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Subject: Re: CNet Petition

Forum: CNet Petition
Hey Daniella,

Thank you for doing this and it can't hurt to try. I have signed and left a comment on it about how this is the only option for those paying off their loans unless they are in a certain field.

I did email them asking them if it was true and brought up how I was here to pay off loans and was told it was true but the email pretty much repeated what is posted here instead of an actual response. It didn't really say what exactly the next steps are.

I did reply again asking what are the options for those with loans and if their "new giving plans" involve helping those with loans or only current college students but no reply yet.

I will add I feel if their intentions were to be inclusive and not traditional, they wouldn't shut down.And saying colleges have programs to make it affordable, what colleges are they talking about? When I attended college, I want to say tuition was raised twice. Even since I graduated, it has been raised even more.And the scholarships offered are few. Most want you to be involved in a club or be related to someone major to the university. Not all students have time to be active in any clubs or organizations. Some are parents with children to attend to or those who have to work to even be able to afford living costs.The good scholarships are really only offered to high school students and some are still at a disadvantage if they went somewhere that didn't offer much help.

Hope you have a great day and weekend.


Subject: Re: Birthday Club?

Forum: Birthday Club?
Hey Katelyn,

Happy Early Birthday if I don't remember on the 19th to tell you. I'll definitely give you a vote today and hopefully you'll win. $300 towards college/loans would be a great gift if you ask me.

It does suck the site is ending and well my birthday is in July so I won't ever get to celebrate with those on here unless Cnet really thinks of what they're doing and decides to not shut down.

Have a good day and weekend!!


Subject: Re: Do you add salt to your food?

Forum: Do you add salt to your food?
Hey there,

When cooking, I will add salt to the food as I usually cook from scratch most of the time. I actually probably use quite lot of seasonings when cooking but the food turns out good. But even with adding all the seasonings, I have seen some still add salt to their food and in my opinion, quite a bit. These same people I'll see put salt on certain fruits as well.

Now when someone else cooks, I have to try to the food first. Some people know how to use salt and seasonings but sometimes I do have to add more if I think it's a little too bland or not enough salt. For some foods, I'll even add other seasonings as well because some people just can't season food or are ones who only use salt and pepper and in my opinion, that's just not enough.

I do try to limit my intake as I know it's not good for you.

Have a good day and weekend!


Subject: Re: Reminders of the gift that life is...

Forum: Reminders of the gift that life is...
Hey Wanderer,

Like Beth, I'm reminded about the gift of life when I look at my son. I helped create him and even when I'm down, I can usually just spend some time with him and he will usually bring up my spirits.

I also feel this way with my nieces and nephews as well, even the ones that are closer to my age. One of my nephews was born at 24 weeks and had a low chance of survival. But he's now a 20 year old in college and doing well for himself. And to be as small as he was, he is much taller than (which isn't saying much since I'm only 4'11) but he definitely isn't short for a man at all.

And just waking up in general and making it through the day reminds me life is precious.So many unexpected things could happen and you just never know. Talking to my grandma who is almost 90, her stories are amazing. She has seen so much and well I do hope the current generation can see their 90s but part of me feels with all the chemicals in the food and around us and the lifestyle I see so many choosing that many of us won't. Even my grandma says she doesn't see younger or future generations surviving unless things change.

Love this topic and it's one people should think about especially if they're feeling down. Life is defiiitely a blessing and a gift. I have 4 sisters but 1 only survived a few days. She was born before me so I never met her of course yet I do still think about her and how things might be had she survived.

Have a great weekend,


Subject: Do you suffer from any disorders?

Forum: Do you suffer from any disorders?
Good Morning C-net,

I hope the weekend is starting off good for everyone so far. I can't believe we only have 1 more weekend until Christmas and 2 more left in this year. And with my son's birthday January 6, we pretty much go from getting ready for Christmas, celebrating it, to getting ready for his birthday.

I have mentioned before that I suffer from chronic migraines and I have actually been diagnosed with them. Now the doctor that diagnosed it didn't really associate them with anything but I also have neurofibromatosis type 1 and having read up on it, migraines are common with some with nf. I will add if you google what I have, I do not have it as bad as it can get. I do have fibromas on the outside but luckily none on my face. I would like to get further testing done as I have never had any to see what's going on inside which I have already had one removed that was thought to be a swollen lymph node that would not go down but it was a fibroma, just under the skin.

So far that is all I have really been told I have although I will add that I do deal with a lot of heartburn/acid reflux at times and in my family a lot of us suffer from it. I also deal with vertigo often and when I was pregnant it was pretty bad. And at times can deal with digestive issues. I was once prescribed some IBS pills but my doctor never formally told me I had IBS.

What about you, are you diagnosed with any disorder or something that will affect you your entire life? Do you think you might suffer from something but haven't been diagnosed yet?

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!!


Subject: Re: Will you keep trying?

