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Subject: Not enough time!?

Forum: Not enough time!?
Dear Luke,

If you feel you as though the lost feeling of time comes upon you, then something is wrong in structuring time division. I am the same way! Yes I also feel that when unplanned [events] come between my week then I can no longer accomplish what I planned.

We have only 1,440 minutes in a day and 10,080 minutes in a week. Have you ever thought about that?

I am firm to believe that lost time is due to a fault in our division of time. It's the way we "organize" which is to blame. Also yourself and myself. The moment we start to look for excuses, we no longer control our management of time, it controls US. By turning that around, you control IT. That means NO excuses. And to actually accomplish your goals for the week, taking FULL advantage of this number is VITAL to success.

1 hour of college net has already knocked down 60 minutes. Leaving you at 1,380 minutes. There's no adding back. If someone works 4 hours, that was 240 minutes used up and they are now at 1,140 minutes. That person goes to school for a few hours and there's less than 1,000 minutes left. Poor self discipline leaves the feeling of not enough time. There actually is PLENTY of time when it is used impeccably.

I appreciate waking up 5am -if you can- and starting your day at that time. It is called the "Golden Hour". But it requires self discipline. It is not for everyone. Highly successful people set this routine. Look it up. Finishing your most IMPORTANT tasks for the day in the morning, leaves you stress-free and ready to work on other to-do's throughout the day. As you mentioned, if something comes up you would have already finished your PRIORITIES in the morning. Or whenever you start your day as not everyone is available at 5am. Read about successful habits and soon, the feeling of lost time is something of the past!

If you don't finish, and I mean truly finish your most IMPORTANT tasks prior to starting the day, it will lag on and the feeling of stress will weigh on your shoulders as you postpone it.

I like to say that motivation gets you started and habit keeps you going.

Happy posting!


Subject: Beauty standards

Forum: Beauty standards

I love your post because I am constantly weaving in between the beauty industry. By this I mean I take photoshoots in different environments wearing different looks, mainly swimwear. The experience involves putting yourself out there and looking as CONFIDENT as you can in front of a man holding a camera, one aspect of which I am involved in.

A few months ago, I was never one to put myself in situations that were not comfortable. I was camera-shy because I never liked the way I came out in photos. As you mentioned in your post, media often displays fair skin with light hair as beautiful, and as yourself, I look nothing like that. This doesn't mean anyone who doesn't look like that isn't beautiful.

We have the competition "Miss Universe" for a reason. These women are meant to display the grand majority of the population and they are never fair skinned- blue eyes each year. These pageants were designed to show that beauty is "universal" (hint hint) no matter the tone of your skin because true standards stem from your passion for life and drive to succeed in whatever you want. I learned that beauty is universal and ultimately comes out from personal confidence. If you're not secure of yourself, it will show. If you're confident of yourself, no matter how you are, it will radiate outward.

And lastly, I am attracted to a man who has drive, ambition and character. Yes I have a type but it doesn't mean anyone who doesn't fit my "type" isn't beautiful as well.

To answer your question, yes I think a beauty standard exists. But not in a negative way. By beauty standard, this signifies keeping well cleaned, groomed and well dressed. If you come to school, work or to a meeting looking "sloppy" there is no beauty in that. In contrast, if someone is living life by assistance of a wheel chair, and they are confident, they have set the standard for beauty.

Happy posting,


Subject: Re: What Time Does Your Weekend Officially Begin?

Forum: What Time Does Your Weekend Officially Begin?
Hi Kerry,

Sometimes I feel like my weekday is never going to end. I have a Saturday class and that makes the feeling 10x more enjoyable -__- I guess I can say my weekend begins when I take a break from schoolwork Sat & Sun. I love to go shopping so once I hit the mall, my weekend gets lit?

Going out at night is also the best for me, but I haven't been able to do so in quite a few weeks due to school. Once thanksgiving week comes around though, you can find me at LA's rooftop bars. They have one of the most gorgeous views of all Los Angeles.

For now, I'm stuck with catching up on sleep and food for a nice weekend!


