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Subject: Re: Self love...Feel Yourself Friday

Forum: Self love...Feel Yourself Friday
Hey MotivatedOne,

I am excited for the weekend - we're having our housewarming party tonight!

I'm glad that I'm really resilient and scrappy... I'm very capable of surviving tough situations. Growing up in a lower-middle class family has definitely taught me how to get by on little.

| Eric

Subject: Re: Favorite Jobs

Forum: Favorite Jobs
Hey tayter,

That sounds like a pretty cool job, and I think I'd enjoy working there too!

My favorite job was delivering mail on campus - I got to see all kinds of people every day and I got to drive a golf kart around!

| Eric

Subject: Re: What is your favorite book and why?

Forum: What is your favorite book and why?
Hey Paige,

That does sound like an interesting book, I'm gonna look it up!

My favorite is The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan - it's a great collection of short stories, and her writing is just so down to earth and fresh!

| Eric

Subject: Re: Call me Maybe?

Forum: Call me Maybe?
Hey jkowat!

I'm probably similar to you in that my partner is the person I could spend hours talking to... he makes me incredibly happy, and we really just get each other on a deep level.

I'm fortunate to have a bunch of friends from college who I could talk to for hours on end as well, though!

| Eric

Subject: Favorite musical artist?

Forum: Favorite musical artist?
Hey everyone!

Easy question for a friday, who is your favorite musical artist/group?

I love U2 and Fleetwood Mac!

| Eric

Subject: Re: "In a Heartbeat" short film, WATCH IT! :)

Forum: "In a Heartbeat" short film, WATCH IT! :)
Hey Savann96,

I saw it yesterday and I thought it was pretty great - the people behind it are definitely very talented at what they do. There's always gonna be haters, unfortunately, but I loved the story, especially as someone who identifies as homosexual.

| Eric

Subject: Re: If you could Repeat an Age, what age would it be?

Forum: If you could Repeat an Age, what age would it be?
Hey MotivatedOne,

I would go back and be 18 again to start my undergrad and relive it. There's so much I would do differently!

| Eric

Subject: Re: Favorite Ice cream

Forum: Favorite Ice cream
hey mistervancleef,

I like all types of ice cream, and chocolate is also a favorite flavor of mine, but I also enjoy mint chocolate chip and sea-salt caramel :)

| Eric

Subject: Re: Multiple Choice Or Essay Questions?

Forum: Multiple Choice Or Essay Questions?
Hey Eddie,

I would prefer essay formats. I'm not very good at thinking in terms of black and white, right and wrong, and so even when I think I know the answer to a multiple choice question, I find a way to make another option be an answer as well, so I don't tend to do very well with MC format. In essays, I can show exactly what I know and how I'm thinking, which I think shows my knowledge better than filling in a bubble.

| Eric

Subject: Would you erase someone from your memory?

Forum: Would you erase someone from your memory?
Hey everyone,

Would you erase someone from your memory if you could? If so, why, and who are they? Or would you want to keep the memories... the good and the bad.

Curious to hear your thoughts.

Happy Thursday!

| Eric

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