to anyone who's offended by this.

Subject: Re: What's your favorite book?

Forum: What's your favorite book?
My favorite book is Jonathan Livingston Seagull and The Alchemist. I love books that change my life and make me want to do better in life. Livingston Seagull helped me get through my undergrad years and really motivated me to get two Bachelor degrees. I was very inspired by the limitations the Seagull was able to overcome.

The Alchemist gives me hope that the Universe conspires in our favor. Sooner or later we do things we really want if we believe and persevere. I have encountered times in my life where I feel the universe has conspired to get me where I am.

Subject: Re: CollegeNet Etiquette

Forum: CollegeNet Etiquette
Honestly, I lead such a busy life I don't have a set schedule of when I can vote for someone. It is challenging for me too. Even to write long forums. I need college money, work a part time job, rehearse in a non payed theatre production, in a relationship. Go to the gym, and may start school soon,

I am not home at certain hours of the day to have net access.

The world doesn't evolve around CNET or me. And it took me a while to cope with it.

Good luck! Keep trying!

Subject: Re: Is obesity a disease?

Forum: Is obesity a disease?
I think for some people it is hard to loose weight than others. Obesity can be a lingering mental disease as well because people can have comfort food. Eating out of depression.

Some people have thyroid problems and a different body structure. I struggle with my weight constantly because of my genetic make up.

My dad's side and mom side of the family struggle with their weight and need to work hard to stay fit otherwise they are hefty.

Subject: who do you put on a pedestal?

Forum: who do you put on a pedestal?
Is there anyone in your life you tend to put on a pedestal?
Do they treat you less because of that?
When I have the tendency to do that, I sense they feel superior to me. Like their body language.

Little by little, I'm learning not to do that. It gets to people's heads. I think it is a common thing.

We should all know we're worthy and we don't need to put anyone above us. We are all talented and capable. Money or status shouldn't define anyone's worth.

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