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Subject: Re: What scholarships have you received?

Forum: What scholarships have you received?
Hi MsLMcMahan,

Like yourself and many of the other commenters here I've applied for many and seen very little in return. CNet is the only place I have seen any reward for my hard work and for that reason I have suggested it to just about everyone I know.

Despite the lack of response in other scholarships, I continue to apply. I don't do it as often as I should nor with as much vigor due to pure overwhelming pile of everything I have going on right now, but I know that if I continue to put my heart and soul into my applications the something will eventually come of it. I have to have faith.

The same goes for all of you! It's tough to constantly put yourself out there and see nothing it return, but keep your head up and fighting it. Do whatever you have to do to pull yourself over that overwhelming and disheartening hump. Yell, scream, vent to your CNet family, etc.

Ok, that turned into more of a cheerleader post than I meant it to be XD

Subject: Re: what's your favorite phone app?

Forum: what's your favorite phone app?
Hi eskay,

My favorite/most commonly used apps are Ibotta and Pandora. Ibotta allows me to get money back on items that I'm already buying and being able to try new things that I otherwise wouldn't. As for Pandora, I can't stand the radio due to the fact that it's the same songs over and over and commercials are becoming more prevalent. Pandora plays one commercial every few songs and has a wide range of similar music to introduce me to.

Aurora11 and Punsika also pointed out most of the stuff about Goodreads that I love.

Best of luck with the job!

Subject: Re: Feeling under the weather...

Forum: Feeling under the weather...
Hey Crimson, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well and hope you get better soon!

My approach when I'm not feeling well depends on how unwell I'm feeling. Sometimes I like to just lay in bed and sleep it off and other times I like to curl up on the couch and watch TV or read a book. The one thing that is always a constant when I'm sick is my desire for hot tea, cream of mushroom soup, and lots of blankets.

Subject: Re: Comfort or Style?

Forum: Comfort or Style?
Hey Gleb,

I'm all about comfort! I don't know how to do style even if I were willing to forgo comfort for it. I can pick out stylish outfits on other people, but I'm just hopeless for myself.

I'd choose jeans, boots, a graphic tee, and a hoodie any day of the week.

When I do decide to step out of my comfort zone and try the stylish route, I often get comments like those eskay gets. Or I get "What are you wearing?"

Subject: Re: College Roommates

Forum: College Roommates
Hi Super Senior,

This topic doesn't really apply to me as much, since I'm already in a suite at college. I also didn't worry too much before moving in due to the fact that I knew I was going to have the single in the three bedroom suite. However, I did worry about what the common area and bathroom would be like. I have issues with the suite mates due to the fact that I keep basically everything in my room, unless I'm in the common area and using it, and they like leaving their crap everywhere in the suite. They also don't clean the bathroom or shower room often.

I'd suggest as soon as you know who your roommate is that you get into touch with them. Get to know them and let them know that you like things to be fairly neat. Also, some of the other people on CNet suggested to me when I was worrying that I get with my roommate and talk about roommate expectations (like sleep schedule, cleaning, etc) and make a roommate agreement.

I'd add to the roommate agreement that you write everything down and both of you sign it. We had one gir move out last semester due to roommate agreements that were made vocally and on Facebook, but never set in stone and it caused some major contention between her and her immediate roommate later because one or the other was always breaking one agreement or another.

Subject: Re: Environmental Issues and Insights

Forum: Environmental Issues and Insights
liveonzero: That's actually a really good point! And something I was thinking of when the entire class was discussing whether the US could do away with GMOS, monocropping, and the other negative industrialization parts of food and sustainably provide for ourselves and only ourselves.

Maygan: Hi, Meg! I'm really hoping I can pull through this time and stick around for a while. I had the same thought when I instructor was going over the syllabus and telling us what the class was about. My next thought was, "And this is why one shouldn't choose to go to an environmental college!"

Subject: Re: Survey Time......

Forum: Survey Time......
Hi Joyce! I had to jump at this easy, laid back post because I am overly exhausted today and it was something fairly fun and easy to do. So, in short, thank you! I hope you had a wonderful week.

We are a day away from the weekend and I thought I would post a fun survey to break up a hectic week.

1. Taken or SIngle? Taken

2. Beach or Pool? Beach

3. Kiss or Hug? Hug.

4. Coke or Pepsi? Coke

5. Dogs or Cats? I love both, but I'd prefer to have a dog... Less likelihood of it plotting your death

6. Book or Movie? Book. Always the book.

7. Knowledge or Imagination? I'd have to go with knowledge, but I think both are important to have and use

8. Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel? Roller Coaster

9. Fruits or Vegetables? Both, but fruits will always win

10. Water Ski or Snow Ski? I haven't done either, but I am finding I'm not a big snow person so gotta go with water.

Subject: Re: 3 words to describe a good teacher

Forum: 3 words to describe a good teacher
Three words I think describe a good teacher are:


Subject: Re: Music Choice

Forum: Music Choice
Hi Mustang,

I'm about like AZDICT when it come to music. If I'm not on the phone, having personal interaction, watching TV, or anything else that requires auditory attention then I'm usually listening to music. I even listen to music as I sleep, which really messed me up when I was unable to listen to music during the sleep stops on the cross country drive my boyfriend and I made for school.

I also listen to just about anything, but a Japanese rock artist named Miyavi and country music are my top choices.

Subject: Re: are you good with money?

Forum: are you good with money?
Hi eskay,

I'm alright with money. I wouldn't say that I'm good with it. Right now, I'm in the same boat as your friend and I do agree with you, it is a horrible habit to be in. I try not to max out my credit card, but I just used it for a cross country trip back to school from home; so while it is not maxed out, it is pretty low.

Right now, splurging is not even remotely ok for me, but when I am on better financial ground I will do it if I have so much money set aside and then I still set a limit for myself.

I'm looking forward to reading some of the other answers and seeing if maybe I can come up with a good game plan to get myself out of my hole.

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