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Subject: Goodbye Everybody!

Forum: Goodbye Everybody!
Hello everyone!

It looks like I became a graduate after this week's scholarship, which means I am done competing on this site!

Thank you to everyone who voted me for each election and supported me on my forums. I have met many wonderful, interesting individuals on my time here in CNET, which made my time here very enjoyable for me! I wish you all good luck in your future plans and wish the best for each and every one of you!



Subject: Re: When U have SHITTY day what do U do to feel better

Forum: When U have SHITTY day what do U do to feel better
Hello Emilie!

Whenever I have a bad day, I always just play video games while listening to music. Video games allow me to take out my frustration on virtual monsters, which helps me destress. After killing monsters for an hour, I am more relaxed and less angry about the day!

Have a great day!

- Jason

Subject: Do You Feel Naked Without Your Phone?

Forum: Do You Feel Naked Without Your Phone?
Hello everyone!

I don't feel naked without my phone because I rarely use it anyway. Outside of the occasional phone call or texts, I only use my phone for apps. Even then, I only use the Quizlet app, which is a educational app. I can just download this app on my iPad and I don't even need to use my phone anymore! I used to use my phone to check the time, but I now have a watch for that.

I still remember the week where I completely forgot I left my phone at my parent's house. I looked everywhere in my apartment, but I just couldn't find it. Although I was dismayed that I couldn't find it, I knew it was somewhere safe so I wasn't concerned on whether I lost it or not. Thus, I just continued on with my week like nothing was missing. After a week, I received a Skype call from my parents saying they found my phone in my bedroom. It seemed I left it on my bed when I last visited them.

I don't feel naked with my phone because I hardly cared when I lost it for one week. I believe I can even go one month without using my phone!

So CNetters,

Have you ever lost your phone and felt uncomfortable without it?

Do you immediately start searching for it or just wait for it to show up?

I look forward to reading your responses!

Subject: Re: TV SHOWS

Hello Jacqueline!

I am not watching any television shows, but I am planning to watch the Stranger Things on Netflix when I have the chance. I have heard great things about this show, where the plot line is amazing and the characters are really likable. Therefore, I am looking forward to watching this show with my friends this weekend, where we are planning to binge watch it for the next couple of days!

Have a great day!

- Jason

Subject: Re: What's the first thing you do when you get home?

Forum: What's the first thing you do when you get home?
Hello Alexis!

When I come home, I always first take off my shoes & socks and place them on the shoe rack. Afterward, I'll grab my pajamas and head straight into the bathroom to take a hot shower. I don't like to change into my pajamas the minute I come home because I don't want to dirty them. Since I have been on campus all day long, I have accumulated a bunch of sweat and dirt on my body. Therefore, I need to wash off the sweat before getting into clean clothes or else I will just be walking around in dirty clothes again!

Have a great day!

- Jaosn

Subject: Re: How did you find out about Collegenet.com

Forum: How did you find out about Collegenet.com
Hello Jenelu Rose!

I found CNET completely by chance, where it came up on one of my scholarship Google searches. At the time, I was looking for scholarships because I didn't have enough financial aid to fund my college education, rent, textbooks, and other expenses. I had already taken out loans to help fund my first year of college, but I wasn't willing to take out more loans for my remaining years. That would have put me in much more debt, which I may not be able to pay off after graduating from college. Therefore, I applied for every scholarship that came along my path, where I wrote half a dozen essays. However, none of these scholarships ever contacted me back, so I assumed my essay wasn't good enough.

When I found CNET, I was initially very suspicious because I believed the website was a huge scam. There is no way that anyone can win scholarship money by just writing posts or voting for candidates. However, after looking through the site thoroughly and googling about the site to see whether it was a scam, I finally came to the conclusion that the site was legitimate and actually rewards candidates for their thoughtful posts.

Since then, I have been on the site throughout the year earning scholarship money to fund my college education!

Have a great day!

- Jason

Subject: Re: Shots

Forum: Shots
Hello Kbrown!

I am only comfortable with shots when I can see the needle being inserted into my arm or legs! If I cannot see when or where the needle is planning to insert, I would tense up, which can complicate the process. Therefore, I always have to look where the doctor is planning to insert the needle!

Have a great day!

- Jason

Subject: Did You Have Senioritis?

Forum: Did You Have Senioritis?
Hello everyone!

During my senior year of high school, I had a bad case of senioritis. Luckily, it didn't occur at the beginning of the school year or else it would have destroyed all motivation of me applying to college. I was still very diligent in the first three months of school, where I was studying for all of my classes, doing all of my work, and going to school every day. At the time, I thought senioritis was a joke because no one can suddenly lose motivation just because they were in their final year of school. However, it did happen to me eventually.

Senioritis all began when I was accepted into several good schools, where I was committed to attending one of these schools. Since I didn't have to worry about impressing colleges anymore, I started to lose motivation to do well in school. I started to not study for any of classes, turned in homework half complete, stopped paying attention to lectures, etc. All I have to do is scrape by with the minimum GPA (3.0) and the colleges wouldn't mind!

Instead of focusing on school, I just hanged out with my friends more, where we would watch movies, eat out at restaurants, play games at the arcades, go bowling, etc. I wanted to make the remainder of my year fun and full of memories with my friends. In the past, I often blew off my friends after school because I was busy with extracurricular activities, homework, and studying. Since I got into college, I had more free time to spend with my friends and have fun with them. I didn't regret that decision because I still got to attend my selected university and spent the last few months of high school hanging out with my friends!

So CNetters,

Did you senioritis during your senior year of high school or college?

How did it affect you?

What did you end up doing instead of focusing on school?

Did you regret it?

I look forward to reading your responses!

Subject: Re: Favorite Pass Time?

Forum: Favorite Pass Time?
Hello KazeEGirl

My favorite activities to pass the time is watching Netflix! I can spend the entire day just binge watching Netflix Originals, where I just need snacks to sustain me throughout my binge session. There are a bunch of shows that I have been meaning to start watching, such as Stranger Things and Dare Devil. Therefore, I can definitely see myself just passing time by watching television shows on rainy days!

Other than watching Netflix, my other favorite activities to do on rainy days is sleeping, reading novels, playing video games, hanging out with friends, or watching YouTube videos. For each of these activities, I can spend hours on it and wouldn't notice the time fly by!

Have a great day!

- Jason

Subject: Re: Pepsi or Coca-Cola

Forum: Pepsi or Coca-Cola
Hello Joey!

Since I don't have strong taste buds, I cannot differentiate the taste between Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Therefore, they both taste the same to me, so I don't have an allegiance to either brand. The only time I would purchase one brand over the other is if the brand was on sale!

Have a great day!

- Jason

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