Subject: Re: Acknowledging Strangers When You Pass By

Forum: Acknowledging Strangers When You Pass By
Sorry to hear that Abby, I certainly smile by instinct when I see someone walking in my direction. And I feel dumb if I say hi and they keep walking. So I know how that feels.

The hard part is, at what point do I look up and smile? If I do it too early, it's awkward and if I wait too long they turn away before I could say hi. So I calculate! If that's not weird at all?

I volunteer at a hospital and it's so common to walk past nurses, physicians, janitors and techs down the hall. Thank goodness most of them greet me. The ones who don't seem really shy and look away quickly for some reason, I'm not sure why aha.

When I was younger, I would use my phone to avoid greeting. So immature now that I look back in hindsight. The older I get, the more confident I am in my interpersonal skills.

So I hope this lady's cold faced stare doesn't stop you from your future kindness.

Have a great day!


Subject: What would you change about College Net?

Forum: What would you change about College Net?

Is there anything you would like to change about CNet? For instance, while writing posts, I usually want to refer back to someone's comment so they can see that I am including him/her in my response.

However, unless this user visits the post again, they will never get to see that I mentioned them. If I could change something about College Net, it would be adding in a feature that could allow us to (@) someone in our responses.

How about you?

Subject: Re: Last thing you ate?

Forum: Last thing you ate?
Hello Markertt,

Pancakes I would say. I've had a fever and been sick for the whole week so my appetite is basically 0. I hope to recover soon and start eating healthy to feel 100 again!


Subject: Re: How to get through the school semester

Forum: How to get through the school semester
Hi Sayala,

Try to keep your body well nourished with the right energy foods for your brain, specifically. Green tea and Chamomile are excellent antioxidants to get ride of free radicals in your body. Free radicals are basically atoms with an unpaired electron which can cause acne, toxin build up and general lag of the body.

Most importantly, remember why you're doing this. I always remember the bigger goals. Why do you want this again? Who are you doing this for? Visualize it. Yourself, future family, comfort, stability. The answer to this question should be the overarching motivation of your schoolwork.

Also, it helps to make a schedule. Sometimes, I don't complete it 100%. But in this way, your mind won't wander about what you need to achieve next; you've already scheduled this prior to starting your current task.

By eating well (including omega fatty acids, antioxidant rich teas, water), scheduling precise tasks and remembering WHY you're doing this are your keys to success (like DJ Khaled says lol). At the very least, this is how I combat mid-semester lag. Hopefully this helped!


Subject: Do You Stand Up for Others?

Forum: Do You Stand Up for Others?
Hello everyone!

Hope this forum finds you well. Today’s topic concerns altruism, sort of. Do you stand up for others? For example, you’re in a restaurant and a customer is being very rude to the server, do you say something? Or prefer to stay out of it?

I was in class yesterday and a student walked out of our lecture to refill his water bottle, and before he came back the professor locked the door. When the student knocked, our professor opened the door, stuck out his head and said “You choose to get out, then stay out!” and SLAMMED the door in his face! The class stood completely quiet.

I wanted to raise my hand and ask the professor if he could give our classmate another chance, but my hated shyness took over me and I “chickened out”. I was surprised he closed the door in his face given this student always sits in the front and does very well.

Bottom line, what do you do -or would do- in sticky situations?

Some people will only stand up for friends, others for strangers. Let me know :)

Subject: Re: Are you shy ?

Forum: Are you shy ?
Yes Romeo, totally shy. But I'm working on it!

Have a good day :) Lol

Subject: Snapchat and Instagram

Forum: Distractions
Hi mistetrvancleef!

Interesting name. This is probably going to sound weird and superficial -I hope not- but I would say one of my biggest distractions is working on taking the perfect selfie (I said it >.<) Taking 5 or 10 minutes on retakes can use up your time, either because I don't like the way it came out, or because the angle wasn't that great. Working on the "PERFECT" Instagram photo is time consuming. So many filters to choose from, right? Or hashtag #nofilter can work too. I stopped being so uptight about it and started enjoying life.

Also, snapchat filters! Scrolling through each one can take up your precious minutes. But it's fun and I do it, even if it takes up some of my time. I always try to take a break from the pressure of school and research.

Other than that, those are my distractions. I've heard fantasy sports can be fun too!


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