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Subject: Re: What is your favorite Donuts flavor?

Forum: What is your favorite Donuts flavor?
Cristina oh my the forbidden donut topic!!

LOL. Well I didn't have a donut... but I had to run to the store and I bought my kids one. Of course they love chocolate... but if I were going to have had one I would have chosen maple bar.

I could literally eat a million maple bar donuts and never get sick of them. Sure they are sugary and full of unnecessary calories... but life is short and I love them so they will forever remain my favorite. But, please dear God do not add bacon!!!



Subject: Re: Why do men and women cheat?

Forum: Why do men and women cheat?
I don't think there is one tell all for why men and women cheat.

I think in marriage... and after time and or hardships people's marriages can start to disintegrate. Perhaps someone at the office is giving you that much needed attention that your not getting at home. Perhaps you still love your spouse but your longing for affirmation and attention. I think therein lies the problem.

Any time that I was dissatisfied with my marriage... it was generally because I wasn't communicating with my husband... and he was clueless to what was going on. They say that when a wife finally is pushed to divorce the husband has no idea there was anything even wrong. Maybe men are just more clueless? Sorry no offense men. I have been married 9 years... and while throughout the marriage there HAVE been good times... there have also been very difficult. I won't lie and say I have never struggled with thinking about what it would be like... but I haven't ever let it get so far as to actually cheat.

I think until you get to that point... it's hard to really say. For some... I suppose it's easier to risk it all and just cheat. For me though.. I consider my children... how it would affect them... and over what... MAYBE ten minutes of pleasure? Is it really worth it? Nope. Not to me.

If I have problems. Running away isn't going to fix it. Neither will replacing my spouse with some other person that has their own problems and annoyances!!

So my suggestion is... for those who struggle or are struggling... I know in the short term cheating seems like an easy solution... but from those (my own dad) who cheated on my mom for their whole marriage... all it ended with is a broken family and broken hearts. I am sure someday when he's old... and he can no longer whore around... he'll realize this too.



Subject: Colleges allowing pets.

Forum: Colleges allowing pets.
I am no longer in school anymore... but was driving the other night listening to the John Tesh radio show where he mentioned certain colleges allowing pets... because it decreases depression and students have had more success while having a live in pet.

Here's a link: http://www.usnews.com/education/best-colleges/articles/2011/05/19/bring-your-pet-to-college

What are your thoughts?


Subject: Irritations

Forum: Irritations
What are some current irritations your facing today or recently?



Subject: Re: How does your current favorite song inspire you?

Forum: How does your current favorite song inspire you?

Someone reminded me of an old hymn today.

I forgot how much I loved it... and how it's comforting.

There is actually a hymn written by a man who lost his wife and three daughters at sea a long long time ago and he wrote "It is well with my soul".


The poor man had faced a lot of devastation but he wrote the most beautiful hymn in my opinion!

It's comforting to think he still found peace or reason to write a beautiful song even after he had faced such tragedy!



Subject: Re: Do you consider yourself to be a tolerant person?

Forum: Do you consider yourself to be a tolerant person?
I would say my beliefs convict me. I have certain beliefs that often clash with the world's beliefs. While I am not mean about them... I believe them for a reason... so I stick to it.

I'll be nice. I won't push you to believe what I believe nor will I be mean to you... but I wont give up my stance to please you either.

So while I believe that we should treat our neighbors as we want to treat ourselves. I still will hold true to my beliefs whether it disagrees with someone else's or not. :)

If we all just agree with everyone... then we don't really stand apart do we? We just become like everyone else to please everyone else.



Subject: Re: When is quality more important than cost?

Forum: When is quality more important than cost?

Well obviously these are all personal preferences : )

Buy off brand (cheaper):

Diapers. Wipes. Toilet Paper. Certain foods : I.E. cereal , breakfast bars, fruit snacks, heck a lot of kids snacks.
Clothes (sometimes) but remember you get what you pay for.

Don't skimp on things that should last a while. Like items that might be cheaper but are still expensive. I.E. T.V.'s , appliances, dishware, furniture, bedding, towels!

Not sure if those really make sense but the things I skimped on that I said you shouldn't fell apart much too soon!!!



Subject: Re: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Forum: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure
I bet a lot of what I own could be considered that ! LOL

I love thrift store shopping and garage sale shopping which my stepdad calls garbage shopping. LOL

My grandma's hope chest I sanded down and made it look shabby chic and I plan on doing that with more old items too. I love old farmhouse looking decorations ...

I love the shabby chic look so I suppose if your not into that you might think it was junk : )



Subject: Re: Have you ever lived in a house...

Forum: Have you ever lived in a house...
My first place with my husband was a run down old duplex that was horrid. We were so poor and young he didn't want me to use the heat... so we literally had this big ol' duplex with just two people and a dog... and we sat in our room with a space heater. I HATED IT!

Then... my Dad bought a house and we rented it. It was like a tall shoebox. Two stories but skinny so it looked just as tiny on the outside as it was on the inside. We had heat in that house but it didn't take much to heat it.

Then we bought our first house. A very open ranch style house. 3 bedrooms , 2 bathrooms... and I LOVE IT. We have done a little work to it... and since my husband is a HVAC journeyman he recently put in central heat and air. So... now I have airconditiong!!! Which good to note I never had in the previous houses!



Subject: Re: Cutting the cord

Forum: Cutting the cord
Right here with ya!

I no longer have cable. I have Netflix which because we have had it so long we are locked in at their 7.99$ price!

I have internet. I only do cnett or look at msn news or people news :) No more facebook for me either. I get on way too much!

I also do not have an iPhone. I have me an old school iPhone.. which my cousin says I could get money for lol.

I feel so out of the social loop and I love it!

I don't instagram... I don't twitter... none of it and it's so freeing!! I just read books now and watch an occasional movie which is all I have time for anyway!

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