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Subject: Back-to-School Shopping

Forum: Back-to-School Shopping
Greetings everyone,

First of all, it should be noted that this is solely for curiosity.

I work in retail and have a few questions concerning your or your family's back-to-school shopping habits:

  1. Does your state have a tax-free, or something similar, weekend? Do you take advantage of it or avoid it?

  2. Do you use the school supply lists? If so, do you follow it completely or just as a guideline?

  3. What's your favorite place to do your back-to-school shopping?

  4. This one is for the college students, how did you approach shopping for your first semester/year in the dorm?

Subject: Re: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?

Forum: Do you have a job? How many hours do you work?
Hi Hbee,

I was originally hired for part time and usually range 20-25 hours. However, we are currently shorthanded and I work in retail so with back-to-school season quickly followed by Black Friday and Christmas, I'm working anywhere between 25-40 hours a week.

Subject: Re: Procrastination

Forum: Procrastination
Hey Marie,

I'm a major procrastinator! It is actually what I am doing with my CNet posts right now. I should be working on one of two assignments due tonight and instead I'm skimming posts on CNet XD

I do plan everything, as procrastination method, and still put things off.

Subject: Re: Fear Factor

Forum: Fear Factor
Greetings murasaki,

Fear Factor used to be my favorite show!

I think I could probably bring myself to overcome most of my fears for it. Most of my fears, such as spiders and snakes, are relatively small and not something that leaves me incapacitated.

Subject: Re: Honors Society

Forum: Honors Society
Hi Melinda,

I think honors societies are a wonderful addition to one's education. As you mentioned with the National Society of Leadership and Success, they offer resume enhancement, scholarship opportunities that would otherwise not be available to you, letters of recommendation, and a bunch of other stuff.

I joined Phi Theta Kappa while at my previous school and would've joined the National Society of Leadership and Success when they invited me had I had the time. I have used PTK on a number of occasions for scholarship searches.

I'm not sure that employers look at it all that much when they see it on resumes, but I do know from transferring school that it was looked at by several of them and a part of why I was accepted to nearly every school I applied to. What I like about having PTK on my resume is that when I submit it is that I know there is something on there that says I was a part of something bigger than myself.

Subject: Re: History - Interesting or Boring????

Forum: History - Interesting or Boring????
Hi hcyork,

I find certain aspects of history interesting. I love World History, but get bored out of my mind by US History. I love learning about the history of every country, but the one I live in.

However, my passion for history truly lies in archaeology. I find the history of human beings as a species more interesting than anything. Lucy, Ardi, the great migration out of Africa, all of that stuff fascinates me to no end.

Subject: Re: House Hunting

Forum: House Hunting

I live in a pretty rural area in Amish country. The nearest actually city is about 15 miles away. I'm not really all that picky. I just want a place that is cheaper than what I'm currently paying and preferably allows pets.

I did check out the two websites you suggested and they actually helped quite a bit due to the fact that I'm willing to commute the 15-30 miles to school.

So, thank you!

Subject: Re: Do you listen to other culture music?

Forum: Do you listen to other culture music?
Hi Sammy,

Aside from country music, my largest collections are Korean and Japanese music. I also enjoy listening to a little bit of Latin and find Russian very aesthetic to the ear. I have listened to some Arabic, but I much prefer the instrumental stuff directed towards belly dancing.

I've never considered Bulgarian or Lithuanian, though. Is there a place you'd suggest starting if one should give them a try?

Subject: Re: Where do you look for scholarships?

Forum: Where do you look for scholarships?
Hi Pr04Tennis,

This is a topic that pops up from time to time, but that is a good thing with the new users coming in everyday. Your list is a very good start and I have been using some of them for years. I would also add:




I also highly suggest a book called The Ultimate Scholarship Book by Gen and Kelly Tanabe (who also have a scholarship opportunity available)

Subject: House Hunting

Forum: House Hunting
Greetings everyone! I need your help, CNetters.

I've been living in the dorm for a full semester now and have started the second semester there as well. I'm not necessarily unhappy here, a lot of good has come of it, but I'm not the biggest fan of it either.

So, I've been looking around for places to rent/rent to own and am having very little luck finding anything. I have used craigslist, general search engines (which pop up with a lot of "register to see" sites), bulletin boards, and driving around.

Do you have any websites or general tips that any of you would suggest using in my search?

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