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Subject: How's it going?

Forum: How's it going?
Hey there everyone! I hope you all are having an amazing summer! I just thought I'd stop by to catch up! Here are some new things going on in my life:

- I have a baby now! He will be 2 months old tomorrow, and he is growing so fast!

- I love motherhood! I don't sleep, my house is a mess, and I'm constantly covered in Puke but I'm having the time of my life!

- I miss cnet! I don't think this will ever go away, but I will always miss the days I spent discussing topics with all of you.

- I'm doing a lot more work around my house. I'm slowly updating my bathroom, painting trim, replacing boards on my deck, and doing a lot of gardening.

How's everything going with you? Anything new you want to share?

Subject: Re: What is your biggest pet peeve?

Forum: What is your biggest pet peeve?
Hey abby welcome to cnet!

My pet peeve is when people misuse the word ignorant. It's really not intended to be used as a synonym for the word stupid. When people misuse this word it drives me nuts and it makes themselves look ignorant!

Another pet peeve of mine is when people smoke and they let the ash get really long on their cigaret, so gross!!!

I also dislike dirty underwear. I always keep some oxyclean in my laundry room!

Interesting forum Abby, I hope you stick around cnet!

Subject: Re: Going Into Labor?

Forum: Going Into Labor?
*If you're going to post please be considerate and do not post horror stories of inductions or shame me for inducing. This should be a happy time in my life. Not a moment for others to project negativity towards me.*

Subject: Going Into Labor?

Forum: Going Into Labor?
Tonight I'm scheduled to be induced. I was hoping to avoid the usage of drugs during my pregnancy. I was relieved my mom shared she had to be induced twice. I have been in the early stages of labor for a couple of days now. Most of the time I can't feel my contractions but I'm happy to wake up to some pretty painful ones this morning! I got up and started moving around hoping to keep them going. I'm sort of frustrated because I have tried EVERYTHING for natural induction! I've eaten 3 pineapples in less than a week, evening primrose oils for weeks, jasmine in my bath, raspberry leaf tea since the start of 3rd trimester, I sit while bouncing on a yoga ball all day, I walk 2 miles a day, I've done yoga poses, acupuncture, and other tactics.

At the doctor's yesterday I told the sonogram tech that I was planning on waiting another week. I asked her opinion, she said that since the baby is full term she would go ahead with being induced since anything that could happen to the unborn child could possibly been preventable. She seemed sort of uncomfortable sharing with me, I'm guessing it is discouraged, but I'm a first time mom and I asked.

On the stress test machine the nurses pointed out that I was having some pretty strong contractions. They were surprised that I couldn't feel the contractions and wasn't progressing. At that point my doctor asked me if I felt comfortable inducing. I decided induction was something I'm willing to do.

A lady that I know, I'm not even really close with, found out that I am planning to be induced tonight. She contacted me and expressed her concerns of inducing. While I appreciated her concern because she had the best intentions, I also couldn't help but wonder if it was appropriate for her to do that. I don't think she did it to scare me or shame me, but that was the outcome I felt. I would understand if she was close to me, and I do know that there are people who do not agree with my choice but have not shared their opinion. I'm aware of possible dangers. I still plan on being induced tonight because my contractions are continuing and strengthening. Maybe I will get lucky and won't have to be induced!

Do you feel it was appropriate for the lady to contact me to share her disapproval in my choice to be induced?

What would you have done if you were the sonogram tech? Would you have shared your opinion, even though from a professional stance, you shouldn't?

Subject: Re: 5th Annual HAIKU forum!

Forum: 5th Annual HAIKU forum!
This is one of my favorite forums! I remember a couple years ago I read my haiku that I wrote for your forum to my friends at a cookout. They were cracking up! A couple months later we were playing cards against humanity and somehow I pulled the card that requested the other players to create haikus! We were all dying with laughter! Fun times!


Why won't you come out?
40 weeks has come and gone!
I am very impatient.

Subject: Re: Driving while doing shrooms...

