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Subject: Re: What sport is your favorite to watch?

Forum: What sport is your favorite to watch?
Hey, I really like watching football, soccer and basketball. My favorite sport to play is basketball. I try to get out on the courts at least 5 times a week. Thats really my only source of exercise and the reason why my body is always beat up. How about yourself? What is your favorite sport to play and to watch?

Subject: Re: Dream tattoo

Forum: Dream tattoo
I actually already have a tattoo on my back shoulder blade. It is a lion head of course. As for my tattoos to come I'm planning on getting the balloon girl (by banksy) tattoo. I am planning on getting the girl on one arm and the balloon on the other.

Subject: Re: What mood are you in?

Forum: What mood are you in?
Stressed... I have three papers due on Monday and a presentation on Wednesday... I'm super exhausted with school and then have my PhD qualifiers in less then a month so its not like I'm going to get a break after all of the work I have to do by mid-next week.

Subject: Lazy Weekends

Forum: Lazy Weekends
I feel like an absolute bum today. I don't want to do anything but just lay around and sleep all days but I know I have to be active so I won't waste away my weekend.

Do you all tend to have lazy weekends or are you more active? I want to sleep but I also want to do more productive things. I'm torn.

Subject: Re: Have you ever been 1st on Top Candidates List?

Forum: Have you ever been 1st on Top Candidates List?
I've never made it to the top but you gotta start somewhere right. There is a lot of fluctuations that go on early in the week. You just have to keep pushing... I know I have...

Subject: Re: Tell me something good.....

Forum: Tell me something good.....
Today is a friends birthday so we are planning to go out and have a good time.

Subject: Re: Do You Miss High School or College?

Forum: Do You Miss High School or College?
Hey Eddie, I think college was one of the best times I've had. And I'm so fortunate it is not over yet (still in graduate school). I was able to study abroad and make a lot of friends. I wasn't as social in high school as I was in college. I think there is just more opportunity in college than in high school to be social. My high school in particle was a bit cliquey. Yea academics was harder but you get smarter along the way.

Subject: Re: Cash Me Ousside

Forum: Cash Me Ousside
Cash Me Ousside How Bout Dat!! I really commend Dr. Phil for trying to deal with such a personality. I think there is definitely an obsession out there with people, like @MotivatedOne said, that act like a fool. Now in the age of internet trolling it is just a way to make fun of people behind your computer screen. As for your questions, I would much rather have intellectual conversations then make a fool of myself.

If I would have to do some crazy thing to fund my loans it would be possibly making a whacky music video or singing horribly on some youtube video. Nothing too radical.

Subject: What TV Show or Movie Describes Your Life...

Forum: What TV Show or Movie Describes Your Life...
Typically when I watch a movie or a tv show I try to related to the characters in order to get more into it. However, sometimes it is difficult because they are so far off from what my actual mundane lifestyle really is. How I Met Your Mother was a completely different story. I could related to Ted, the main character, throughout the entire show even though he is quite annoying and dumb sometimes; this is simply based on his decision making.

So my question is what TV show or Movie do you relate to and why?

Subject: Re: SNitch, UNzip or STitch...what are you gonna do?

Forum: SNitch, UNzip or STitch...what are you gonna do?
Definitely say something. Zero tolerance on cheating... Unless its an open relationship then that is totally different. It would also be different if the friend is also cheating, that is just karma then. There are so many if ands or buts.

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