Forum: Will you keep trying?
Hey Dymphie,

I will definitely keep trying and will post daily until the end as I would love to at least win once more if not 2 but if not, I will try to find other ways that can help with my loans. I am unaware of any that help directly but I do use various apps and websites to earn some extra money and it's usually what I use for buying gifts and during weeks we may just need extra money. Now I don't earn near as much as I could win weekly here and I think the winnings here are taxed differently than what I earn through apps but I am not sure really sure as taxes when it comes to certain situations can get confusing. I know a lot who earn $600 or more on one app are usually surprised when they're told to fill out tax info and I always tell them "If they didn't ask, I would stay away, asking means they're legit."

I also hope people keep trying here as well and I do see many of the regulars are still trying.

Hope you have a great day!


Subject: Re: Do you hold grudges?

Forum: Do you hold grudges?
Good morning Jon,

So I went ahead and took the quiz curious to see what it says and I got the same exact results as you did that "I'm too quick to forgive" which I do believe to partially be true but depending on exactly what happened, I don't always truly forgive 100%. I may tell a person that I do but part of me still thinks about what happened and it's just hard for me to completely forget things.

I am the type though that I will give people 2nd chances and some will even get more than that which is probably more than they deserve but it's partly on how I was raised. Accept people for who they are and that sometimes people make mistakes or do things without thinking, especially when they're young. I will say when I was younger I probably did hold more grudges than I do now but still was more forgiving than not. I was always known to be the "nice, shy, quiet girl". Which I am still pretty shy and quiet.

However reading Eman's results, I can relate to parts of it as well, especially where it says some things are just unforgivable, which part of me believes that to be true.

Have a nice day and good forum for today.


Subject: Re: Christmas budget vs Reality

Forum: Christmas budget vs Reality
Hey Julia,

I honestly don't really set a budget but I mainly only shop for my son, nieces and nephews (which I only shop for the younger ones). I sometimes will buy for my siblings, parents, or my boyfriend if I can afford to do so or see something they would like.

Most of my son's gifts I actually buy using gift cards or money transferred from my PayPal account that I have earned with various smartphone apps I use and some websites I'm a part of. As a stay-at-home mom I don't earn money for doing just that of course so I found ways to earn some extra money, even if it's in the form of a gift card and there isn't always an option to cash out via PayPal or to my bank. This is pretty much how I've always bought gifts for people for a few years now. I also will re-gift things sent to me to review or just freebies I get that I really don't need. Most don't mind and usually ask what or how I do it which I always direct them to my blog (have the link on my profile if interested).

Hard to believe Christmas is so close. And unfortunately we will be doing last minute shopping next weekend as we have to use money this week to catch up on bills and buy some groceries.

Have a great day!


Subject: Re: Should Cnet still allow new people to sign up?

Forum: Should Cnet still allow new people to sign up?
Good morning Kasey,

I saw that post as well and I still see people popping up under "new candidates" as well. I honestly don't think they should let people join or maybe let them join but have their "vote" button grayed out.

I know there is a rookie scholarship but I would like that to go to a rookie that joined prior to the news and has been putting in the effort. And well honestly if it was possible, I think all of the actives that stick it out these past 2 weeks deserve to win a scholarship because so many of us have been putting in the effort. I don't know about anyone else but voting from this point on is going to be a tad harder as we are pretty much deciding who gets to get one of the last scholarships. I'm still hoping the competition won't go away as I was looking forward to 2019 and this being part of my routine and hopefully seeing my loan balance go down since my first win only went to interest and half of my 2nd win will go to interest.

I would like to add that I wish Collegenet was more interactive with members but ever since I originally joined, people have always made suggestions but none of them came to be. And then one of the few times I see a post from them, it's this. And I've yet to hear back from whoever runs their Facebook clarifying exactly what's going to happen.

Have a nice day!


Subject: "That will never happen for/to me"

Forum: "That will never happen for/to me"
Good morning C-net,

Hope everyone's day is starting off good, it's raining here so won't do much today. I do have to go with my boyfriend so we can pay the rest of the power bill so they don't shut us off but they don't open for another 45 minutes. I'm just glad they let us make the arrangement. Because of it all though we probably won't be able to finish up Christmas shopping until next week which will be chaos but it is what it is.

My question today is:

What is something that has happened to you that at one point you told yourself "that would never happen to me"?

For me it would be when I found out I was pregnant with my son back in 2014. The biggest part of it that I never thought I would experience, is finding out at 20 weeks I was even pregnant. I always would say "How can someone not know?" Yet due to having no early symptoms and still having bleeding that I thought was a period, I didn't suspect it. It wasn't until I stopped bleeding and tested that I knew. And going to the doctor I went off the last "period" I had but when they did the bloodwork and ultrasound, I was much farther along.

Not only that but it was the day before the Fall semester that I took the test. I didn't know how far I was at that point. That's another thing, I always said I would have kids after college and well when married which I'm not married either.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay safe for anyone doing traveling this weekend as I know some colleges have let out for break already.


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