Forum: Driving while doing shrooms...
I drove through a snowstorm while on shrooms before...It looked like my car was melting. I thought it was pretty rad but probably a bad idea overall. I don't know how dangerous it was, since I was high at the time. I'm sure he appreciates your concern but some people just need moments to break out. He'll come back around when he's ready.

*I am not endorsing the use of drugs, or driving under the influence.*

Subject: Re: Nothing to Lose- Voters, What Do you Really Think?

Forum: Nothing to Lose- Voters, What Do you Really Think?
I guess this is the perfect opportunity for me to further explain a comment I made in the admin forum. There I had mentioned that I had also reported Bear for cheating. I reported Bear about a year ago after he plagerized a whole entire Snopes article. I'm sure other people reported him also for his bullish behaivor and how he thought it was appropriate to abuse others because he was a "veteran." Then he would instantly slip into a state of "depression" so others would feel sorry for him and he wouldn't be held accountable for the way he responded to others. Overall I'd like to say, it's about damn time that guy got the boot! He stalked girls on the site, and lied. When he tried to add me to facebook I immediatley blocked him because I had heard the stories that he would message girls and wouldn't leave them alone. Gross. I was really surprised by how many supporters he had after he was booted. I was just like- wow! Brainwashed much?

I also didn't like when my friend got wrongly removed for cheating, she's been reinstated, and may start playing again now that all the old players who trashed her name are gone. After she was removed and reinstated, I felt people were accusing me of cheating also. Tips for current participants- if you think someone is cheating report them, don't talk about it, don't ruin their reputation, and don't tell anyone! If they're cheating, they will be removed.

I really think the current change will eliminate most of my complaints about cnet. I'm so thankful for this site and I'm glad to see the site grow for the better.

I'm in full support of this new change because it is going to create a much better atmosphere for participants. About the time you hit 10G you have submerged yourself into the community, you know people, and I think the people who were here for a long time, including myself, creates a community that easily blocked out others. I'm trying to get my friends and family to join because I think now is the perfect time to join! So many old people are gone!

I look forward to dropping in and voting for my favs. I have a couple on here that I will continue to vote for. I will miss sharing my life with you all and hearing about yours. That was really my favorite part of the site. I don't know if Ill make a forum when my baby is born, but I wish you all the best of luck in your future!

Subject: Re: Changes to CollegeNET.com

Forum: Changes to CollegeNET.com
Best part of being a voter:

Good lord Rose, get the hell over it! Bear cheated and was busted for it! Quit dancing around- removed fairly or unfairly, he was a creepo cheater! I'm sure all the money he finagled out of this site has something to do with the new limit.

You want to talk about drama? How about all the drama that bear stirred up all the freaking time with his pitty parties and attacking other cnetters. Also, I reported his ass a long time ago for cheating. Nothing happened, but at least I reported it instead of spreading slanderous lies about people like he did. Not to mention the group of his blind followers that banded together after he was booted. They bit the hand that fed by writing cnet a letter telling them they're running their scholarship program wrong and bear should be reinstated because he didn't cheat.

Get over yourself, and do us all a favor and stop thinking out loud.

I'm not mad about the limit. It makes sense. It's fair. Im grateful for everything I've received. I'm trying my hardest to recruit new players for cnet and spread the word. t's too bad others felt so entitled as to cheat and then flip a lid about getting booted.

Subject: Re: Changes to CollegeNET.com

Forum: Changes to CollegeNET.com
So what does this mean for people who have won over 10G, who won today? Do they still get winnings from this past week?

Thanks for helping me out so much. Thanks to CollegeNet I was able to pay off 42% of my total loans, and all of my private loans that had extremely high variable interest rates. This site has changed my life and I'll be sure to advertise it and share it with others as much as I can.

Peace out.

Subject: Re: Senioritis: Did you get it? Do you have it?

Forum: Senioritis: Did you get it? Do you have it?
What the heck? How did that happen?? I think something glitchy is going on with Cnet??? I saw this happened to Jack on my Liberty University forum, and Mission on Kyoung's Insecurities forum. Does anyone know how this happened or what I did wrong? I would like to avoid doing this in the future so I don't waste my posts.

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